Muslim Intellectuals Demand Action Against Adityanath
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A body of Muslim intellectuals has demanded action against BJP MP Yogi Adityanath accusing of trying to disturb peace in the country by issuing provocative statements.

The Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) yesterday passed a resolution stating communal riots have always taken place not because of Hindus or Muslims but because of communal parties and organisations whose very existence rests on polarising society on communal lines.

MBMC secretary Jasim Mohammad told reporters that various inquiry commissions including the Sri Krishna Commission, which probed the riots in Mumbai in the wake of the Babri Masjid controversy, had clearly and categorically identified such forces.

Adityanath, a BJP MP from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, had recently said riots happen wherever minorities are more than 10 percent in numbers while there is no place for non-Muslims where they are more than 35 percent.

The BJP MP had received flak from Congress and Left Parties for his controversial remarks.

The resolution was signed by an elected member of the AMU Executive council Mohammad Shahid, former president of the AMUTA Professor Razaullah Khan and former dean faculty of science AMU.

Emerging story. Watch this space for updates as more details come in
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Must See
Daily Mail

May 12, 2015
11:38 PM

Adityanath's speech in the parliament was excellent. But our media only described his speech as hateful,- Tushar Goyal ( Passport status)

Tushar Goyal, Delhi
Sep 07, 2014
02:02 AM


>> "The story may have been untrue but it reflects the ground reality in Belgium today."

The story may have been untrue, but to leave it at that would be very uncharacteristic of Mr. Narayan. Why miss such an opportunity!

Anwaar, Dallas
Sep 06, 2014
03:56 PM


"Thank you for the clarification and I apologise if the story was untrue. However, the point made remains valid."

The story may have been untrue but it reflects the ground reality in Belgium today.

"Two Muslim politicians, who just won municipal elections in Belgium's capital, Brussels, on October 14, have vowed to implement Islamic Sharia law in Belgium.

The two candidates, Lhoucine Aït Jeddig and Redouane Ahrouch, both from the fledgling Islam Party, won seats in two heavily Islamized municipalities of Brussels, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Anderlecht, respectively.

 During a post-election press conference in Brussels on October 25, the two future councilors, who will be officially sworn in on December 3, said they regard their election as key to the assertion of the Muslim community in Belgium.
"We are elected Islamists but above all we are Muslims," Ahrouch said. "Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people. As elected Muslims, we embrace the Koran and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed. We believe Islam is a universal religion. Our presence on the town council will give us the opportunity to express ourselves," said Ahrouch, who refuses to shake hands or make eye contact with females in public.
Ahrouch has run for political office before. In 1999, he founded a political party called "Noor: Le Parti Islamique," which promotes a 40-point program based on Islamic Sharia law. These points include, among other items: 7) abolishing interest payments [riba] in the Belgian banking sector; 10) redesigning the Belgian judiciary to comply with Islamic law; 11) restoring capital punishment; 12) prohibiting alcohol and cigarettes; 15) promoting teenage marriage; 16) segregating males and females in public spaces; 20) outlaw gambling and the lottery; and 39) creating an official Islamic alms fund [Zakat].
Ahrouch says that his ultimate goal, creating an Islamic state in Belgium based on Islamic Sharia law, has not changed.
Speaking to a reporter from Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF), the public broadcasting service of the French-speaking part of Belgium, Ahrouch said: "The agenda is still the same, but our approach is different now. I think we have to sensitize people, make them understand the advantages to having Islamic people and Islamic laws. And then it will be completely natural to have Islamic laws and we will become an Islamic state."
The reporter interjected: "An Islamic State in Belgium?" Ahrouch replied: "In Belgium, of course! I am for the Sharia. Islamic law, I am for it. It is a long-term struggle that will take decades or a century, but the movement has been launched."
Visakhapatnam, India
Sep 06, 2014
06:39 AM

Mike (#10),

The report about the mayor of Ath, Belgium having received a request to ban pork in schools and responded to it in the negative with the letter quoted by Bonita is, it seems, a fake.

Thank you for the clarification and I apologise if the story was untrue. However, the point made remains valid. e.g. While I respect an individuals right to fast during Ramzan, I consider it invidious for schools to stop the noon meal programme  because Muslim children may be offended by the sight of others eating. This has reportedly happened in Kerala and no one has denied it.

Bonita, Chennai
Sep 05, 2014
11:55 PM

Never saw this bunch of intellectual morons protest when SIMI/IM was (and still is) exploding bombs across India.

Ganwaar, Ganwaarpur
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