Important Documents Missing From SIT Report: Zakia
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The wife of former Congress MP Ehsaan Jaffery, killed in post-Godhra riots, today told a court here that SIT had not provided her 18 important documents, along with its final report, regarding her complaint against Chief Minister Narendra Modi and others.

Zakia Jaffery's lawyer Sadik Sheikh, in an application in the court of Metropolitan Magistrate M S Bhatt, listed 18 different documents which he said were missing from the closure report which the SIT had provided to her last Monday.

The documents include preliminary inquiry report of SIT official A K Malhotra submitted to the Supreme Court on May 12, 2010, further investigations reports filed periodically by the agency in the apex court and comments of SIT Chairman R K Raghavan dated May 14, 2010.

SIT lawyer R S Jamuar opposed Zakia's plea, saying the Supreme Court had directed it to provide her only the final report and documents related to the probe carried out on the basis of her complaint.

"Most of those reports which are being asked by the complainant (Zakia) were given in a sealed cover to the Supreme Court, and if they wish they can obtain them from the apex court," Jamuar told the court.

After hearing both sides, the court scheduled the hearing on the application on May 19.

Zakia has to file a compliance report in the court, saying she had received all the documents from the SIT related to her complaint.

The SIT had given copies of its final report, including the report of amicus curiae in the case, Raju Ramhandran, and other documents, to Zakia on May 7.

Zakia's lawyer further said that along with the report, they have received some CDs which are inaudible. Also, some of the photocopies of the originals provided by SIT are unreadable.

To this, Jamuvar said SIT has submitted the items in the court after a gap of ten years as the incidents relate to 2002. "We have the same CDs and the complainant can examine the original CDs which are available with SIT."

Sheikh said he will inspect the original CDs and documents available with SIT.

Zakia's complaint had alleged complicity of Modi, his ministers and senior officials in the 2002 riots in which over 1,000 people were killed.

After probing the charges levelled in the complaint, the SC-appointed agency gave a clean chit to Modi.

However, Ramchandran, the apex court-named amicus curie who also looked into the allegations of Modi's complicity in the riots, has concluded that the BJP stalwart can be prosecuted under IPC for "promoting enmity among different groups".
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Must See
Daily Mail

May 11, 2012
09:49 AM

>>The SIT’s glaring contradictions and lazy logic do little justice to the spirit in which it was set up making closure seem farther away than ever.

So the Indian media has started full scale propaganda. We have only adjectives and opinions but not one refutation of the report. They have latched on to one statement in the report about Modi saying those things within four walls, but they miss pages after pages of facts which show Bhatt to be a liar. So now the criticism of the report is that it is shoddy, it is has lazy logic, Raghavan's trips financed by Modi, preliminary reports 'tone' was different, all papers not given etc. Seriously, how low can the Indian media stoop?

RSM, Delhi
May 11, 2012
07:50 AM

The vested interests working against Gujarat and Modi will keep any issue boiling if it suits them.Its not Jaffrey alone that killed in the riot and as if the lives of some communities alone are precious.

The media like those fake and covert NGO's making money are following suit.

The people of Gujarat both the Muslims and the Hindus want to forget the past and move ahead but the enemies of peacemthe destablisers and the fanatics want to polarise  the state.The people will teach the right lessons at the right time to modi or his detractors.

satyashetty, Bangalore
May 11, 2012
05:31 AM

Seculars fighting a lost battle now. Gracefully accept defeat and move on. Continuous media trial of Modi will give him thumping victory once again. Don't forget you are offending Gujaratis.

Lata, Madrid
May 11, 2012
03:22 AM

This SIT just does not inspire confidence. As the Hindu writes, "Ehsan Jafri’s widow went to the Supreme Court to ask for an investigation into the wider circumstances in which her husband lost his life. The SIT’s conclusion seems to be that his murder was his own fault," or as the IE concludes, "The SIT’s glaring contradictions and lazy logic do little justice to the spirit in which it was set up making closure seem farther away than ever."


Anwaar, Dallas
May 10, 2012
11:44 PM

 RKRAGHAVAN  sounds like cheap, habitual petty thief , good at telling lies and and nothing but lies and not behaving like A REAL TIME  HARD-CORE HONOURABLE CRIMINAL OF STANDING. A good and befitting friend for Modi, for certain..

teepee, kerala
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