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Mar 28, 2012
07:25 PM

Lalu and Mulayam both are proven corrupt and bail out the Govt in lieu of their support

a k ghai, mumbai
Mar 28, 2012
07:36 PM

 Demands for ouster of the Chief of the Army and the intemperate language used to do so is most reprehensible. Pl answer a few questions: 1) If the Army Chief should write letters to individual MPs or the Prime Minister of India? 2) Why is the NCP so angry? Any connection with the action on the Adarsh Society in Mumbai? 3)How many letters of recommendation or complaints for army purchses, transfers etc have been received from the MPs, contents of such letters and the veracity or falsehood of all such letters individually? 4)Is it not the Duty of the Chief of the Army to apprise his Prime Minister? 5) Is a government servant not on duty till the last day in service? 6) Who are the lobbyists visiting various purchasing authorities? When there was no middle man and still Rs 65 crores were spent on bribing somebody in India in the Bofors gun case, in whose account the bribe money went? 7) Did Rajiv pay the price for banning middlemen in defence purchases? Compare the siege around Gen VKSingh with it and then analyse.8) Didn't Krishna Menon also assure the country in 1962 exactly as Antony is doing now? What happened need not even be recalled.9) Vyalar Ravi has forfeited all respect for him as a leader by being awfully superficial in calling Gen Singh frustrated. Mr Ravi, muster courage and take the bull by the horns. The audacity of the bribe givers should open the eyes of all of us, who have so far buried our heads in the sand ostrich like to all dangers and overcome them. 10) What is this witch song of Othello of Chief ko hatao, CAG ko hatao, EC ko hatao, CVC ko hatao, Raja ko hatao, Chidambaram ko hatao...? PM pl rein these elements, failing which democracy in India stands subverted. When proven corrupt and criminal elements bay for the honour and status of the honest government servants, one feels very very angry. An angry nation is not a healthy sign.These elements make fun of Anna Hazare, making us feel revulsion and nausea!

M.L.Gupta, New Delhi
Mar 28, 2012
07:39 PM

I am really curious. How do we know the Army Chief leaked this letter? The govt claims he leaked it but apart from that, how do we know who leaked the letter? The letter would have been handled by people in the Army and Defense ministry. And someone in the PMO must have read this letter before it went to the PM. 

With so many people involved, how do we know who leaked the letter? Not that this is a big issue for me but since the outrage is over who leaked it rather to what is in the letter, I am curious.

Ganesan, Nj
Mar 28, 2012
08:01 PM

 Are these parties also engaged in the loot? The army chief should be thanked for bringing these sordid affairs into the public domain. Whoever leaked the letter also deserves our thanks. Why are these thoroughly corrupt politicians not demanding the resignation of people from  their tribe - the defence minister and the prime minister.

And look at the disgraceful behaviour of the BJP. The real issues of stinking corruption in procurement and the poor state of the defence forces are being totally sidelined. Instead they are busy issuing sanctimonious diversionary statements about confidentiality and issuing disgraceful certificates of integrity to this thoroughly disgraced government.

Pradip Singh, STAFFORD
Mar 28, 2012
08:17 PM

A simple mention of corruption disturbs & unites the entire political class to condemn the offender of this crime ,be it Team Anna or COAS.

subhash saini, hoshiarpur
Mar 29, 2012
10:52 AM

The General has to prove that he had brought to the attention of Defense Minister, all of the short comings which he has listed now in his letter to Prime Minister.
The question is if there was such an urgent need to bring it to the notice of PM? If so, why?
That, all is not well , with Army preparedness has been brought out by media now and then. For example a few months back TOI brought us the news that half of military tanks are night blind!! That too in 21st century.
And DRDO officials suspected sabotage by the Army selection committee itself, while evaluating Arjuna MBT !!! Unbelievable but true, because, DRDO finally decided to install a black box to sniff on sabotage by unholy elements in the Army !!!! We can understand that Army selection committee or whatever Army Wing is involved in purchases always favoured imports and the resultant foreign tours,5-star hotel accommodations and off course commissions and kickbacks!!
A Kargil was needed for the Army to accept Pinka MBRL (multi barrel rocket launcher) as one of the best in the world and better than the same types available with Russians.
Arjuna's accuracy in firing at a target while on speed move was better than Russian T-90 tanks and also Arjuna could take a point blank firing to its turret from T-90 without any damage to itself ! and yet Army murmured and protested leading to a showdown , point by point in Rajasthan desert to evaluate. After which Army reluctantly accepted Arjuna to be inducted.
Adarsha scam also brought out what has been going on inside the top ranks of Army. It seems it has been putrefying.
If A,K,Anthony had been reluctant to buy essential equipment and thus starving the Army for its much needed ammunition, and thus forced the General VK Singh to write a letter to PM, it shall considered as most unfortunate. AK Anthony must accept and get out of ministry.
Lallu and others commotion against Army Chief is not reasonable. They are not asking right questions and simply venting their own frustrations, probably because their "vasta" in Army purchases might not be going as expected. Our silent PM now has to speak.

bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao., warangal
Mar 29, 2012
11:12 AM

 Let us have Laloo as the defence chief.

Pradip Singh, STAFFORD
Mar 29, 2012
01:21 PM

 BVG Rao

There is nothing indigenous about Arjun Tank. Each major component- the engine, the tracks, the shock absorbers etc are all individually imported from Germany, Israel and America etc and by  screw driver technology the DRDO gets them assembled  into one piece of tank and  touts as its own design. Its a classic case of self  deception.Here, it is our country that gets deluded. In fact some years back Outlook brought out an elaborate   articleon DRDO  which  nearly reflects the  true state of affiars in this white elephant  organisation established only to meet our fanciful vanity that we also do reasearch !!

Chennai, India
Mar 29, 2012
11:52 PM

 The RJD chief further said, "He should remain within his limits." LalooJi, the General is within his limits. As a matter of fact, it is his duty to appraise the government of his professional opinions. That is what makes up a major part of his job profile. The day he steps out of his limits may very well be the day you and your colleagues find themselves lined up against a wall.

tejinder, st louis
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