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BJP Slams Omar for 'Sympathising With Afzal Guru'
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BJP today took strong exception to remarks by Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah over the hanging of Afzal Guru, alleging that he was speaking the language of separatists and trying to provoke the people of the Valley.

BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said Abdullah's comments in the aftermath of the execution of the Parliament attack convict seek to sympathise with terrorists.

"In his venomous interviews to the media, Omar Abdullah has ended up sympathising with Afzal Guru. He describes him as a 'young man of 43', forgetting that six of the nine who were killed in the Parliament attack were younger than Afzal," he said.

Javadekar said Abdullah's remarks of "sense of alienation in the Valley" after the hanging of Guru was an insult to common Muslims.

"It is equal to bracketing common Muslims with terrorists and anti-national elements," he said.

The BJP spokesman also termed as "most objectionable" the J&K Chief Minister's statement that "the new generation in Kashmir will identify with Afzal Guru".

"The BJP strongly condemns the Chief Minister's statements. He is speaking the language of separatists," Javadekar said, adding that Kashmiri youth identify themselves with cricketer Pervez Rasool and IAS topper Shah Faizal.

Javadekar said Congress should clear its stand on the interviews given by Abdullah as the National Conference was "part and parcel" of the UPA.

"So, to raise the issue of discrimination or some other references, is actually nothing but provoking the situation in the Valley. At least the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir should not do this," he said.

Javadekar said such statements from a Chief Minister were "totally unacceptable" when the country was feeling "national sense of relief" after the execution of Guru.

BJP also took exception to Abdullah's "misrepresentation" of the Supreme Court verdict in the Parliament attack case claiming that it "depended on circumstantial evidence" and death sentence was awarded to "satisfy the collective conscience of the society".

"Abdullah forgets conveniently that the Supreme Court had said there was not even a shred of doubt about Afzal's complicity in hatching the conspiracy to attack Parliament and evidence showed that he had actively participated in its execution," he said.

Javadekar said the Supreme Court had concluded that "short of participating in the actual attack, he did everything to set in motion the diabolic mission."

Yesterday, Abdullah had slammed the execution of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru and said it would reinforce a sense of alienation and injustice among generation of youth in the Valley.

The Chief Minister had said it was a "tragedy" that Guru was not allowed to meet his family before he was hanged and not allowed a "final farewell".

Joining the BJP in criticising J&K Chief Minister's remarks on hanging of Afzal, Shiv Sena made a strong pitch for abroagating special status of the state .

"It is very unfortunate if Afzal Guru is being projected as a hero in the Valley. Where have all the funds sent by the Centre for the development of the state gone?....The situation calls for scrapping of the special status of the state," party spokesman Sanjay Raut said.

Raut, who is also the Leader of the party in the Rajya Sabha, said that bandh being organised in the Valley to protest against the hanging meant the "failure" of the government to bring the state into national mainstream.

Besides, Raut also condemned attempts sometime back to bring a resolution in the J&K Assembly on the issue of Afzal Guru.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Feb 13, 2013
11:04 AM

Post #4,

Saroja Mami,

I was amazed to see you psot against Anwarbhai.

a few questions as a "Devil's Advocate":

1) Afzal Guru had said that CSF had asked him to escort "some people" to Delhi. This Link was not sufficiently scrutinised.

2) Afzal guru had said that he is not happy with his Lawyer. Why the lawyer was not changed?

3) Guru's lawyer never placed any witnesses in his favour. WHY? He merely cross examined Govt's witnesses.

Having said that (in SICKULAR style), I am sure that whatever evidence was presented beofre Supreme Court (Tarun Vijay has detailed it in ToI) "must have been" enough to pronounce him guilty.

pankaj hedaoo, Kuala Lumpur
Feb 12, 2013
01:49 PM

Amaresh Mishra is a replica of Sanket Biswas, a regular blogger here. Try reading his other articles where he blames Brahmins for all the ills of the country as Sanket does.

Mohan, Adipur
Feb 12, 2013
09:57 AM

Omar Abdullah's position has been clear and consistent for a very long time and in the game of politics the BJP is wasting its time going for him as they aren't going to win anything.

I am opposed to the death penalty, but as long as it is on the statute books, so be it. However, the courts and administration have displayed an alarming lack of consistency in handling it. As they say in cricket, umpiring decisions, good and bad, are accepted as made in good faith without bias as long as the umpires are consistent. This unfortunately cannot be said about the way the death penalty is awarded and mercy petitions are handled. It is therefore, inevitable that there will be very justifiable allegations of double standards against the judiciary, the government and the parties in opposition.

All that needs to be said about Anwaar's new guru, Amresh Mishra, and his blog has been said. I thought Prashant Pandey was a buffoon, but this guy!!!

Bonita, Chennai
Feb 12, 2013
09:39 AM

A terrorist is given death penalty in 2005 and the governemnt of the day plays politics and delays his hanging till 2013 due to political compulsions. And the new idiot Misra has a problem with Narendra Modi not condemning Sadhvi and Purohit. Such is the quality of our progressives. Yet they have a ready market of cheerleaders!

RSM, Delhi
Feb 12, 2013
09:36 AM

Amaresh Misra the new twit in town says:

"Fast track courts need to be set-up; just as Afzal Guru was tried speedily, Purohit, Saadhvi Pragya and others should be tried within a six-month time framework and punished immediately if found guilty."

If Misra took time off from smoking illegal substances, he would know that the issue is not the lack of fast-track courts. The issue is that the investigative agencies haven not been able to file a charge-sheet even after 5 years. If they went to court, fast-track or otherwise, the case would get thrown out. So its is better to extend their custody indefinitely, occasionally leak info to the media, say things like 'Hindu terrorism' or BJP runs terror camps' and continue to play politics with it.

So TOI blogs has added a fourth idiot to the three earlier ones - Aakar Patel, Kingshuk Nag, and Prashant Pandey.

RSM, Delhi
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