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Evict Muslims From Hindu Areas: Togadia Spews Venom
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As per media reports, Pravin Togadia, the International working president of VHP, delivered a provocative speech in Bhavnagar in Gujarat in which he gave the Muslim businessmen 48 hours to vacate their houses, failing which he asked his group of followers to take forcible possession of their properties and fight a legal battle later which will go on for years.

Togadia said "This is being done by Muslims in villages and across India. Their strategy is to buy one house at a good price and then buy Hindu properties at throw-away prices...There are two ways to stop this...Govt enforces Disturbed Areas Act. You put pressure on the government to enforce the Disturbed Areas Act the way we have in cities like Ahmedabad."

The Disturbed Areas Act makes it tough to sell property to a member of the minority community in a neighbourhood.

Togadia was also quoted as saying that "...For protecting the Hindus, it is okay to put pressure on anyone. I have done this before and kept the possession of the house with me for a long time using the Bajrang Dal poster. The Muslim fellow lost the house and his money and we should have it in us to take the law in our hands in an area we are in majority".

The report claimed that the VHP leader also threatened them with violence and asked his followers to "go with stones, tyres and tomatoes" and that there was nothing to fear.

"Coming as it does on the heels of the BJP candidate from Navada Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar, Giriraj Singh’s statement that those who oppose Modi will be sent to Pakistan, it shows that the BJP and its associated organisations like the VHP are trying to inflame communal feelings and communalise the situation in the country for votes," the statement added.

Togadia termed the media reports "false, malafide and mischievous" and said he was sending legal notices to media houses.

"The report about a misinformed incident in Gujarat... Is false, malafide and mischievous," Togadia said in a legal notice issued on his behalf by his lawyer.

Togadia did meet a group of people on Saturday night, it said but he did not offer them any advise which was "socially or legally wrong".

"We wish to state here emphatically that there was nothing socially or legally wrong in the above advice given by my client to the said group as mentioned. The said report gives a completely false story intended to malign my client socially...," it said.

Togadia told them, who complained that their houses were "forcibly" purchased, to follow the legal process of writing to the local administration, the concerned state government and approach the court if they felt that they are being forced into any selling of their houses, the statement said.

Togadia told reporters that " legal notice has been sent by my advocate on my behalf. And we have started issuing the legal notice to the media houses of Delhi and Gujarat".

 Many eminent personalities on Twitter slammed Togadia for making such divisive comments.

Defending Togadia, RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav said, "I have spoken to Pravin Togadia. He completely denies making such comments. It is fabricated.

"No Swayamsevak thinks on such divisive lines. They think of all people as one. One people, one nation," he said.

Emerging story. Watch this space for updates as more details come in
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Must See
Daily Mail

Apr 25, 2014
03:52 AM

Indian Gestapo aka gujrat police protects its own. it is hoping to ride out the election season twiddling thumbs, while much maligned Bihar police is trying to arrest giri.

Goes to show what a difference it makes if the state goverment cares about maintaining law and order and peace.

Puts the claims of 14 year rule Hogwash into the right perspective. this is the outcome of your 14 year rule. your pal calls for ethnic cleansing in broad daylight and gets away with it.

kishoredasmunshi, Kolkatta
Apr 24, 2014
01:21 AM


>>>> "They explain it as an ordinary fight between two groups"
>> If burning karsevaks alive is the result of an 'ordinary fight' ....

Moronic reply! All that "ordinary fight between two groups" implies is that this was not a pre-planned conspiracy. Modi was even perpetrating the lie that it was "Miya Musharraf's" terrorist act, but he stopped saying it when no evidence was found to support his mischievous claim.


Anwaar, Dallas
Apr 23, 2014
03:02 PM

"They explain it as an ordinary fight between two groups"

If burning karsevaks alive is the result of an 'ordinary fight' ,the 'unburnt' karsevaks must be thanking their stars that it was not preplanned.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Apr 23, 2014
02:08 PM


[[They do not justify the incineration. They explain it as an ordinary fight between two groups, not a planned conspiracy or a plot.]]

This novel explanation is likely to provide much succor for the victims and their families. The burnt souls will now rest in peace.

Ganwaar, Ganwaarpur
Apr 23, 2014
12:46 PM

Ram Lala,

>> You  (Saroja)and your fellow low-life sicko Jyoti Punwani keep bringing up the alleged misbehaviour of the karsevaks to justify the incineration of other Hindus .

They do not justify the incineration. They explain it as an ordinary fight between two groups, not a planned  conspiracy or a plot.

Anwaar, Dallas
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