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I Had No Intention to Link Terror to Any Religion: Shinde
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Under attack from BJP, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde today issued a statement on the eve of Budget session of Parliament, expressing regret over his "Hindu terror" remark and saying his comments had been misunderstood.

Shinde, who is also Leader of the Lok Sabha and faced the prospect of boycott by BJP, underlined that he had no intention to link terrorism with religion or political organisations.

"My statement given in Jaipur last month has created a misunderstanding. It has been understood to mean that I was linking terrorism to a particular religion and was accusing certain political organisations of being involved in organising terror camps.

"I had no intention to link terror to any religion. There is no basis for suggesting that terror can be linked to organisations mentioned in my brief speech in Jaipur.

"Since controversy has been created on account of my statement, I am issuing this clarification and expressing regret to those who felt hurt by my statement," he said.

The Home Minister has been under severe attack from BJP which had promised to rake up the issue in the Budget session beginning tomorrow.

"I will continue to perform my duties to the best of my ability to ensure that harmony is maintained in the social fabric of India," Shinde said.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Feb 21, 2013
10:15 PM

>> Prashant Panday has a good take on this

Finally. The idiot got it right for once.

Shinde's "apology" is obviously not sincere. He is a lying douche bag, which is the reason he is loved by fellow scums like Pandey and the resident jehadi.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Feb 21, 2013
08:57 PM

Serial bomb blasts in Hyderabad, several killed, many more injured. Tragic and avoidable. 

As long as we are perceived as a soft state, we will be targetted. We should show we mean business and that we will crush terrorism with an iron fist. Will we?

D.L.Narayan, Visakhapatnam
Feb 21, 2013
06:13 PM

While labeling Hindu Terror Mr Shinde did not talked of Muslim Terror . Why ?? Because that does not exists !


Hindu terrorists in custody of the Various Govts ;; about 24 appx

Muslim terrorists in Custody of various Govts :: Many Thousands .

So why Shinde did not talk of Muslim Terror while referring to the Terror problems India is facing  ??

Since no Muslims Terror problem was referred to by Shinde while talking of Terror problems India faced so why Congress Govt is holding thousands of Muslims in Jails and for what crimes when there is no Muslim Terror ??

Let us forget our racial differences . Hindus and Muslims should protest against the Govt for holding thousands of Muslims when there is no Muslim Terror at all .

Mr Shinde you say one thing and your Police Forces are doing exsctly the opposite .

On cue Sayeed C-in-C Let  has asked Pakistan and USA what charges they have against him now when Indian Govt itself accepted that Samjohta was done by Hindu terrorists and both RSS + BJP are running Hindu Terror camps ??

Now Mr Shinde had said there is no colour of Terror though hardly any Hindu cares about his rants and raves for Votes and Hindus are used to be the punching bags of Congress for its appeasement policies but bigger point is why no action is being taken against RSS and BJP for Running Terror camps irrespective the Religion of the Terror ??

Mr Shinde is Oath bound and Duty to protect the integrity of India and to liquidate the Terrorist Organisations .

So please ban RSS and BJP and hundreds of other Hindu organisations .And arrest their leaders .

Mumbai, India
Feb 21, 2013
05:49 PM

 India gave 4000 Pages Dossier to Pakistan with Copies to USA and got LeT banned by UN as we proved LeT was behind Samjohta blast .

Since under duress of Vote Banks we took 180 degrees turn so at least inform UN and world that LeT is not involved .By the way why not make public the dossier ?

Mumbai, India
Feb 21, 2013
03:34 PM

Shinde and Congress have done what they do best,paint Muslims in poor light.

Shinde spoke trash in Jaipur,Diggy and Kamal Nath seconded it ,the Home Secratary went a step ahead and confirmed what Shinde spoke.

Now that Shinde  has with drawn his statement,the Home Secratary should resign,no way a Govt servant without facts can speak language of his political Masters.

Now if the Muslims havent got convinced with Congress cheap gimmicks and doing nothing in Dhule riots or Togadia shate speech,they (Muslims) deserve    the treatment they get from the Congress.

The max damage from this speech has been done to the pysche of the ordinary Indian

wrongone, chennai
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