Conscious Effort by Media at Vilification of Modi: Advani
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Accusing the media of a conscious effort at vilification of Narendra Modi, senior BJP leader L K Advani today said no political leader in India's history has been as "systematically and viciously maligned" as the Gujarat Chief Minister.

"I have often felt that in India's political history no political leader has been as systematically and viciously maligned as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Bhai Modi. Do not these reports also reveal a conscious effort at vilification", Advani asked.

Advani was referring to media reports on former President A P J Abdul Kalam's book 'Turning Points' where he discusses his visit to the state after the 2002 riots.

Writing on his blog, Advani said that he was surprised to see reports in the media where then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee "was being found fault with for trying to protect the Narendra Modi Government".

Advani said Vajpayee's casual query to Kalam: "Do you consider going to Gujarat at this time essential" has been read by the media as the Prime Minister wanting to stop the President from going to Gujarat.

He rued that no journalist has reported the compliments paid to Modi by Kalam in his book.

"Dr Kalam has also referred to apprehensions he had heard that his visit may be boycotted. Dr Kalam's actual experience was totally different. Modi and his government enthusiastically cooperated with Dr Kalam. Yet no newsman thought it worthwhile to report these complimentary observations of his!" he said.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Jul 10, 2012
10:08 AM

NDTV conducts a debate on the above topic yesterday with the host as Nidhi Razdhan and panelists Kumar Ketkar, N Ram, Manish Tiwari and Chandan Mitra. So its 4 against 1! Here is a balanced debate for you. Besides, the entire program seemed like a case of alleged criminals passing a judgment on themselves as 'not guilty'!

RSM, Delhi
Jul 09, 2012
12:12 PM

 But why blame the media, Advaniji. It is your own people starting with Smt Sushma Swaraj who commented favourably with Nitish Kumar when he refused to accept Modi campaigning for NDA/BJP combine. Then there is Sanjay Joshi, Keshubhai, Jhadaphia and many more. And how about the poster war? There is also a news that many Sanghi Pracharaks have refused to work with him at the helm. I some time wonder what causes a Hindu to denigrate his own man especially when he is doing well for the society and the country. Surely all this Sanghi barbs can not be attributed to media. What can modi say but ... Dil Abhi Puuri Tarah Toota Nahi, Doston Ki Meherbani Chahiye. 

Arun, Indore
Jul 09, 2012
11:42 AM

      > but they must know that law and truth has always prevailed in this great nation.

And the truth is that he has presided over genocide of his own people by making the mockery of law

michael lopes, Mumbai
Jul 09, 2012
08:33 AM

 tell us something we donot know.

Maha, NJ
Jul 09, 2012
08:17 AM

 At last the grand old man of BJP has crossed the rubicon. Narendra Modi may not be a saint but he has been painted by fuming fundoos, covert  jehadis and money-making jhollawalas as the worst communalist India has ever produced.Then, there are some of his supporters who praise him sky-high. The truth is somewhere in between. He is a consummate politician with an agenda for development,eye on top job and who failed in his ''rajdharma'' once. If you compare his sins with the roles of those who were at the helm of affairs in Delhi(1984), Moradabad( 1980 ) Meerut(1987) Bhagalpur,Hyderabad(1990) Bombay (1992), Ahmedabad (1995) and continue to enjoy a secular image, you will realise how hypocritical Modi's detractors are.All the communalists should be painted with the same brush of impartiality.

RK Singh, Gurgaon
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