Cong Helped Modi Win Gujarat: Shabnam Hashmi
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Social activist Shabnam Hashmi today quit five government panels, including Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), alleging Congress "connivance" to ensure Narendra Modi's victory in Gujarat Assembly elections but did not say how.

Hashmi, the founder member of NGO Anhad, resigned from membership of Maulana Azad Education Foundation, National Monitoring Committee for Minority Education (NMCME), National Literacy Mission Council (NLM) and Assessment and Monitoring Authority of Planning Commission besides CABE.

She said she was resigning from all government committees as a protest against the "betrayal" of the aspirations of the marginalised people of Gujarat to throw out the Modi regime.

"There was a strong wave against Modi. The anti-Modi wave was not reflected in the electoral verdict. No way Modi could have won. There was subversion and manipulation. Some part of it was done by the party leading the UPA," she told PTI, referring to Congress.

She, however, did not explain how Congress had helped in Modi's victory, saying she does not "know how it happened".

She said an independent investigation should be held into the Gujarat election verdict to especially look at the presence of foreign diplomats and journalists in the state just before the polls on December 13 and 17.

In a statement, she said she felt "deeply disturbed at the betrayal" of the hard work and faith of thousands of activists who worked in Gujarat against the regime of Modi and also crores of Gujaratis who voted against him in the Assembly election.

"There was a strong anti-Modi wave but suddenly everything changed between December 15 evening and 17th morning. To the best of my understanding and experience of working as a social-political activist for 30 years, the overnight reversal and the following victory of the regime was not possible without the connivance of the political party that leads the UPA," she alleged.

"I also demand that use of EVM machines should be abandoned in any future elections. If Gujarat was used as the laboratory of the hate ideology it can also be used as the laboratory of undermining the democracy in India," Shabnam Hasmi alleged.

Seeking to justify her claim about Congress connivance, she said, "This is my apprehension because sheer experience and working on the ground has made me feel that Modi was losing. When in 2007 we talked about Hindutva terror network, people laughed at us. But later it was proved."
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Daily Mail

Jan 12, 2013
02:46 PM

Victory of Narendra Modi.. Many NGOs get fund sform Anti Hindu ORganizations in India and from beyond the Borders of the Country. Congress ha sfunded many NGOs in Gujarat to do Anti- Modi Campaign form the last one and half year.

Karavadi Raghava Rao, Vijayawada
Dec 30, 2012
08:55 PM

And Shao Appa admitted on TV yesterday that though she never recieved any money from Govt as member of the Committees but was trapped by Advocate Madam Lekhi into admitting that she is regularly receiving money from Foreign Countries for her NGOs to run them.

So Sabbo appa's Daal Roti and Dukan Dari like Teesta madam depends upon the money received from abroad .Who are the donors we all know very well that they will never be well wishers of India .

She declined to reveal her donors .

Dec 29, 2012
10:18 PM

What is worrisome is confirmed loonies like Hashmi who knew RSS was going to burn down pandals at 3AM and who also knows that the Congress helped Modi win a third time got to be a part of FIVE government panels including CABE. Congress clearly does not take governance seriously.

RSM, Delhi
Dec 29, 2012
04:30 PM

 Dear Shabanan Hashmi,

You are angry with people for voting Modi. You are angry with everything in Secular India.

Why dont you buy a one way plane ticket to Islamabad or Karachi, and settle down in the Theocratic heaven called Pakistan and realise your ambitions of working among marginalised people.

And the good news is that Pakistan has no BJP, no RSS, No Mod, no congress and no HINDUISM, no kaffirs and infidels in big measure and so it should please your world view.

Please , please plan a quick travel to pakistan. Or if you cannot afford a plane ticket, board those Aman-E -Asha bus or trains and go to your beloved theocracy and feel happy.

Ramki, Delhi
Dec 29, 2012
10:01 AM

 If Shabnam Hashmi is a "Social activist" when she has a political agenda, the term needs reexamining. 

Bonita, Chennai
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