Jaitley Slams Amarinder on Tytler, Tax Issue
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Taking a swipe at Amarinder Singh's royal background, BJP leader Arun Jaitley today said the politics of the Congress leader reflects his "feudal mindset" as he has been caught "lying with a straight face" on the property tax and Jagdish Tytler issue.

Jaitley, who is pitted against Amarinder in this seat, also charged that his rival lives in a "world of sycophants".

"The politics of Congress candidate from Amritsar Lok Sabha Amarinder Singh only reflects his feudal instincts. He still lives in a world of sycophants where he is referred to as 'Maharaja Sahib'. He is discourteous and rude. He believes that discourtesy has given him the image of being 'Dabbang’", he said.

"Amarinder Singh is not the best practitioner of ethical values. What is amazing is his ability to be extremely economical with the truth," Jaitley charged.

Raking up the property tax issue, he said, Amarinder was caught being "untruthful" on the matter.

"The tax was levied on the basis of his undertaking dated 7th December, 2006 to the Centre. I produced before the media the file carrying his signatures of approval. He ignored the truth and could bluntly lie that he did not approve it.

"The whole country saw him stand up and defend Jagdish Tytler in the 1984 riots case in an interview to a news channel. He today denies that he ever gave Tytler a clean chit. He, in a monarchical style, shouts down criticism and refuses to take questions," he charged.

"Having been caught lying with the straight face on the property tax and the Jagdish Tytler issue, any other candidate would have been put to shame before the people. But this emperor, even when caught without clothes, has the ability to look at you in the eye. This feudalism must be defeated," Jailtley said in his campaign dairy.

Talking about the BJP campaign, he said, "There is clarity in the campaign.The acceptability of the leader is extremely high. The groundswell seems to be building up not only in our traditional support areas but also in those regions where our strength is relatively marginal".

"As against this, the Congress campaign is more abstract and confused.The leadership is non-inspirational, anti incumbency is hurting them significantly," he claimed.

Barring the BJP and its allies, some regional parties appear to be doing well within the confines of their region, he noted.

"Most of these regional parties are conventionally anti- Congress. The third front or the federal front has a sporadic presence through certain regional groups but there is no structured alliance," he said.

"Most opinion polls are predicting a comfortable BJP/NDA victory.No other alliance, expect the NDA has any rational possibility of forming the government. Narendra Modi has become symbol of hope," he said.

Meanwhile, Singh retaliated saying that his BJP rival was a "third-rate liar".

In a statement, he said that whether it was the issue of property tax or the statement about Jagdish Tytler, Jaitley was trying to distort and twist facts as he had nothing else to speak on.

Amarinder also lashed out at the "language" Jaitley was using in his campaign against him.

"His (Jaitley's) mask of decency is wearing off and he has started betraying his frustration and arrogance," he said.

"I leave it for the people to read it and judge who is bringing down the level of discourse and who is rude and discourteous".

Jaitley was feeling frustrated as his rallies were either not drawing any response or were being cancelled and so much so that he had to get film stars and singers to get the crowds, Amarinder said.

Referring to Jaitley's claims that he had given an undertaking in December 2006 on property tax, Amarinder said, "Jaitley was hiding the fact that it was not me, but the Chief Secretary who had written to the government of India and when the proposal came to the Cabinet we did not approve it".

He asked, "If it was so that I approved the property tax then why did your government need to impose it again in 2013."

He said, Jaitley's claims defy all logic and common sense.

"Everybody knows that the Akali-BJP imposed the property tax in 2013 and now, Jaitley is saying it was done in 2006. If it was done in 2006 then people should have been paying the taxes since then," he pointed out.

On the Tytler issue, Amarinder reiterated that he had only stated what people told him, "I have nowhere given clean chit to Tytler but only said that none of the riot victims I met immediately after the riots named him."

"Jaitley as a lawyer should know it that giving a clean chit or holding someone guilty is for the courts to decide and not someone like me," he said.

Addressing an election rally in Jaintipur area of Amritsar, Jaitley appealed to the people of the constituency to give an "exemplary punishment" to Congress that has "bled the economy of country".

Jaitley blamed Congress for degrading the post of prime minister by giving "total command" to 10 Janpath.

He alleged that Congress-led UPA government would be known as the "most corrupt government" of the century.

"Starting from Rs 64 crore Bofors scam during Rajiv Gandhi era, the Congress-led UPA government made the country hang its head in shame with record 1.86 lakh crore Coal scam, Rs 1.76 lakh crore 2G scam and series of listed and unlisted scams," he said.

He assured that with Modi government at Center Punjab would not have to beg for any economic package.

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