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Amid Controversy, Javed Miandad Cancels Visit to India
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Javed Miandad, whose son is married to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's daughter, today cancelled his visit to Delhi in the wake of a raging controversy in India over giving him visa for the trip.

Former Pakistan captain Miandad, who was to watch the third and final ODI in Delhi, cancelled his visit to avoid a controversy, a PCB official said on condition of anonymity.

The official said the PCB did not want the focus to move away from cricket to other matters.

Ever since news came out that Miandad, whose son Junaid married the fugitive Mumbai don's daughter Mahrukh in Dubai in 2005, a controversy broke out in India over government giving him visa for the visit.

The Indian government, however, justified the decision saying Miandad was not on the 'negative list' of those not to be given visas.

BJP and Shiv Sena had yesterday lashed out at the Government for granting visa to Miandad, asking how allowing a person related to Ibrahim would help improve bilateral ties.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid today said there are four categories of people who have been given visas.

"People who have return ticket and want to watch the match. People who are players. People who are on (Pakistan Cricket) Board," he said.

Khurshid had yesterday said, "It's a decision that has been taken by the Home Ministry. And I am sure they would have taken inputs from all concerned agencies and from our mission in Pakistan. I am sure they would have followed all procedures."

Minister of State for Home R P N Singh had said, "He is a well known cricketer. His visa application papers were in order and valid and that is why the government has decided to give him visa."

There had been reports before a series in 2005 that a request for a visa by the batting great was turned down by the Indian government.
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Daily Mail

Jan 05, 2013
09:37 AM

Pakistanis like Javed Miandad are not half harmful as our own Jihadi minded politicians like Akbaruddin of MIM.As regards Miandad as a match fixer,has not Congress party got,Azharuddin as an MP,who was given ticket knowingly about his nefarious activities.

S.S.Nagaraj, Bangalore
Jan 05, 2013
02:06 AM

 The Congis get to appease and get more minority votes in the name of Aman ki Aasha. On the other hand Javed got his visa and can come visit us anytime (and probably run some of Dawood's dhanda from India, while he is visiting). 

Kautilya, Washington DC
Jan 05, 2013
01:42 AM


>> How the heck can you give visa to someone related to Dawood?

Osama bin Laden's relatives come and go as they please in Europe and the U.S.! Being related to a criminal does not make you a criminal, but one cannot guarantee the safety of any relative of Dawood in India. He was wise not to come.

Anwaar, Dallas
Jan 04, 2013
08:34 PM

 Minister of State for Home R P N Singh had said, "He is a well known cricketer. His visa application papers were in order and valid and that is why the government has decided to give him visa."

He is very well known Match Fixer .So why invite a Match fixer when  Fixings are not our intentions ?

Jan 04, 2013
08:27 PM

Dear Sir,

All this mollycoddling of all things Pakistani must stop. Enough is enough. I wonder why we allowed their Cricket team to play in India - when all other major issues are in a peretual logjam.

Just as South Africa and once even the USSR were banned from all major sporting events - even the Pakistanis should get the cold shoulder.

Only then wl these thick skinned folk get a message. You just cannot deny that politics and sports ARE related.

Navin Malhotra, New Delhi
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