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Sep 20, 2011
06:17 PM

Why this special treatment.Tata ,Ambani and Ruia ave been allowed to get away,may it is PC turn now as well.

Mk has a case of what he had said ,wrong friends lead to trouble.

Every single person accused will get away,except Raja and Kani.Somebody has to pay for the scam.With DMK having lost it all at home.No takers.

Mk during his hour of glory ,threw his weight around from 2004 to 2011.Things have changed  since then. 

wrongone, chennai
Sep 20, 2011
06:18 PM

CBI's counsel's argument is correct. Supreme Court who is going to finally look into this case, as and when the case is appealed before them, should not entertain application for who should be charge-sheeted? Ordering for investigation against a particular crime by SC is ok, but who should be booked, should be left with Investigators or Trial Court.

K. Rajan, Tirunelveli
Sep 20, 2011
06:37 PM

 "The CBI said that Supreme Court cannot give such an order and it for the trial court to take decision on the issue."

I may be wrong here but I thought since PC is a cabinet minister and since the PM has refused permission for his prosecution, only the SC can direct such an action. Does the trial court have the power to allow prosecution of a cabinet minister?

The argument about the investigation being complete is laughable. CBI still is trying to bury the case. 2G rot starts with the top-the Prime Minister. He was the main culprit. ANy investigation that does not even question the PM is a farce.

Ganesan, Nj
Sep 20, 2011
08:27 PM

"The case is not a narrow one and it has a huge ramification," Venugopal said adding that "Swamy is riding two horses at the same time".

Not two but 4 horse .One is in Tihar .Second is in the process .Thirds and Fourth are in Q .

a k ghai, mumbai
Sep 20, 2011
08:33 PM

2G: CBI, Centre Oppose Probe Against Chidambaram
PTI | New Delhi | Sep 20, 2011

The Supreme Court  bench, after hearing the case for around 2 hours, has adjourned the case for tomorrow ie Sept.22,2011.

Ends of Justice will be met only if both the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and P Chidambaram, the HM ,are called to the witness box for cross examination.Both must co-operate with the judicial process,in case, the Supreme court so directs tomorrow.The two accused in this case are A Raja and Kanimozhi, former union ministers.How so ever high the PM and HM  may be, the Law is always above them.

A K SAXENA  (A retired civil servant)

Sep 20, 2011
09:09 PM

 ""Investigation is complete in 2G scam "

How can you complete the investigation without questioning the then Law Minister who opposed it, the PM who raised concerns over it and the then FM who objected?

GRU during the Stalin era acted with more independence than our CBI.

Ganesan, Nj
Sep 20, 2011
10:14 PM

Lately, in case after case, CBI seems more incompetent than a village polce team.  Very recently, a judge lambasted CBI for its shody investigation in Haren Pandya's murder.  And because of such shody job by CBI, 12 accused had to be freed.  People will lose interest in demanding CBI probe.

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Sep 21, 2011
06:50 AM

CBI = Criminal Bachao Inc

CBI = Corrupt Bachao Inc

Supreme Court should seize the proceedings, take control and put CBI in its place. All CBI officials should be hanged in public for anti-nationalism.

Sep 21, 2011
01:25 PM

Yes SC should take control of the proceedings, and CBI can be relocated Guindy to look after Zoological park in chennai 

gokul, chennai
Sep 21, 2011
07:22 PM

 Everyone in the country knows the role of both PM and PC in the 2G scam-except the CBI-the great investigating agency. The below article explains

Here is the key part
"Both Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh were in position to stop Raja from signing the deals as the latter had only issued 122 letters of intent (LOIs) on 10 January 2008. The licences were still to be given. But given the silence of the Prime Minister, Raja went on signing licence agreements on the basis of the 122 LOIs even a month after Chidambaram’s note to the Prime Minister."

And yet CBI will not question the PM and PC. And let us all remember that Manmohan Singh is a man of great integrity who will never brook corruption.

Ganesan, Nj
Sep 21, 2011
09:09 PM

 CBI may not find anything against PC but it seems Pranab Mukherjee has found something. A note from the finance ministry written in march this year has surfaced and has raised the following points

The note categorically stated that the Department of Telecom (DoT) would have been forced to cancel the 2G licences doled out by Raja, had the Ministry of Finance under Chidambaram, stuck to its original demand for auctioning the initial 'start-up spectrum' of 4.4 megahertz each allotted to the 2008 licensees.

It says that the Finance Ministry under Chidambaram "implicitly agreed to imposition of same entry fee as that prevailing in 2001 for licences allotted upto December 31, 2008."
This despite a November 22, 2007 note by then finance secretary and present RBI Governor D Subbarao, that the 2001 mobile licence entry fee of Rs 1600 crore had been applied and not the market price at that time.

The note goes on to say how there was consensus between Raja and Chidambaram not to charge more for spectrum up to 4.4 megahertz. The note said, "However, these were not charged (beyond the normal spectrum usage charges) since there was consensus, at the levels of the ministers concerned, that spectrum beyond the 'start-up' levels (beyond 4.4 megahertz) only should be charged."

"DoT could have invoked this clause (5.1 of the UAS licence) for canceling licence if the Ministry of Finance had stuck to the stand of auctioning the 4.4 megahertz spectrum," the note sent to the PMO said.

Only under the govt of Honest Manmohan Integrity Singh can such facts be brushed under carpet and PC can go on claiming he is innocent. Till date, PC has not explained why he changed his mind after initially opposing Raja-when it was within his power to stop the sale of licenses even after the licenses were issued.

And what about the CBI? Dont these guys have an iota of shame left?

Ganesan, Nj
Sep 21, 2011
09:11 PM

WHose side is Manmohan Singh now-Pranab Mukherjee or PC? The present FM raises valid questions against a former FM. What is the great PM, who will never tolerate corruption, going to do now?

Ganesan, Nj
Sep 22, 2011
09:41 AM

>>WHose side is Manmohan Singh now-Pranab Mukherjee or PC?

From whatever we know of MMS' integrity, he is likley to choose PC's side.

RSM, Delhi
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