EC Seeks CD of Amit Shah's Speech From UP Poll Officials
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The Election Commission has sought the original CD of Amit Shah's speech from the Uttar Pradesh poll officials for handing it over to the BJP leader, who has been issued a notice for prima facie violation of the Model Code of Conduct over his "revenge" remarks.

Sources in the EC said that after the CD is received from the UP poll authorities and handed over to Shah, the poll body will initiate further action only after hearing the BJP leader further on the issue.

Shah had yesterday urged the Election Commission to reconsider its notice to him for his alleged "revenge" remarks claiming the statement has not been recorded in the right perspective.

In his reply to the EC, Shah denied having made any "revenge" remarks in his speech in western Uttar Pradesh and said he had not violated the Model Code of Conduct.

He has sought a copy of the CD of his speech from the poll body.

BJP also also put in a request to the EC seeking the transcript of Shah's speech alleging it contains certain unwarranted insertions, apparently introduced by the UP administration, due to which the speech is not read in the right context.

The party and Shah also denied having used the word "revenge" in his speech and charged the administration in Uttar Pradesh with working under Samajwadi Party government's influence for putting non-existent words such as 'badla' (revenge) in the mouth of Shah.

Party leader R Ramakrishnan said a sentence from his speech made in Bijnore has been "deliberately omitted".

He said that besides serious evidence of "doctoring", the transcript shows the "administration is deliberately keeping back the full text of the speeches, such that the Commission and the court may not keep the whole context in view. Any extract of a speech, as contrasted with a full text, can be tailored to give a flawed reading rather than an objective reading."

"The omission of this sentence and the unwarranted introduction of the words 'badla' make it appear that there was an exhortation to violence and revenge whereas Shri Amit Shah was only talking about change through the ballot box. In fact, the Bijnor text, read along with Shamli text, is a confirmation of the fact that the core appeal is to resort to the ballot box for vindicating their grievances rather than resorting to retaliation," BJP said.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Apr 10, 2014
11:36 PM

Here is another source which gives the speech in full details -

His Master's Voice 

The BJP’s strategy in these cases is plausible deniability: its leaders skirt the edges of the law without naming names or saying anything explicit enough to incur legal penalties. In the case of the Shamli speech, the BJP’s position was that Shah’s call for ‘revenge’ was no more than a metaphorical way of asking electors to vote against parties which had betrayed them. It was a metaphor that had been used before in elections by Barack Obama himself and it was, therefore, a legitimate word in the political lexicon of a democracy.

However, a day after the Shamli speech, Amit Shah addressed a gathering of Jat leaders in a farm house in Bijnor, where he forgot to take the usual rhetorical precautions. The Bijnor speech was reported by the Hindi news channel, Aaj Tak ( watch?v=PCjYDbwdQsY ). While attacking the BSP and Mayavati, Amit Shah made great play with the fact that both the BSP and the BJP had fielded exactly the same number of Dalit candidates in UP. He then moved to his clinching argument. Mayavati, said Shah, in her eagerness to win the votes of a particular community (varg vishesh), a community that violated the honour of his assembled audience’s sisters and daughters (jo behen-betiyon…ki aabru pe haath dalta hai), had alotted that community 19 Lok Sabha tickets in the province, more even than the 17 she had given Dalits.

The speech resulted in the local police lodging a case against Amit Shah. This was denounced, predictably enough, by the BJP spokesperson, Ravi Shankar Prasad, as an abuse of police powers and an example of ‘votebank’ politics. In actual fact, Shah’s Bijnor rhetoric was so toxic that even Prasad’s practiced legal mind would have been hard put to spin it as something other than hate speech.

While Shah was careful not to name Muslims in his Bijnor speech, this omission bought him no wiggle room or strategic ambiguity because by citing the number of parliamentary tickets the BSP had given to the aforementioned ‘particular community’, Shah effectively confirmed that he was referring to Muslims. We know that the BSP had nominated 19 Muslims to UP’s Lok Sabha constituencies in this election, so we know that the community Shah was referring to, the varg vishesh, which according to him, oppressed Hindus and violated the honour of their womenfolk, was the Muslim community. There is no room for doubt here, no plausible deniability.

Consider the enormity of the allegations made by Shah in the Bijnor speech. He described Muslims collectively as a community of oppressors and predators who preyed on Hindu women. This isn’t even dog-whistling; this is straightforward communal slander, a textbook example of hate speech.

It’s worth remembering that the man who made this speech is Narendra Modi’s most trusted lieutenant, a man who used to be his home minister in Gujarat, a political operator hand-picked by him to lead the BJP’s campaign in UP, India’s largest state, a state crucial to Modi’s goal of leading a ruling coalition after the elections. Amit Shah is not a political operative gone rogue: he is His Master’s Voice.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Apr 10, 2014
10:45 PM

It is a disgrace that Amit Shah, a man facing charges of murder and running an extortion syndicate, and implicated in snoopgate and fake encounter cases can run for election at all. Amongst other things he is reported as saying:
??? ??????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? , ?? ???? ???????? ???? ??, ???? ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ???? ??, ???? ???? ?? ??? ????? ??, ?? ???? ????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???. (Mayawati, in order to get the votes of a particular community, one which harasses you, one which violates your sisters and daughters, one which tries to violate their dignity, she has given 19 tickets to that particular community). Source:

narendramodifacts, Mumbai
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