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Sep 24, 2012
07:24 PM

 Ever since Mamata Banerjee crossed the so called "Laxman Rekha" of the coalition politics, it was expected. In fact three prominent personalities should expect "iron hand" in place of kid gloves. Let us watch this nautanki till March 2014.

M.L.Gupta, New Delhi
Sep 24, 2012
08:19 PM

 Why start with 1993? Go back all the way to 1947. Or 1497. Since the purpose is to obfuscate the truth, why stop with a mere twenty years?

Rakhal, Philadelphia
Sep 24, 2012
09:49 PM

This is the usual Congress methodology.Can't answer charges, SC is on one's neck, widen the enquiry to include NDA !! Tried it with 2 G , nothing happened. No harm in trying again.Maybe get lucky second time around,Their enthusiasm is not for doing things right or admitting that mistakes were made , but cry foul rightaway , and try to throw muck around. Even before the 2G scam the GOP had tried to pin' coffin gate' on Geirgr Fernandes tit for tat for Bofors , For each scam they are in there must be a mirror image in NDA rule.Where is thae Adarsh analogy then? Don't worry, the GOP snoops will dig one up.Never mind having scams of one's own if you are a small fry. The GOP will find a way to armtwist you to do its bidding.What is the CBI for anyway?

Dr.V.Mahadevan, Chennai
Sep 24, 2012
09:51 PM

 As long as coal  block gifts (which are more than 1/5th of all of India's known resources in case of UPA I allocation with PM as Coal Minister) to crony capitalists are cancelled, no one has any problem. Start with Nehru's/Indira's License Raj if Sonia Govt wants to. 

Let India's natural resources not be looted in the name of 'policy' and mandate to 'rule' by party which gets majority MPs to support it.

bharat, delhi
Sep 26, 2012
09:50 AM

 Watch this link


Retired IAS officer and CVC chief Pradeep Kumar has served the coal ministry in 2006 and headed the 34th screening committee which allocated 15 coal blocks which are currently being probed by the CBI.

dinesh chauksey, bhopal
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