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Modi Takes a Jibe at Mamata Over Her 'Paper Tiger' Remark
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Taking a jibe at Mamata Banerjee over her "paper tiger" comment, Narendra Modi today said that a real tiger is one who jails those involved in the Sharada chit fund scam and gets back money of the poor.

Modi also said that Banerjee's attack on him would not deter him in helping Bengal if BJP comes to power at the Centre and a strong BJP government would also ensure that the West Bengal Chief Minister does her job seriously.

"A tiger is the one who sends those involved in Sharada chit fund scam to jail, investigate the matter and get back the money of the poor.

"I am surprised. Didi, why are you afraid of a paper tiger. If a paper tiger has proved this costly for her, then what will happen if a real tiger comes before you," Modi said while addressing a rally here.

The BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate said the real tigers of Bengal were its youth.

Three days back, Banerjee had taken swipe at Modi, saying there was a difference between a 'paper tiger' and a Royal Bengal Tiger.

Modi said that "Didi's" attack on him will not be an impediment for Bengal and its development, if BJP comes to power."

The Gujarat Chief Minister said that he does not believe in politics of "revenge" (badla), but politics of "badlav (change).

"Didi has bad-mouthed me, launched attacks and levelled false charges. But let me assure you that I will serve people of Bengal and work for them. I believe in politics of change and not revenge," he said, adding that Bengal had suffered injustice for 60 years because of the central government.

The West Bengal Chief Minister and Modi have engaged in verbal slugfest over several issues and have launched vitrolic attacks on each other.

Appealing to the voters, Modi said that if BJP is elected to power, it will be a double profit for the people of Bengal.

"I am giving you a formula. If a strong BJP government comes to power at the Centre then Didi also has to stop her drama and show some seriousness in running the government.

"If I make 100 kms of roads, then she has to at least make 10 kms of road. If I build 1 lakh houses then she has to build 10,000 houses," he said.

"Then you (people of Bengal) will have 'rasgulla' in both hands. Let Modi also work for Bengal and Didi also work. Let the difference be known, let there be a competition. Lets see who works better, we will get to know who is a real tiger," the BJP prime ministerial candidate said.

Criticising the law and order situation in the state, he said West Bengal was among the top three states in the country with high rate of atrocities against women.

"Where there is a government of 'paper tiger' (in Gujarat), there mother-daughter are safe," Modi said.

Speaking at a rally in Asansol later, Modi alleged that a scam took place in the selection of teachers in government schools of West Bengal.

He said in Gujarat, he had introduced online application system to eliminate any corruption.

"This is what a paper tiger has done. Why is the Royal Bengal tiger steeped in corruption?" he asked.

Modi also alleged that Congress, Left and Trinamool Congress make friendship in Delhi but claim enmity in Bengal.

"Didn't they eat in the same plate in UPA-1 government? In Delhi they do the politics of friendship," he said.

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Must See
Daily Mail

May 04, 2014
03:47 PM

'''Saradha leaves Didi's image dented & tainted
Saugata Roy,TNN

Mamata Banerjee's "honest" brand image has taken a beating in the last two phases of the LS polls spread over 23 constituencies in south Bengal where the "twin flowers", the TMC symbol, have a monopoly. On Friday, a group of Saradha victims were beaten up, allegedly by Trinamool supporters, when they blocked railway tracks at Garia station.

"The government has cheated us. It promised us compensation. But we are yet to get it," said an injured Bijoy Sapui. Ashim Chatterjee, a former Naxal leader who is now the president of the Chit Fund Sufferers' Association, lodged a complaint with the police. The Saradha story is not just about a Ponzi bubble that burst a year ago, devastating 18 lakh people who had parked their money in the schemes.

But the recent Saradha scam has drawn into its vortex a host of individuals and institutions — from senior politicians and bureaucrats to football clubs, Tollywood and even the media, where some of the ill-gotten money was sunk.

The embers of resentment were fanned by BJP's Narendra Modi during his campaign in Bengal. While Congress president Sonia Gandhi had earlier harped on the loot by the Saradha Group and the alleged inaction by the state, Modi touched a nerve because he hinted that politicians had directly benefited from the Saradha money. Modi didn't name the Saradha Group, but he hit the right notes by raising an obvious question: "Who bought Mamata Banerjee's paintings for Rs 1.8 crore?" Saradha boss Sudipta Sen, now in custody, muddied the waters further by coming up with a rebuttal: "I didn't buy Mamata's paintings. I don't know who bought them," Sen said.

Taking a cue from Modi, former CPM minister Gautam Deb hit the TMC chief where it hurt the most. Deb revealed the income-tax returns filed by Trinamool that show that the party earned Rs 2.53 crore by selling Mamata's paintings in the 2012-13 fiscal. "How could then Mamata give Rs 3.93 crore to party mouthpiece 'Jago Bangla' in the 2011-12 fiscal?" Deb asked.''

O Brian threatned for three days to Modi withdraw the remrks or face for a Libel Case.

Well Mr Brain your 48 hrs ultimatum is ove rsince long.

I still have a great respect for Mamta Di an honest Leader but some Political acumen and adjustments are required when on eis in chair.

Mata DI visited Btala Encounter area and declared killed Terrorists as innocents to please Muslim Voters in Begal .Even Divijay said so .

Aur jab Salamn Khurshid too photoes the phoot kar phoot kar Madam ji roney lage !

ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
May 04, 2014
03:36 PM

A street fighter versus a street fighter. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
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