Kalam for India-US-Israel Task Force to Fight Terror
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India can adopt 'never forget and never forgive' attitude of the US and Israel in tracking terrorists, former President A P J Abdul Kalam has said, suggesting that the three countries come together with an integrated taskforce to defeat their threats.

Kalam said the experience of the US and Israel in cooperating with each other on real time basis in countering threats from terror groups has helped in saving the lives of their people.

"The attacks are well coordinated and never end before the threat is completely eliminated, however, long it takes and whatever it takes. Very often the attacks were performed on targets located in unfriendly foreign soil and successfully.

"Never forget and never forgive! India can learn lesson out of their experiences and introduce technologies in tools for focused networked operations," Kalam said last evening while delivering the seventh R N Kao lecture organised by the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

"It is advisable for democratic countries of the USA, Israel and India to come together with an integrated task force to effectively defeat the threats of the terrorists," he said.

Kao was the founder head of the RAW and headed the agency responsible for gathering external intelligence from 1969 to 1977.

Kalam also favoured setting up of an Indian Intelligence Service through a common recruitment scheme to develop a pool of manpower with recruitment of personnel from special forces for frontline operation.

Kalam said, "Accountability of intelligence agencies has to be clearly defined under one leadership. Information technology and the networked enterprise solutions could be leveraged to develop the integrated view of all the data by every one on a need to know basis irrespective of who owns the data," he said.

Favouring radical realigning of intelligence agencies in the country, the former President said, "Intelligence agencies must practise a proactive approach and not a reactive approach."

Supporting his theory for a radical change in attitude for covert actions and penetration, Kalam said technology driven covert operations are becoming the order of the day and inflicting collateral damages through critical Information Infrastructure is threatening to change the conventional wisdom in warfare.

"Elimination of source of terrorism and other anti national activities origin and crippling their ability to use technology for communication," he said.

Referring to the danger of cyber war, Kalam, who was involved in many scientific assignments of the Government, called for raising up an army of ethical hackers who are ready to attack or defend as needed.

He made two suggestions for countering cyber security threat -- one is technology upgrade and second investment in education in cyber security.

On technology upgrade in cyber security, he said an empowered coordinating agency and government policy are critical to success.

"A single national agency is required, which must receive information about all attacks. We cannot fight these attacks alone, information sharing is critical.

"Intelligence agencies must continuously upgrade their technical capabilities - be it signal intelligence, communications intelligence and interception capability, monitoring, information sharing mechanisms and creation of databases of security," he said.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Jan 26, 2013
04:35 AM

 "Never forget, never forgive" implies India going after the heads of the LeT snake including Hafeez Saeed. In this Israel can be of help, as its own citizens were butchered in the Mumbai attack.

However, an integrated taskforce which includes US, is dead on arrival.  Let us not be delusional to think that US will cooperate in this forum; infact it will actively undermine and sabotage everything this taskforce will attempt. The US global agenda and national interests/requirements will negate any attempts to get the terrorists inside Pakistan.  After all the US has to heed the ISI's needs for better relationship, for that joke of a war, they call "war on terror".  And ISI will never never allow any harm to its its proxy terrorist groups like LeT and others whom it so carefully nurtured to be the main foriegn policy instrument of Pakistan.

When the US could not do much with such Pak supported terrorists when its own soldiers where being brought down in Afghanistan, do you think US will be of any help to India? Keep dreaming...

Non Fanatic, London
Jan 25, 2013
05:46 PM

When Israel and its staunchest ally USA are identified as creators terrorists like Al Qaeda, Zionist militants, Jundullah etc, APJ speaks all this bullshit under the influence of Suffism !!!

Everybody knows that our country started bleeding of terrorist attacks when India established diplomatic connection with Zionist aparthied regime in occupied Palestine. How can he call Israel a democratic country while the international community has condemned it for maintaining racist colonies in occupied Palestine. He is really a Suffi in Hindutva world !!

Zionist regime is the main promoter and supporter of all racist movements across the globe including Hindutva / Brahminwad, which causes terrorism in India right from the beginning of India. Zionists call defenseless Palestinian freedom fighters terrorists and kill innocent kids and women. Is this called advanced technology???  

European hunter and African Lion. Who is terrorist here according to hunter?

We need independent mechanisms to protect sovereignty of our country. Our policies should be fair and impartial.  Then only can we make our nation less prone to external threats.  

E.V.R.Naiker, Chennai
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