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Muslims Need Not Fear Modi: Kalbe Sadiq
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Expressing confidence about the country's development under Narendra Modi's prime ministership, Shia cleric Kalbe Sadiq has said Muslims have no reason to fear.

"As prime minister, his (Modi) mentality will change automatically," the All India Muslim Personal Law Board Vice President, Sadiq, said yesterday at Chilkana village in Saharanpur district.

The Shia cleric had come to the village to participate in a religious programme.

"Due to backwardness in education Muslims are poor in economic status," he said, and appealed to them to strive for quality education.

He also asked the community to set up modern educational institutions.

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Must See
Daily Mail

May 27, 2014
10:09 AM

"Modi has been setting the right tone, suggesting that he sees himself as the PM of a large and multi-ethnic country, and not just a RSS pracharak."

He has been saying this for long, Miyan, aapki neend abhi khuli hai!!

Kiran Bagachi, mumbai
May 27, 2014
07:35 AM

Muslims need not fear Modi. Indian Muslims have "selected" India s their Motherland. However, They MUST fear

1) Jahiliyat

2) Garibi

3) Lack of Taalim in Sciences

4) the fear of not following Islam (i.e Kufr and Haraam). Islam is not so small as to come in way of a happy, propserous life led with common sense.

Stop the "we are victimised" theory and start working towards your dreams. Nobody will stop you!

pankaj hedaoo, Kuala Lumpur
May 27, 2014
04:05 AM

Muslims must leave madraasah education and go to mainstream schools. They must not listen to Zakir Naik. Tonight I heard Zakir Naik speaking to his audience to have a decoder fixed to their TV dish so that only PEACE TV will come , and other bad channels, songs and dances will never come to their TV. Imagine the audacity of the man who is trying to control what other people should or should not watch. 

george, london
May 27, 2014
04:01 AM

Anwar, I ask you the same question, how does anybody put up with you? All you talk is Modi, and Modi. Anyway, there is no Modi in the west. But Muslims are far behind than Hindus and Sikhs in UK. Most Muslims are unemployed, and they live on government handouts. They are miles away than their other asian counterparts. How does any one explain that?

george, london
May 27, 2014
02:02 AM

If BJP and Modi stuck to their solemn promise of equal and fair treatment to everyone, the Muslim view of BJP and Modi will slowly but surely change.

Fairness, but no special treatment. Respect not tolerance.

There is enough room for everyone in this anicent land.

Pradip Singh, STAFFORD
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