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China's interests in Pakistan now transcend the India factor. The implications for India are profound.
Zorawar Daulet Singh
Web | Apr 23, 2015 
The prime minister seems to have walked into a bog. This is his first policy challenge.
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
Drawing on the Rig Veda, orientalists, reformers and Hindu nationalists constructed self-serving ideas of ‘the Aryans’
Anshul Avijit on Aryans, Jews, Brahmans: Theorizing Authority Through Myths Of Identity By Dorothy M. Figueira
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
Bollywood Music Special
Outlook asked 30 leading composers, lyricists and singers to name their all-time favourite Hindi film songs. Here are the top twenty.
Outlook Jury
Magazine | Jun 26, 2006 
defence: one rank, one pension
The Modi government is apparently set to keep the promise he made to ex-soldiers
Ushinor Majumdar
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
This government is to blame, according to its own report. And there will be no running away from the consequences.
Aakar Patel
Web | Apr 26, 2015 
cricket: ddca
Delhi’s cricket, patronised by bigwigs, is mired in financial offences, other opacities
Mihir Srivastava
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
What are the implications of the ouster of the two founding members?
Saba Naqvi | Extracts from Capital Conquest: How The AAP’s Incredible Victory Has Redefined Indian Elections By Saba Naqvi
Web | Apr 22, 2015 
We want to encourage tourism, but Indian Immigration is sometimes heartless and ridiculous.
Khalid Ali Baig
Web | Apr 22, 2015 
land acquisition
Govt seems to perform most efficiently while organising land dirt cheap for corporates
Uttam Sengupta
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
The BJP’s newly-won hold over Jats loosens as land acquisition fuels anger
Pragya Singh
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
Lack of information, education, power have disenfranchised millions
Dibakar Banerjee
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
State Snippets
Modi wave may have lessened considerably, but it wasn't low enough for Narayan Rane to convert another electoral contest into a win.
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
Web | Apr 25, 2015 
Rockefeller to Mandela, Vedanta to Anna Hazare.... How long can the cardinals of corporate gospel buy up our protests?
Arundhati Roy
Magazine | Mar 26, 2012 
business: ratan tata
The man’s retired, but Ratan Tata’s still busy as an angel investor
Arindam Mukherjee
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
Corbusier’s inhuman urban strategies become us
A.G. Krishna Menon
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
science: meditation
Om—as primal sound or cultural memory—perhaps didn’t need proof. But it is offered.
Priyadarshini Sen
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
State Snippets
At 65, Naidu surprises everyone around him with his boundless energy but sometimes he takes the fitness obsession a bit too far.
Madhavi Tata
Web | Apr 24, 2015 
A recent flurry of private institutes has helped improve the scene, especially in south India
Magazine | Jul 17, 2006 
Jayant Chaudhary, general secretary, Rashtriya Lok Dal on the land acquisition ordinance and why the Jat community sees it as poison.
Pragya Singh
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
rafale deal
The PM’s Rafale initiative puts private players in a happy spot
Pranay Sharma, Ushinor Majumdar
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
Movie Review
Mani Ratnam fails as a writer and love becomes just another metaphor for tradition.
Sundar Sarukkai
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
Last Page
My first visit to the Golden Temple and I am both awed and appalled.
Anil Thakraney
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
Jump Cut
Manohar Parrikar has demonstrated a rare decisiveness in the defence ministry.
Nitin A. Gokhale
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
The bond between Bollywood and cricket is very old. And so are the affairs between cricketers and filmstars.
Haresh Pandya
Web | Apr 20, 2015 
J&k: education
Dodgy mainland institutes feed on a special scholarship scheme aimed at weaning Kashmiri youth from trouble
Showkat A. Motta
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
art: karen knorr
Karen Knorr’s Photoshop vision places animals in Rajasthan’s palatial grandeur. The result is magical, absurd, gorgeous.
William Dalrymple on India Song By Karen Knorr
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
Christianity, a threat to Hinduism? Data and historical evidence prove otherwise.
Tony Joseph
Magazine | Apr 13, 2015 
10 Questions
The playwright's Welcome to the Machine faces a ban in Delhi University for being 'anti-Hindu'
Hansa Malhotra
Magazine | Apr 20, 2015 
10 Questions
India's ace astrologer on his latest book of poetry, Spiritual Sizzlers
Aashmi Kumar
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
If only the Kashmir imbroglio would end, India, Pakistan, as well as the two Punjabs would see tremendous growth benefiting everyone.
M.S. Gill
Web | Apr 23, 2015 
State Snippets
If you thought that the roshogolla was the ultimate in Bong sweets, think again!
Dola Mitra
Web | Apr 23, 2015 
Former prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda on the politics of land determining development.
Imran Qureshi
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
From a film critic's plate.
Namrata Joshi
Web | Apr 24, 2015 
View From Britain
Apple offers 21st Century technology – with 19th Century ethics.
George Monbiot
Web | Sep 27, 2013 
New Sexuality
Indian couples are exploring a few ‘open’ ways out of desultory middle life
Ira Trivedi
Magazine | Dec 26, 2011 
Magazine | Jun 30, 2008 
MFIs are a good idea. But in India, the concept needs tweaking.
Varun Gandhi
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
Book Extract
A recession struck Western arms industry looks at India's insatiable appetite for arms to stay afloat.
Web | Apr 21, 2015 
A Hindu preacher's killing brings to fore the tension between different Hindu groups
Yubaraj Ghimire
Magazine | May 23, 2005 
Gandhians with a Gun? Arundhati Roy plunges into the sea of Gondi people to find some answers...
Arundhati Roy
Magazine | Mar 29, 2010 
Top 10 schools in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and the country's top residential schools
Magazine | Dec 16, 2002 
disaster: earthquake
The pressing together of tectonic plates along the Himalayas can result in a really big one
Pallava Bagla
Magazine | Oct 03, 2011 
The top five are still the IITs, but the order has got shuffled around a bit
Magazine | Jul 07, 2014 
Two Nations, two dreams, one Pacific
Pepe Escobar
Web | Jun 20, 2013 
delhi: publishing
Chiki Sarkar quits Penguin; others follow
Satish Padmanabhan
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
trend: ice-cream
Premium ice-creams offer enticing bites
Sakshi Virmani
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
pokhran: radiation hazard
In Khetolai, the village closest to the Pokhran nuclear test site, cancer is felling people and cattle. No one cares.
Neha Dixit
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
Loudly shouting "Racist!" over the voices of critics, as Ben Affleck did over Maher and Sam Harris last week, isn't going to make the issue go away...
Ali A. Rizvi
Web | Oct 08, 2014 
Former Delhi and India all-rounder Kirti Azad on the rot in the DDCA
Mihir Srivastava
Magazine | May 04, 2015