Cong Scales Up Attack on Modi's I-Day Speech
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Congress today scaled up the attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day address alleging there has not been one word about weaker sections or minorities.

The party also dismissed as "half-baked idea" the plans of the Prime Minister to do away with the Planning Commission.

Party General Secretary Shakeel Ahmed told reporters that Modi, who had blown hot and cold over ceasefire violations in Jammu and Kashmir while he was in the opposition, has "remained silent" on the issue even as the violations continue.

He said similar was the case with Chinese incursions as the Prime Minister is now mum on the issue.

Ahmed said the Prime Minister has not said a word in his speech on the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, extremely backward castes, OBCs and minorities.

He charged this has been done on the instructions of RSS.

Ahmed said reports in a section of a media that the Prime Minister spoke extempore were a "ruse" to project that the Prime Minister forgot to mention something if a controversy arises in the future about exclusion of any matter from his speech.

Dubbing it as a "disappointing" address, the Congress spokesperson wondered over the Prime Minister call's for a moratorium on caste and communal conflict for ten years.

On the plans to do away with the Planning Commission, he said no alternative has been suggested by the Prime Minister.

Ahmed said Modi's address had nothing new. "No new ideas, schemes and initiatives were announced by the Prime Minister," he alleged.

Ridiculing the Prime Minister over the issue of communalism, Ahmed said Modi should remember that the politics of BJP is "based on communalism".

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Must See
Daily Mail

Aug 17, 2014
06:18 PM

I have just received this email:

In a nation where a glass needs to be chained to the tap of drinking water, where temples need a 'remove footwear Sign before entering' sign, where all ticket windows require a ' please maintain queue' sign and all hospitals, a 'maintain silence' sign. 

Where a sign of 'no spitting' is covered with red paan stains and walls need tiles of gods and goddesses to prevent people from urinating on them, where 'no littering' signs need to be put up only to have a heap of garbage right below it, what difference will a change in the government make?

Where people don't want to change themselves for a better country, what are they expecting a CM, PM or an MP,MLA to change?

The change needs to come from within, from within each of us.

Let us contribute to PM's first initiation for modification of our country. Let us start with cleaning. Stop throwing anything on the road. Always use dustbins.That means not even a wrapper of chocolate. And let us carry a shopping bag for all our shopping needs,Let our group be a part of this  initiative for a clean INDIA !

Visakhapatnam, India
Aug 17, 2014
05:02 PM

Shakeel Ahmed Dy home Minister in UPA said that not Kasab but Abinavies under Sadvi and Col Purohit killed the Police Officers Salakr and Karkare ATS Chief .

Means UPAhad given clean chit to LeT .

The other Minister to say so wa sJaiswal the Koyala Chor .

The tallest Muslim Leader Mr Abdul Rehman Antuley said so rather first to allege so .



Neither Sonia nor Manmohan nor Out Look nor even our AWWAR EVEN CRITICSED these Paki LeT supporters.

They all gem Seculars !!! But fake ones !!! 

ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
Aug 17, 2014
09:29 AM

"He didn't say this, he didn't say that".

Call this an attack. If this is the best the Kangays can do then they are in worse shape than people think. If Modi was to include everything that people believe he should have said, we would still be listening to him.

If his critics disagree with what he said, they should come out and explain why. e.g. If the plan to dismantle the Planning Commission is bad, please xplain why? Don't talk about what you think he should have said.

Bonita, Chennai
Aug 17, 2014
06:30 AM
The utter losers in the election and their desperate efforts in every possible way to be still relevant.  

Their efforts don't sound credible.

Non Fanatic, London
Aug 17, 2014
03:57 AM

It will be interesting to know how much votes Congies get in the coming elections this year.

george, london
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