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'Gujarat Model' Has Become 'Political Currency': Montek
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The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, has said the term 'Gujarat model' had become "political currency" in the ongoing election campaign but that he was not sure of its meaning.

"The term 'Gujarat model' has become a political currency in the election campaign, but I am not sure exactly what it means," he said.

Ahulwalia was replying to questions about whether he felt the 'Gujarat model' is a good one for the rest of India at an India business conference at the Columbia Business School here.

Appearing on a video link last Friday, he told faculty, students and entrepreneurs that people describe the Gujarat model of development as one having the highest growth rate and attracting foreign capital.

"I am not aware of a single chief minister, who says his model does not depend on foreign capital. If you go to Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Punjab they are all keen to attract the foreign capital," he said.

If by model one means instrumentality, all states are saying they are keen to attract foreign capital, he said.

There are several other chief ministers who "would say exactly the same thing" about growth in their states what Gujarat has been saying about its development, Ahluwalia said.

"They don't call it a Gujarat model but a Haryana model" depending on the state, he added. 

To a comment that Gujarat had the highest growth rate, Ahluwalia said the state has a high growth rate but not the highest. Bihar enjoys the highest growth rate, he added.

"Let's be clear. Gujarat traditionally has been a well performing state. Gujaratis are a very industrious, innovative group that has led the Indian industry for several years," he said.

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Must See
Daily Mail

May 27, 2014
03:17 AM

Gujarat model = Adani model = Ambani model.

Misogynist, Chennai
Apr 21, 2014
06:07 PM

Surjit S Bhalla (Ph.D in Economics from Princeton), on how Gujarat compares with seven other states:

Bhalla makes his points with data. Gujarat is far from perfect, but has done well in the past decade in comparison to the peer states. Make no mistake, every state in India has major scope for improvement in all economic, social and human development parameters.  At the national level, look at the best performing state in each area (economy, entrepreneurship, health and human development, reduction of corruption etc.) and see if that model can be replicated in the rest of the country. 

Ram, Halifax
Apr 21, 2014
12:52 AM

> "Gujarat traditionally has been a well performing state."

But Modi wants to take all credit!!! Such deception!

Anwaar, Dallas
Apr 20, 2014
09:02 PM

''Gujarat’s other calling card : Dr Surjit Bhalla

Whether it is female infanticide or mortality, education or various health indicators, Modi’s Gujarat has done quite well.

India is at the halfway stage of Election 2014, and if opinion polls and turnout increases are to be believed, it looks increasingly likely that Narendra Modi will be our next prime minister. Why Modi evokes such strong reactions from the Congress and the Left (could it be that they know that their days as the political elite are numbered with a challenger like Modi?) is a subject for a later article. The advantage with forecasting what might happen under Modi is much more than predicting the future of India if Rahul Gandhi was the leader, or even if it were L.K. Advani, Sushma Swaraj or Rajnath Singh. The reason is simple — with Modi, one has a performance record in Gujarat, a record spanning over 12 years.

But, and this is the first of many objections, Gujarat is not India. It has only a six crore population, India is 20 times as large, so what lessons can the Gujarat experience provide? I have always found this “objection” to Modi the most forced and, for lack of a better word, most stupid. Indeed, in no election, in India or elsewhere, has stupidity sunk to such depths. One of the best political leaders in the last century, Bill Clinton, was the governor of a state, Arkansas, whose population is three million. Quite honestly, the objection to Modi as PM on such nonsensical grounds is not worth any discussion. So my apologies.'''


a k ghai
mumbai, India
Apr 20, 2014
07:45 PM

Montek did not understand what the economy required in the last 10 years. We dont expect him to understand anything else.

The guy may be an expert in theoritical economics but when it comes to practice, he absolutely has no clue.

Akash Verma, Chennai
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