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Even a 'Chowkidaar' Indulges in Theft: Rahul's Jibe at Modi
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Targeting Narendra Modi over his remarks that he wants to be a 'chowkidar' (watchman) of the country, Rahul Gandhi today said sometimes a chowkidar also "indulges in theft" so the "keys" of the country cannot be given to just one person.

Raking up snoopgate issue, Gandhi also questioned the BJP's claim to work for empowerment of women, saying in Gujarat policemen "are sent behind women" while their workers beat women in Karnataka in the name of moral policing and their "MLAs watch porn" on mobile phone in Assembly.

Addressing a public rally in this Congress bastion, Gandhi said there is a "big difference" between Congress and BJP which is reflected in the fact that while Modi seeks support of people saying he wants to become a chowkidar of the country, Congress wants to make crores of people the country's 'chowkidar'.

"We want to hand over the keys of the country to crores of people of the nation. You people need not one chowkidar. There are already several big chowkidars and they needed to be removed and this is why we empower you with right to information and MGNREGA," Gandhi told the gathering.

"We are different in thoughts. BJP says that give the keys of the country to him, make him chowkidar and everything will be fine. But sometimes chowkidar also indulges in theft but if there are crores of chowkidar, they will not let this (theft) happen," he barbed at Modi.

Gandhi, who was addressing the meeting in support of the party candidate from Jhunjhunu Rajbala Ola, targeted Modi and BJP over snoopgate in Gujarat and the party's call for women empowerment.

"I saw a BJP poster which said they wanted to empower women. There are talks of Gujarat model. People say there is a lot of progress in Gujarat. But in Gujarat, policemen are sent behind women, women's phones are tapped by policemen.

"Their workers beat women in Karnataka in the name of moral policing, their MLAs watch porn on mobile phone in Chhattisgarh Assembly, their leader went to jail on rape charges. They oppose women reservation bill in Parliament. How can they talk about women empowerment?" he asked.

Gandhi said that BJP's "balloon" got burst in 2004 and 2009 elections due to "stones thrown by farmers" and this time again the party has brought a balloon, "filled with Gujarat Model. But the important question is that what they did for weaker and poor people?" he questioned.

Gandhi said that Congress has taken several decisions in the interest of farmers and empowered them along with women. "Loans worth Rs 70,000 crore were waived by UPA government. Doors of banks were opened for farmers and women, and several other works for their empowerment were undertaken by the government," he said.

He also said that Congress wants to open 2,000 women police stations.

Gandhi said that UPA Government has started work on an industrial corridor which would also pass from Rajasthan where several industrial units will be set up.

The Congress leader received a large applause from the audience when he said that he wanted a day to come when on products there are stamps of 'Made in Jhunjhunu' and 'Made in India' instead of 'Made in China'.

"Today, we see products with stamp of 'Made in China', but I want to see a stamp of 'Made in Jhunjhunu, Made in Rajasthan and Made in India," he said.

He said that while Congress rule would provide industrial growth and welfare of farmers, "BJP wants to run a government of businessmen."

Gandhi remembered Jat leader and former Union Minister Sisram Ola, who died last year, and said that he always talked to him about Jhunjnunu and Rajasthan.

Gandhi said that Jhunjhunu has been a Congress stronghold and represented by Ola in Parliament many times, and asked the people of the constituency to vote for Rajbala, Ola's daughter-in-law who was selected as the party candidate through primaries.

At the beginning of his address, Rahul had to face an embarrassing moment when a man from the public shouted slogans against him.

The man shouted 'Rahul Gadhi Murdabad', without disclosing reason, which stopped the Congress leader for a while.

The man was controlled by other people in the gathering and he was taken out of the venue by policemen.

The rally was attended by a large number of people, including a group of school girls who arrived here with their teachers to listen to the Congress leader.

Besides party candidate Rajbala, her husband and former Rajasthan minister Brijendra Ola, senior party leader Kumari Selja, PCC chief Sachin Pilot, former PCC president Chandrabhan, former minister Virendra Beniwal were also present in the meeting at the district stadium.

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Daily Mail

Apr 11, 2014
01:00 PM


>> "If Modi is going to be the chowkidar of our country we are all in trouble! "

You should have given my full comment. Here it is:

"If Modi is going to be the chowkidar of our country we are all in trouble! We will see more and more snoopgates, fake encounters, give-aways to Adanis, Ambanis and Tatas and green lights to bajrangi killers."

Anwaar, Dallas
Apr 11, 2014
10:58 AM

"If Modi is going to be the chowkidar of our country we are all in trouble! "

Thus spake a jihadi.!!!

If Modi's elevation to the top post is going to have this effect on fascists, it is in the interest of the nation not to contest this claim.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Apr 11, 2014
08:17 AM

Abhiwale toh pacce maha chore nikle .So are unke cheley bhi rooting for them here seems too be .

a k ghai, mumbai
Apr 11, 2014
01:14 AM

This Chowkidaar is about to steal the nation's keys from the thieves.

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Apr 11, 2014
12:29 AM

If Modi is going to be the chowkidar of our country we are all in trouble! We will see more and more snoopgates, fake encounters, give-aways to Adanis, Ambanis and Tatas and green lights to bajrangi killers.

Anwaar, Dallas
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