Gaza Truce Talks Invite 'Still In Place': Egypt
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Egypt today insisted that its invitation to the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government for peace talks was "still in place" despite the breakdown of a 72-hour humanitarian truce.

"Egypt assures that the invitation it sent to the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government to send their two delegations to Cairo to study all issues of concern... within the framework of the Egyptian initiative is still in place," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Egypt had invited the Palestinian Authority and Israel to send delegations to Cairo for truce talks after the both sides had agreed to 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza brokered by the US and UN.

However, two Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed and one taken captive, hours after the humanitarian ceasefire came into effect.

Artillery shelling by Israeli in the southern Rafah area today killed about 70 people, taking the Palestinian death toll to 1,525, mostly civilians.

Israel and Hamas blamed each other for the collapse of the fragile ceasefire.

"Egypt stresses that it is important for both sides to respect the ceasefire that they have agreed on, so the negotiations can take place in a favourable atmosphere and achieve the desired results," the foreign ministry had said in a statement earlier.

The ministry later called on Israel to "stop, immediately and completely, targeting civilians and using excessive and unjustified force".

Egypt said that such use of force "only complicates matters...And does not pave the way for a resumption of the negotiations."

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri held telephone talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and several other Arab leaders to discuss the situation in Gaza.

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Daily Mail

Aug 02, 2014
03:55 PM

The facts about the ISRAEL-PALESTINE conflict ------------------>
This is the most complicated conflict in today's world. We can see propagandas flying around with both sides claiming the land.

The current Israel land along with Westbank parts of Jordan/Syria were historically inhabited and ruled by people who spoke Hebrew. They were more commonly called as Jews/Israelis and lands were known with different names such as ancient Israel / Judea / Zion.
Whether the current Israeli or Jews are the direct decendents of ancients Hebrews is a huge controversy and a subject of debate.
These lands Over a period of time were taken over by Greeks/Roman empire and that’s when these lands were renamed to Palestine and most of the indigenous Jews living in these lands were exiled.
In 7th century AD Arabs captured these lands followed by Turkish and thus turning these lands into a Arab majority lands and Jews minority.
Many Jews living outside these Palestine lands started a campaign called Zionism demanding their Historic right to resettle back in these Palestine land which they claim to the their ancient homeland.

DURING 19th century after the 1st world war, Britishers took over Palestine and they indirectly supported the Jewish campaign. United Nations was involved and it passed a resolution in 1917 called "Balfour Declaration" acknowledging the rights of Jewish People to settle in parts of Palestine without disturbing the existing Arab settlements.
Based on this many Jews migrated to Palestine which was opposed by local Arab population followed by violence.

……………..UNITED NATIONS PARTITION PLAN 1947---------------->

Citing the violence UN again intervened and proposed dividing the Palestine land into Jews and Arab Palestine. Jews agreed and named their country Israel.
Arabs rejected the UN partition plan and attacked Israel supported by the surrounding Arab nations. Unfortunately the Arabs lost the war and lost lot of Arab Palestine lands to Israel.
There are were further Arab-Israeli wars in 1967 and 1973 in which Arabs lost the remaining Arabs Palestine lands to Israel and those lands are Gaza/West Bank/East Jerusalem.

JT, Bangalore
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