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AAP's Sisodia and Yadav in War of Words
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Differences in the top rung of the Aam Aadmi Party have come to the fore with Manish Sisodia accusing Yogendra Yadav of targeting party chief Arvind Kejriwal and making internal matters public.

In a letter written in response to Yadav's email, Sisodia said, "Your (Yadav) broad allegations are Arvind (Kejriwal) does not listen to the suggestions of the PAC (Political Affairs Committee). I am surprised reading your email because till the time Arvind agreed with you, he was democratic."

Sisodia was referring to the recent row between Naveen Jaihind and Yadav after which Jaihind quit the National Executive and the latter the PAC membership.

Yadav and Jaihind had unsuccessfully contested from Gurgaon and Rohtak Lok Sabha seats respectively. The former was the Haryana in-charge while the latter was the party's state convener.

Sisodia and Yadav were not immediately available for comments.

The letter, which was written earlier this week, said that it was Kejriwal who backed Yadav's decision of contesting from Gurgaon despite other PAC leaders opposing the move, but the AAP chief managed to convince the others.

"When you wanted to become Haryana in-charge and wanted to be projected as the CM candidate despite opposition from other PAC members, Arvind backed you. At that time he was democratic (for you)."

"The state of affairs of the party in Haryana is in a shambles. Volunteers talk about your fight with Jaihind," he said.

Sisodia said, "You want strict action against Naveen (Jaihind) and when Arvind does not agree with you, then you call him of being a party supremo."

The former Delhi Minister said Kejriwal, after resigning as the Delhi CM, was not in favour of the party contesting Lok Sabha polls across the country, but wanted to focus on Delhi.

But Yadav along with other PAC members were in favour of contesting the polls and "the results are before us", Sisodia said.

"After the fall of our government in Delhi, you conducted a survey in Haryana which said that party may get around 23 per cent of votes in the state, but under your leadership, it has managed to get only 3 per cent of votes. This requires introspection," Sisodia said.

A senior AAP leader said the letter was written after the party's rout in Haryana.

"We were not expecting this dismal performance in Haryana and in fact Punjab was a surprise. The recent squabbles between Jaihind and Yadav prompted Sisodia to write the letter," the AAP leader said.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Jun 06, 2014
08:47 PM

AAP is yet another example of how one bad decision can screw you up for a long time.

Karunanidhi made one bad decision(in removing MGR) and had to remain in the Opposition for 13 long years.

AAP made one bad decision(of quitting the Delhi govt) and it is hounding them. And I guess it will hound them for a long time. Had they simply concentrated on Delhi, they could have one 3-4 seats in Delhi and would have retained great respect. 

As such, everyone, apart from Kejriwal, sees Kejriwal as a buffoon.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jun 06, 2014
07:01 PM

"When you wanted to become Haryana in-charge and wanted to be projected as the CM candidate despite opposition from other PAC members, Arvind backed you. At that time he was democratic (for you)."

PAC members oppose Yadav becoming Haryana in-charge and AK overrules them !!!!

Thanks to Sisodia, we now know AK has been an autocrat all along.

KSJ, Bengaluru
Jun 06, 2014
06:45 PM

Unlike Congress/BJP politicians who changes parties for selfish reason, AAP leaders are not doing that dirty politics. 

116 people from Congress joined BJP and 100 of them won. 

So why AAP is doing all this for swaraj, transrancy in funding of political parties, stop loads of black money spent in elections, giving tickets to criminals/corrupts and sending them to Loksabha/assemblies to make laws for us?

I guess many people are happy with politics of Congress/BJP. 

Again, internal differences in AAP don't matter to me. What matters to me is, 70 MLAs in Delhi got 210 crores (4 crores each) and are they spending it by asking their voters?

What about crores of rupess our new MPs will get. Will they ask their voters before spending it.

What about crores of rupess of past MLAs/MPs got in last 30+ years. Did they ask voters?

I care about things that affect me, myfamily-relatives, my area, security, roads, schools, etc. 

himanshu, New Jersey
Jun 06, 2014
04:49 PM

What to say the intelligence of all those who thought this motley bunch as an alternative to Modi? It is funny to recall to how ridiculous depths they were prepared to go to support this unruly bunch.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jun 06, 2014
03:41 PM

This is party of totally unseasoned and thin skinned politicians.  You cannot survive as a politicians any where and especially in India as thin skinned politicians. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
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