Satyameva Jayate Debuts With Female Foeticide
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Superstar Aamir Khan's much anticipated TV debut Satyamev Jayate got a thumbs up from the Hindi film industry.

On Sunday morning, the celebrities took to their Twitter account and shared their positive reactions about the show that focused on social and real life issue.

The one and half hour show today threw light on the issue of female foeticide in India. They presented it with the case studies of three females residing in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Ahmadabad, who had undergone such situation.

"Watching Aamir Khan on Satyamev Jayate discussing Female Foeticide ! I love this effort from him and thank him as a woman!," posted Preity Zinta.

Salman Khan also urged people to watch the show. "Spend your Sunday with Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate on Star Plus. Don't miss it sharp 11 am!!"

"Satyamev Jayate. A show with a heart," posted Farhan Akhtar.

"Aamir does it again....And this time on TV, Satyamev Jayate touches the heart and opens the eyes to the country around us," tweeted Ken Ghosh.

"Time for action. I absolutely loved Satyamev Jayate. At least Aamir is doing what all of us only talk about," posted Raj Kaushal.

"Aamir Khans show can bring a revolution. Thoroughly researched covers all aspects touches emotional chord n forces us to re-examine ourselves," posted Shabana Azmi.

"I always wanted something like this on TV. Thank you Aamir for stirring a people that Sundays are 'lazy' for and 'others' problems are not theirs," tweeted Dia Mirza.

I am no one to solve issues, I can only highlight them: Aamir

Elated by the response, Aamir Khan said he will bring up more issues on the show but he does not see himself as a change-maker.

The first episode of the show, telecast this morning, focused on the issue of female foeticide in India.

"I am no one to bring change or solve anything...Neither (is) the government. I can only keep the issues in front of everyone. The change should come from within. One person cannot improve or bring solution to an issue," Aamir said, talking to reporters this afternoon.

"I was watching the show with my wife, son Azad, and core team of the show...I had tears in my eyes. I got good response from industry friends and various medium - twitter, youtube.

"There will be many more issues on the show. But I won't reveal...Let it be a suspense," Aamir said.

When asked if the burning issue of the times, corruption, will feature, Aamir said, "Corruption is a very strong issue...We all are involved in it. A strong law must come in force...But it is equally important to change ourselves first."

Today's episode dealt with stories of mothers who struggled to give birth to a girl child, because of the society's bias for `a boy'.

"There was no specific reason to highlight this issue (female foeticide) in the first show, the actor said.

He also said that doctors alone must not be held responsible for foeticide, everyone involved shares the blame. "During our research we came across a fact that even though the doctors who indulge in sex determination ...Their license is not revoked....I request all state medical councils to take strict action against them (doctors)."
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Daily Mail

May 07, 2012
02:01 PM

It is not long ago that we learned about Salman Khan's minders beating up Anna Hazare activists who wished him to join his cause.  So his words here and those of other Bollywood celebrities who have done nothing to support anti-corruption movement ring a bit hollow.   It is good to see that there is at least one person in Bollywood who is not content just to get rich by making mindless fighting and singing/dancing movies, but is actually using his celebrity status in a constructive way to address some of the burning social issues that need to be tackled.  Certainly one topic that Amir Khan does need to address in this series is religious bigotry.

Ali, Panchkula
May 07, 2012
01:28 PM

 In the very first episode of his maiden TV reality show, Aamir has left an indelible mark.It is a well-researched,topical and thought-provoking show.It has emotion, information and will force many to introspection. I hope in the susequent episodes he will cover other burning social evils. His style of presentation is natural and convincing. Thank you, Aamir. You really care for India and Indians.

RK Singh, Gurgaon
May 07, 2012
09:27 AM


To prove that he is not a bigot, he should forcefully convert his children to hinduism? I havent come accross any articles or news items which say that either Kiran Rao or Renna Dutta ever converted. In fact, Aamir and Kiran's son is called Azad Rao Khan. Mother's last name comes first. How cool is that? 

I hope Gujarat, specifically 2002 gets featured in the show. If it happens, we will finally see a popular voice (of reason) champion the cause. I hope the fear of not being able to show his movies in Gujarat doesn't stop him from espousing a just cause. 

Amar Prem, Boston
May 07, 2012
09:25 AM

" Shame to Anna Hazare, Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi et. el; who should learn from Aamir Khan how to attack and solve the social problems of the Indian society."

The fact that the lacky for corrupt congress like you has to bring them in the irrelevent subject, itself confirms that they have already succeeded hurting the corrupt and achieved their goal. May be you can check with your ex-minister Raja how he feels about it in jail. 

NJ, United States
May 07, 2012
09:10 AM

 My last comment should have read - 

Why are you such a negative guy Kel? It was a good show, you could have stopped at a positive comment. But you have to compulsorily spew venom every time you post something.

Amar Prem, Boston
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