Anyone is Welcome for Discussions: Biman Bose
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CPI(M) state secretary Biman Bose today said anyone was welcome for discussions on any issue but clarified that the Left parties did not have the numbers to bring a no-confidence motion against UPA-II government in Parliament.

"If anyone wants to discuss with us, he or she is welcome," Bose told newspersons here reacting to Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee's statement that she was ready to visit him to seek support for her party's proposed no-confidence motion.

"We have no strength to table the no-confidence motion, we are aware of the reality," he said.

"Leave alone CPI(M), all the Left parties together do not have the strength to table a no-confidence motion.

"You have to be practical and understand the number game ... No-confidence motion cannot be brought by 19 MPs (Trinamool Congress strength in Lok Sabha). Number is a factor. There must be at least 50 MPs signing the notice," he said.

Earlier in the day, Banerjee said she was prepared to meet Bose at the CPI(M) state headquarters to discuss bringing a no-confidence motion against UPA II in Lok Sabha.

"If necessary, I am even prepared to go to CPI(M) state party headquarters at Alimuddin street here and talk to its secretary Biman Bose on the issue," the chief minister told newsmen at the state secretariat.

"My appeal to the CPI(M) is not to do anything to bail out this minority government which is steeped in corruption and which has taken many anti-people decisions," she said.

"If they have reservation about our party sponsoring the motion, let the CPI-M bring it, we will support, provided there is assurance that they will not withdraw it midway striking a deal with Congress. If the issue is same, there is no objection to support their motion," she said.

Asked whether the CPI(M) would support if a no-confidence motion was tabled by TMC, Bose said "Where is the question of what we will do? It is only their(TMC) wish to bring a motion, but the reality is quite different."

The Left parties, the CPI-M Politburo member said, have decided to give notice under Rule 184. There will be discussion on the issue of FDI in retail and there will be voting.

If the issue of FDI in retail is defeated, it cannot be introduced. Then the government would lose the moral right to continue, he said adding in some European countries the government quits. "Though it may not happen here, but there will be loss of face,"

But if a no-confidence motion is defeated, then they (the UPA government) will get a new mandate from Parliament and government will be more ruthless in implementing its anti-people policies," the CPI(M) leader said.

Stating that there are parties which don't support FDI but support the UPA government from outside, he said they do not want to bring down the government.

"This is a question of numbers. Government will get majority in case of a no-confidence vote. So one has to decide its gameplan accordingly to take on the government," he said.

"We know the position of other parties, that is our advantage. But TMC does not seem to aware of that, that is their disadvantage," Bose said.

"It is possible that on Congress advice, TMC is bringing the no-confidence motion to give legitimacy to the government for six months," Bose said claiming that the motion, owing to number game in the Lok Sabha, was bound to lose.

Claiming that Congress, BJP and TMC's class interests were the same, the CPI(M) state secretary said "Just by saying some Leftist words, one does not become a Leftist."

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