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Matter of Pride For Us: Modi Family
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's family is proud that he has taken oath, one of his family members said here today.

"I am extremely happy that Narendrabhai is becoming India's PM. It's a matter of joy and pride for all family members. We could have gone there to attend the swearing-in ceremony. However, we famliy members didn't want to divert his attention. Thus, we have decided to watch the ceremony on television," Prime Minister Modi's younger brother Prahlad Modi, who lives in Ahmedabad, told reporters here today.

"Another reason we didn't go, is because we don't want anyone to raise fingers at Modi claiming that he favoured his family. Thus, none of us went to attend the ceremony," Prahlad said.

Similarly, Narendra Modi's elder brother Somabhai Modi and his family also stayed back.

"We just want to make sure that no trouble should be caused to him due to us (family members). We don't want to give a chance to anyone to allege that Modi believes in nepotism. Thus, we haven't gone to Delhi to attend the ceremony," Somabhai said.

Narendra Modi's mother Hiraba, who lives in Gandhinagar with another one of his younger brothers, Pankaj, also stayed back and witnessed the gala event on television.

Meanwhile, BJP workers organised several events across Gujarat to welcome Modi as PM after his swearing-in ceremony.

A fireworks display was organised at 6.30 pm at Naranpura crossroads and Vyas Wadi area here, which are both places under the Naranpura assembly seat, held by Modi's right hand, Amit Shah.

Similarly, the BJP Yuva Morcha also asked his workers to celebrate the day by distributing sweets and organise small rallies across Gujarat.

A letter sent to Yuva Morcha workers also suggested that Modi's swearing-in should be shown to the people by putting up LCD monitors at public places.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother Hiraben could not control her tears while his wife expressed happiness as they watched on TV the swearing-in ceremony today, unable to attend the event at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Due to her age and health reasons, Hiraba couldn't not travel to Delhi and watched the live telecast on television at her younger son Pankaj Modi's house in Gandhinagar along with Pankaj's family and many other relatives.

As soon as Modi came on the stage, they clapped and chanted Modi's trademark dialogue 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' and 'Vande Mataram'. As Modi read out his oath, Hiraba's and Pankaj's eyes were full of tears.

Hiraba seemed unperturbed by scores of cameramen and reporters who had crowded the room to seek her reaction. Later, the family members gave sweets to each other and lit fire crackers near their house.

In Mehsana, Modi's wife Jashodaben too watched the live telecast on television and expressed happiness that her husband is now the Prime Minister of India.

Modi's hometown of Vadnagar in Mehsana too erupted in joy, as celebrations began as soon as the ceremony got over. Locals danced and people came out of their house to light fire crackers, as their 'son of the soil' took oath as prime minister. Similar celebrations took place in various parts of Gujarat.

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Must See
Daily Mail

May 29, 2014
11:33 PM

Thank you Mr. Anwar for your apt observations. Its déjà vu to see every subject under discussion here in Outlook inevitably dragged and turned into an anti Congress/ Dynasty bashing, by those who can see no wrongdoing in the party and its leader who they have chosen to support.

Messrs. Narayan & Maheshwari, nepotism by any other name is still nepotism, no matter the nuance or shade used to give a surface shine.

PM Modi’s actions speak louder than his words_ therefore, concluding within parameters of discourse on this page it appears that  for him, cultivated “muh boli bahen” relationships take precedence over blood siblings. And pray do not attempt an untenable derisory defence by your pathetic comparison between a generalised “Bhaiyon aur Baheno” and a specifically proclaimed “Meri chhoti bahen hai”. Holds no water.

Gentlemen since this is a forum for intelligent healthy debate (as opposed to some crude vicious trolling on other pages, and not a mala fide intent of scoring brownie points, I rest my argument here.

Mickie Sorabjee, Mumbai
May 29, 2014
07:23 AM

Mickie Sorabjee .... by you logic, what would happen because everyone say in Delhi calls a women "behenji" and a man "bhaiya". I hope even though you asked the question, you realize, that Modi calling Smriti, my sister, during a campaign doesn't automatically make her family.

So for whatever you criticise Modi for, it appears on matter of "no favor to family" one cannot fault him.

Arun Maheshwari
Bangalore, India
May 29, 2014
01:59 AM

Mickie Sorabjee,

It is nepotism only when others do it. Blood relations may not mean much to Modi, but if you have Muslim blood on your hands, you get a cabinet berth!

Anwaar, Dallas
May 29, 2014
12:22 AM

" D.L.Narayan with your emphatic “NO TO NEPOTISM”, is there a substitute word for this preferential treatment?"

1. The word you are seeking is probably 'favouritism'? Selecting his cabinet is the prerogative of the PM. He is entitled to entrust responsibilities to whoever he deems suitable.  Usually. It is the blue-eyed ones who get lucky. 

2. On a lighter note, Ms Irani is a'muh boli  behen' not a real sibling. Modi addresses the nation as 'Bhaiyon aur Behnon." Since that makes all Indians his relatives, it logically follows that Modi is guilty of nepotism since his cabinet is packed with his brothers and sisters.

Visakhapatnam, India
May 29, 2014
12:01 AM

Today, in war on nepotism, PM’s edict states: No favour to kin.

Just last month during election campaign on national TV coverage Shri Modiji had declared Smriti Irani was his personal appointee in Amethi and had proceeded to introduce her to the electorate as his younger sister exhorting them to vote for her in large numbers for a poll victory. Unfortunately voters failed to oblige and his protégé lost the just concluded Lok Sabha elections from that constituency. Nevertheless the feisty young politician has been allocated HRD Ministry as MoS.

D.L.Narayan with your emphatic “NO TO NEPOTISM”, is there a substitute word for this preferential treatment?

Arun Maheshwari you are right with your “Family above all else is the cause of much grief in state affairs”. Tonight Smriti Irani must surely be a source of grievous headache for PM Modi.

(BTW my queries have no concern with controversy over Ms Irani’s educational qualifications or the contradictions in alleged discrepancy of declaration affidavits.)

Mickie Sorabjee, Mumbai
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