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Modi Self-Obsessed, Intoxicated With PM Dream: Pilot
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Slamming Narendra Modi for making rhetorical speeches on every given occasion, Union Minister Sachin Pilot says that the Gujarat chief minister is intoxicated with Prime Ministerial ambitions and is too self-obsessed to see "right from wrong".

The Corporate Affairs Minister also accused the BJP leader of creating a facade of development and governance, while his core objective remained a Hindutva agenda "to inflame passions and create divisions".

"However, people of India have moved beyond these issues and they have become much smarter today. India is a new country with a much more robust youth population and, middle class who want more colleges than some mandir or masjid," the young Congress leader said.

"I think Modi is self obsessed to such a point where he is not been able to see right from wrong and that often happens when a person is intoxicated with the obsession of becoming a potential Prime Ministerial candidate," Pilot told PTI in an interview.

Modi has been made chief of BJP's election campaign panel and is being seen as a strong contender to be the party's prime ministerial candidate during the next Lok Sabha polls.

36-year-old Pilot, a Lok Sabha MP from Ajmer in Rajasthan, said that Modi's acceptability is questionable even within his own party and among the top leadership of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), but he still indulges in his rhetoric on every given opportunity, including on an occasion like the Independence Day.

Referring to Modi's criticism of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Independence Day speech, Pilot said that such an important day should not be used for doing narrow politics.

"Prime minister was not making a speech for one party... He was speaking as leader of this country. Still, Modi decided to do is politics on that day in his almost blatant and abundant desire to be projected as a potential prime ministerial candidate... This criticism and timing was most unfortunate," Pilot said.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Aug 27, 2013
08:22 AM


Your endorsement of Modi ( that too from a man belonging to the enlightened State of Kerala), is a tragic insult to the CIVILIZATION

You forgot to mention that Mr Balachandran nair is being blackmailed by MOSSAD and brainwashed by APCO.

It is typical of those who decry others as being 'fascist', that cannot tolerate a contrary view, and immediately respond with personal abuse.

Bonita, Chennai
Aug 27, 2013
07:47 AM

"Modi still practising Cannibalism and following ruthlessly the "JUNGLE LAW". in his fascist kingdom of Gujarat." TeeKayPee

I believe Modi is vegetarian. However, you are right that cannibalism is being practised in the world. Here is a video of one of your co-religionists eating the heart of another of your co-religionists in Syria:

"Syria's civil war, already a near-constant source of gruesome images and horrifying accounts of atrocities on the ground, this week offered it's latest difficult-to-watch, but nearly-impossible-not-to video from the battlefield. The footage, filmed at the end of March but uploaded to the Internet this week, shows a rebel commander calmly using a knife to cut open the chest of what appears to be a dead pro-Assad soldier. The rebel commander then removes one of the dead man's organs—exactly which one is somewhat up for debate—speaks to the camera, and then takes a bite.

"I swear to God, you soldiers of Bashar, you dogs, we will eat from your hearts and livers," the rebel says, according to a translation from Foreign Policy. "O heroes of Bab Amr, you slaughter the Alawites and take out their hearts to eat them!" (While the rebel likely believed he was biting into the heart and/or liver, there's a decent chance he was mistaken. A surgeon Time magazine spoke to says that it appears most likely that the organ in question was the dead man's liver.) "

No fatwa yet on whether eating people is halal or haraam - perhaps it depends on whether the victim has been declared to be a kaffir or not?

fedupindian, hyderabad
Aug 26, 2013
11:25 PM


 Mr Balachandran Nair, are you referring to the Modi- masterminded 2002 Genocide massacre pogrom which mercilessly butchered over 2000 innocent defenceless Muslim citizens of Gujarat  as   "  Modi's hard work and performance on the ground",( besides  the series of  fake  encounters which earned him the name "FAKE FEKU").?

 Your endorsement of Modi ( that too from a man belonging to the enlightened State of Kerala), is a tragic insult to the CIVILIZATION  India has achieved in 21st century, compared to Modi still practising Cannibalism and following ruthlessly the "JUNGLE LAW". in his fascist kingdom of Gujarat.!!!

teekaypee, kerala
Aug 26, 2013
11:44 AM


>> The real Pied Piper is the Congress which has been leading the minorities down the path to perdition.

Just look at this forum and Modi fanatics like yourself! Analogizing Modi to the Pied Piper is appropriate and timely.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 26, 2013
11:30 AM

 Corporate Affairs Minister >> First do your duty and investigate Rahul gandhi/Sonia Gandhi's real estate company Young India which emerged magically from public company National herald/Associated Journal with Congress funds and of course Priyanka gandhi's husband and Robert vadra and her MILs shady real estate empire.

bharat, delhi
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