Indian Names in Swiss Bank Data List: Assange
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In comments that could fuel a fresh controversy over the black money issue, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today said there are Indian names in the Swiss bank data list that are going to be made public.

"Yes, there are Indian names in the data that we have already published or are going to publish. I can't remember specifically whether there are Indian names in the coming publication. But I have read Indian names," Assange told Times Now.

Indicating that there are bigwigs among the Indians having their accounts in Swiss banks, he said, "Similarly, in these private Swiss banking concerns, where you need at least a million dollar, which is a significant amount of money...Not an average Indian..."

Asked whether the names will come at any point, he said on "that, you should absolutely not lose hope".

He, however, declined to reveal anything more on the issue at this stage.

Noting that he has come to know through a report that there are more Indian deposits in the Swiss banks than any other nationality, Assange said, "there is no reason why India should not be aggressive."

Praising German government for its aggressive approach to unearth black money stashed offshore, he said that India "should be more aggressive because India seems like it is loosing per capita much more tax than Germany."

Assange alleged that Indian government's response to the WikiLeaks cables was "one of the worst in the world" and a "clear attempt to mislead the nation on what the cables were".

He said that response by the Indian government left a lot to be desired.

Assange also dismissed contention of the Indian government that accords on double taxation were coming in the way of tracking the trail of black money.

"Double taxation does not have anything to do with asset hiding. It doesn't simply cover asset hiding," he said.

Assange said that issue of stashing black money in foreign banks was much worse than just local corruption as when money is pushed offshore, ".....Then every time they are selling rupees and the result is that the currency of the nation is debased...Everything for all Indians become more expensive as a result of that transfer."

Assange had earlier claimed that he was handed over documents of bank accounts by a former banker Rudolf Elmer and the whistle blower also claimed that the names in the documents came from "US, Britain, Germany, Austria and Asia -- from all over," and include "business people, politicians, people who have made their living in the arts and multinational conglomerates -- from both sides of the Atlantic".
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Must See
Daily Mail

Apr 27, 2011
12:07 AM

".... there are bigwigs among the Indians having their accounts in Swiss banks."

Let us hope they become smallwigs soon.

Anwaar, Dallas
Apr 26, 2011
09:58 PM

"......Julian Assange today said there are Indian names in the Swiss bank data list that are going to be made public....."

I wonder why such an announcement be made before actually publishing the list!!

R V Subramanian, Gurgaon
Apr 26, 2011
08:04 PM

Hey, Julian... that's hardly a "leak" !!! We poor hapless Indians have known this all along. And we've also known that whether there's a Manmohan Singh or a Sonia Gandhi at the top or an LK Advani or a Vajpayee, nothing will change. They are all in it together. Thieves watching each other's back.

What would really help to get the ball rolling would be to leak the names of these people. But even then, I wonder if we will be able to do anything beyond expressions of impotent rage, lighting candles at India Gate and holding vigils at Jantar Mantar...

I wonder... and I hang my head in shame...

Madhav Ajgaonkar, New Delhi
Apr 26, 2011
07:44 PM


I appreciate your comment! Dont agree with you less.

R V Subramanian, Gurgaon
Apr 26, 2011
06:47 PM

I am sure politicians of all parties, not just the Congress, must be dropping bricks at the thought that Assange has a full list of secret Swiss bank accounts.

Bonita, Chennai
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