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Feb 21, 2012
04:48 PM

BTW, why is this news if Sibal says something on something he also claims he doesn't know much about (Sibal said, "I was also not aware of the details of the NCTC and came to know of it only recently".).

If Chidambaram, or his supposed boss - the PM, says something one would understand it being news.

Why manufacture news - let it be the domain of 24x7 TV?

Arun Maheshwari, Bangalore
Feb 21, 2012
09:51 PM

 Terrorism really? After full 8 years of enjoying fruits of governing without a mandate, this Government has suddenly woken up to fight terror! Strange! Just 2 years and 2 months away from the next General Election, which will prove costly to this coalition that has established historic standards of corruption unsurpassed in the history of India or the world ! A government that has miserably failed to display any will to implement the orders of the highest court in the country against terrorists, is still planning to set up an agency to deal with it ! Somebody to blame or take shelter behind is required to face the voters' wrath in the next elections. Moreover, what is terror? This Government is guilty of using such an offending language that the most liberal minds have decided to caution them. Since they fear no reprisals in the country or abroad, they  and their courtiers have shown the temerity to hurt everyone in the country. They have staked all that they are left with in the name of legacy in the UP elections, which they genuinely fear they are going to lose. They have already threatened the people of the state with President's Rule in the state if their party fails to get to make the next Chief Minister at least. That is their real face, irrespective of the rhetoric they use. Only chhal, prapanch & swang and nothing more. The terrorism of one minister is not the terrorism of another. The terrorist of the government is not that of the prominent leaders of the party, who have profusely cried in private company of a chosen few of the ministers or insulted the heroic martyrdom of the brave policeman who fought the terrorists at the Batla encounter. And yet they have the guts to put up a show of fighting terrorism through NCTC? Are some Chief Ministers on their radar? Do they want to exercise the same powers that were exercised when Indira Gandhi was unseated by the Allahabad High Court? They are reading the writing on the wall. The assertiveness of the Chief Ministers has unnerved them. They can deal with them under the subterfuge of NCTC and counter terrorism.If they can "neutralise", politically or otherwise, a few CMs like Mamata, Jayalalita, Narendra Modi or Nitish Kumar, the next government is theirs. Whichever minister waves that magic wand becomes the next PM. Decidedly, MMS is on his way out. There are doubts about the incumbent Home Minister qualifying in the power struggle. That leaves the one who has been handling most government matters for many months.In case, they change places, where will all the promises being made by Chidambaram go? The nation will never allow that man to become the next Home Minister, with the Damocles sword of the NCTC in his hands to slay anybody on the spur of the moment.The public simply does not have a good word for the man, if you try to gather public opinion from public transport, public places, markets, institutions or internet. The government would succeed in confidence building if it implements the court orders in all pending cases first and stops being vicious towards the citizens by word of mouth. Instead of respecting fear of the sword or bullets of the terrorists, it should fear the backlash of the peaceful, who may lose their patience any day if provoked beyond tolerance. That should be feared. The government has failed in 45 years to dissuade the youth from joining the naxals. Why should it seek to create the revolutionaries of the freedom struggle kind? Attempts to tame the Election Commission of India only strengthen the fears of dangerous political designs on the people, like those of the 1975 era, in 2014. The dots are getting connected. Will the EC shame the fine culture of civil services by allowing them to do whatever they want, like the earlier occupants of the Nirvachan Sadan or show the moral courage to uphold the rule of law and the constitution of India. It should not suffer contempt from the ministers when they are bullying or flippant.

M.L.Gupta, New Delhi
Feb 21, 2012
11:14 PM

The Center is now on the right path. The Center and the states should work in unision to make the NCTC a success. Let us hope it will be as effectivel as the NIA.

Anwaar, Dallas
Feb 21, 2012
11:37 PM

Should these idiots have not started a dialogue BEFORE taking a decision?

This is classic Manmohan Singh style. He makes a decision and then informs the stakeholders about it-be it the treaty with Bangladesh or FDI in retail. Manmohan Singh, for all the pretenses of modesty, is very arrogant when it comes to actual management.

Ganesan, Nj
Feb 22, 2012
12:07 AM

What does Sibal have to do with NCTC ? Is he a minister or congress spokesperson ? It is funny to read his comments when he himself agrees that he is not aware of all the details.

Maha, NJ
Feb 22, 2012
01:26 AM

The PM's statement is clear: "In forming the NCTC ( National Centre for Counter Terrorism), it is not the government's intent in any way to affect the basic features of the Constitutional provisions and allocation of powers between the States and the Union. The primary purpose of the NCTC is to coordinate counter-terrorism efforts throughout the country, as the IB has been doing so far." He has asked home minister P Chidambaram to hold talks with the CM's.


Anwaar, Dallas
Feb 22, 2012
08:43 AM

Govt Ready For Dialogue With States on NCTC: Sibal
PTI | Lucknow | Feb 21, 2012

Creating NCTC is an infringement on the federal structure of Indian polity. The Congress does not trust “consultative” but in “confrontational” approach”. Now, ministers are trying to justify the unjustifiable as a damage controle measure. The Congress supremo is hell bent on foisting fascism in the country. She is presiding over the liquidation of the Congress. What a paradigm shift it is from the Nehruvian era

The India National Congress stands totally exposed in its nasty and draconian designs. The incorruptible but dishonest PM is an active participant in the conspiracy hatched at 10 Janpath.But,this will boomerang on the Congress itself.

Erosion of States' powers is surely a cause for political concern. Fair enough.But,the fear among the Opposition-led States is far more serious and real. It is the fear of return of emergency like situation, wherein,the proposed NCTC could arrest anyone (Read as political enemies) on fabricated charges impinging on "national security"

A K SAXENA (A retired civil servant)

Feb 22, 2012
09:47 AM

>>The PM's statement is clear: "In forming the NCTC ( National Centre for Counter Terrorism), it is not the government's intent in any way to affect the basic features of the Constitutional provisions and allocation of powers between the States and the Union.

The PM's statement counts for squat! Suppose the NCTC later lands up affecting the federal structure, the PM will claim he was not aware and that he was working at arm’s length from the PMO and all other ministries. Courts will blame the PMO for PM's ignorance and the PMO will issue letters stating that the PM has been vindicated! Next the media will hail MMS as the most honest PM we ever had!

RSM, Delhi
Feb 22, 2012
07:41 PM

 "The PM's statement counts for squat!"

Exactly. Mamata Banerjee has forced Manmohan Singh to surrender yet again. As per NDTV, Singh has agreed to put NCTC on hold. Typical Manmohan Singh. He will announce something without discussing with anyone, allies and others will shout and Manmohan will retreat. How many times have we seen this spectacle!!!

A thoroughly useless PM.

Ganesan, Nj
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