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J&K Cops to Sue Facebook, Youtube
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Police today said it will register a case against two prominent social networking sites for uploading of a three-minute video (3:07 mts) purportedly showing four youths being forced to parade naked, apparently by some uniformed personnel at an undisclosed location (some reports name the Sopore area) in Kashmir

"A formal case is being registered against the YouTube and Facebook networks and investigation is on to locate the persons responsible for uploading this baseless and malicious clip," a police spokesman told PTI.

He said police have taken cognisance of the video clip and initial investigations have shown that the video has not been verified as yet and therefore "to attribute it to security forces with the intention of maligning them and spreading disaffection among the people is highly regrettable.

"Action shall also be taken against other organisations who tried to propagate it," he added.

"No one has been able to authenticate the video so far," Home Minister P Chidambaram told reporters in New Delhi while replying to a question on the three-minute video clip uploaded on two prominent social networking sites.

The minister said he had asked security agencies to find out whether anybody featuring in the video had spoken out.

"Until it is authenticated and the persons identified, I think it would be unsafe to rely on such a video," he said.

He did not elaborate on what steps were being taken to ascertain the authenticity of the video. Shockingly, there seemed to be no condemnation of the incident shown on the video from any official quarters, even with caveats that its provenance remained to be established. Nor was any seriousness shown to get to the bottom of the controversial incident pictured.

Is the video genuine?

The video shows four unidentified Kashmiri-looking youngsters being made to parade through what looks like a village, sometimes passing by others, with a male voice constantly abusing in Hindi/Urdu and Kashmiri in the backdrop. 

The youth are shown carrying their clothes in their hands. A male voice asks the youth to move the clothes they are carrying, ostensibly so that their private parts are not covered.

“The video is taken by the accompanying policeman, who records the event during their short journey...he must have recorded it for fun, but luckily it got leaked by an anonymous person,” the comment accompanying the video in one of its postings on the Facebook account “Citizens of Kashmir” claimed.

A senior police officer in the Valley pointed out that it looked like an 'old video' because it appeared to have been shot in autumn and not during the recent protests because the fields seem harvested.

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) also questioned the video’s authenticity. “Such a thing is not possible in Kashmir,” CRPF spokesman Prabhakar Tripathi was quoted by the Indian Express as saying. “The video seems manipulated to tarnish the image of the force and police.”

Tripathi said it was hard to imagine how such an incident, if it had happened, could remain under wraps so long. “In this place, even rape doesn’t remain a secret,” he said. “This video can never be proved to be genuine.”

While the men in uniforms are clearly not of the Army, and seem to be wearing the uniform of the J&K Police, the video had earlier done the rounds of Youtube, Facebook and some mailing lists accompanied by such labels as:

  • Indian Army torturing Kashmiri youth for a naked parade.
  • So Called Disciplined Indian Army Exposes their Shameful Act on Camera in Kashmir
  • Indian Army's Shameful Conduct
  • "Kashmir's Abu Gharib" [For the infamous Iraqi prison Abu Ghraib]
The above, say the authorities, lends credence to their apprehensions that it could be part of an attempt at disinformation, timed as it was just ahead of Friday's crucial Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) meeting in New Delhi amidst demands for amendments in the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)— or its withdrawal from at least some of the districts of the state.

Despite apparent government coercion which seemed to have ensured that the video was taken off within a short span of being posted, the video continued to be re-posted on various Facebook walls, and new links for Youtube posts continued to shared on Twitter by outraged Kashmiri youth  and has evoked outrage, shock and condemnation from the Facebook users across the globe.
Emerging story. Watch this space for updates as more details come in
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Must See
Daily Mail

Sep 11, 2010
06:21 AM

That's wrong. It is the governemtn's responsiility to get hold of those who uploaded it and verify the authenticity of the video. I have not seen the video but - prima facie - there are as many reasons to trust the authenticity of the video as there are to doubt that someone "manufactured" this.
The Irreverent Indian, Online
Sep 10, 2010
12:18 PM
OUTLOOK what the fuck you think you are?
When the govt says ban to facebook and google to ban the video you are showing images..
This is gross disrespect of freedom of speech and misusing lenient Indian democracy may be not, you can bend and misuse the rules that has given you the freedom.... you should be in commi chinese rule to get the taste...
Peter, Melbourne
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