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Aug 29, 2011
02:38 PM

I assume Team Anna is prepared for the fact that the state will hit back and they have their defenses in place. Obviously, our political class continues to think of itself as "neo royalty" and hence needing to be treated with deference, and servility - V*VIPs afterall. Like beggars they want us to approach them - and if they feel charitable at that time they will throw some crumbs for us.

I didn't see what Om Puri said but I thought Kiran Bedi's was quite theartical matching with the time and place.

Arun Maheshwari, Bangalore
Aug 29, 2011
02:58 PM

And what happens when MPs dont behave like MPs. Can the Speaker and Vice President tell us what happened to the MPs in the following cases:

a) Bofors Scam.

b) 2G Scam.

c) CWG Scam where a CM is also involved.

d) ADARSH Scam where two MPs are ministers too.

e) Cash for Votes Scam.

e) Fodder Scam..where the MP was also Rly Minister.

Can just go on and on....But please tell us Madam Speaker and Sir Vice President what action you took.

Mr Om Puri spoke the truth. Face the reality of a New India

Cream Pie, New Delhi
Aug 29, 2011
03:08 PM

Only thing this privilege motion proves is that the parliament is impossibly intolerant.
I hope there is no privilege motion against me for saying this.

Santosh Gairola, Hsinchu
Aug 29, 2011
03:20 PM

Anna the truck driver !!

Jo Mb, kolkata
Aug 29, 2011
03:54 PM

JO MB, KOLKATA; beware of truck drivers buddy.

Anna, the truck driver, shook India
James Cameron, the truck driver, is unmatched, Avatar, Titanic, Terminator, Alien ......
Harbhajan Singh, the truck driver, well, England did puncher is truck, but hey .....

I can just hope that the truck-driver association don't issue a privilege motion against you.

Santosh Gairola, Hsinchu
Aug 29, 2011
04:49 PM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Bittu Nayyar, New Delhi
Aug 29, 2011
04:55 PM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Jo Mb, kolkata
Aug 29, 2011
05:32 PM

the person (Anna Hazare) whom they accepted their leader was also a truck driver."

Seems Truck driver has no privilege ?

 One Tiwari abused Anna and second Tiwari degrades Anna's role as an Army Truck driver By the way Anna is a Army man who was decorated for the 1965 War he fought fought . It is insult to Indian Soldiers .

Can we blame OmPuri under the circumstances ?

a k ghai, mumbai
Aug 29, 2011
05:39 PM

How dare Puri dub the "thieves" "incompetent" ?

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Aug 29, 2011
05:52 PM

 If calling MPs incompetent amlunt to breach of privelage, would calling them competent not amount to outright lying?

Ganesan, Nj
Aug 29, 2011
07:00 PM

I cannot understand how the sanctity and dignity of our highest democratic institution- the Parliament can be saved if everybody tries to sling stones at it! We are angry but we shall not become indecent and licentious and destroy our democratic institution. At present there is no other better system of government, other than democracy../bsc

b.s.chandrashekhara, Sagar
Aug 29, 2011
07:31 PM

 Om Puri spoke the truth...why did he retract? That was stupid! Though statistics may be reeled out stating 80% are graduates the entire Congress contingent is equivalent to illiterate for the fact that any educated person would have self respect and can think on his own which our Congress idiots cannot do. Educated people recognize looting the country is a crime and so 50% is a conservative estimate it should actually be 75%+! 

Srinivas, Lucknow
Aug 29, 2011
08:06 PM

What is this "privilege" rubbish? If I think actors or babus are "anpadh ganwaars" no privilege motion can be filed against me. Why should elected officials be treated differently --- especially when the vast majority of the public indeed views them as the scum of the earth?

Ragster, Chennai
Aug 29, 2011
08:10 PM

Bedi says Nature made her to do the act.Any way she simply conveyed that our Leaders say some thing in public and do exactly the reverse in closed doors meetings.Wrong ? No.

All the Scams are examples that number of  Ministers who openly took the Oath of Loyalty to India but instead looted the Country .Many others have been exposed but are being protected

Many Scams are in the pipeline to be exposed .
Why they then expect that we should respect these Politicians ??

a k ghai, mumbai
Aug 29, 2011
09:00 PM

I say several MPs in Indian Parliaments are thieves and incompetent.Please give a privilege notice against me..

Also, please give privilege notices against Manish Tiwari for using derogatory language against Hazare....

The problem with these people is that they think they are more equal than others...

Pramod, Phoenix
Aug 29, 2011
09:01 PM

Our non-ganwaar and un-unpadh parliamentarians. 

Pitambar, Jhansi
Aug 29, 2011
09:12 PM

well done Om Puri pa ji ... at least u had the courage to say loud and clear what we have been saying for long ... all our legisaltors must go through a rigorous test or exam to get through before they are given a ticket [by any party] to stand for the election ... and any one with a criminal record is barred from doing so for at least 10 years.

The Contrarian, London
Aug 29, 2011
09:37 PM

Ha Ha ! Our leaders are angry !

So far we believed that they are super corrupt, now we discover they are super sesitive as well.

Mahesh, delhi
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