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Daily Mail
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Feb 17, 2012
11:45 PM

 Don't delay much. Sign this agreement already. India needs those birds asap.

JIM, Mumbai
Feb 24, 2012
01:51 PM

Antony warned the officials and vendors involved in the process against indulging in any wrongdoing saying "everybody should be careful.... Nobody can corrupt India system. We will not tolerate this."Anthony

Indian Express broke out a story on Helicopter Deal for V VIPs

" Indian helicopter deal sparks corruption row in Italy

The Italian attorney general’s office began a probe last year into alleged unethical dealings by the company, which has now widened to include the Rs 3,546-crore contract with India, reports from Italy say. Finmeccanica subsidiary Augusta Westland signed the deal with the Indian Air Force in 2010.

La Repubblica reported that the deal is being investigated, and that a senior company official, Lorenzo Borgogni, has told prosecutors that slush funds were generated after a “sudden” escalation of price by 10 million euros in 2010. Augusta Westland is one of Finmeccanica’s most profitable subsidiaries.
 Another subsidiary, Selex Sistemi Integrati, which is also under investigation, recently won a 10 million-euro contract to supply radars and other equipment for India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier under construction in Kochi

Mr Anthony is very honest man we know as his total net worth is not more than 35 Lacs .Manmohan Singh is also an honest person as we know .

Gandhi Pariwar I vouchsafe will never touch any Defense Deal  with Q controversy already dishonestly created by the Opposition and BJP which  is  mailciously on smearing campaign against Congress. Pariwar hence will never be involved with any Defense deals specially with Italy .Pariwar's priority is Rahul's career and his rightfull  stake on PM's post hence they will never involve any deals now in the future .

So most probably no kick backs were not distributed as IE points out.

Seems the controversy has been created due UP Elections .This is unforgiveable,malicious  and unfair .Hence a set back to Democracy .


a k ghai, mumbai
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