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delhi: publishing
Chiki Sarkar quits Penguin; others follow
Satish Padmanabhan
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
A recent flurry of private institutes has helped improve the scene, especially in south India
Magazine | Jul 17, 2006 
Bollywood Music Special
Outlook asked 30 leading composers, lyricists and singers to name their all-time favourite Hindi film songs. Here are the top twenty.
Outlook Jury
Magazine | Jun 26, 2006 
Teesta Setalvad on being in the Govt's line of fire.
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Magazine | Jun 30, 2008 
The 7.9 Quake
India makes big of its help to Nepal, but how real is its effort? Doubts emerge.
Uttam Sengupta
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Indians are inherently tolerant/secular unless we are manipulated and instigated.
Aakar Patel
Web | May 03, 2015 
Journalist, author and visiting faculty at IISc Bangalore, Amrita Shah delves into the heart of the Gujarat metropolis to come up with an intimate portrait of a city and its people
Amrita Shah | Extracts from Ahmedabad A City In The World By Amrita Shah
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
controversy: shackling ngos
US donor agency Ford Foundation barred for ‘uncomfortable’ donations
Pragya Singh
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Drawing on the Rig Veda, orientalists, reformers and Hindu nationalists constructed self-serving ideas of ‘the Aryans’
Anshul Avijit on Aryans, Jews, Brahmans: Theorizing Authority Through Myths Of Identity By Dorothy M. Figueira
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
jump cut
The faith of the common man in the political system in Nepal has been lost entirely.
Manisha Koirala
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
A rehashing of top CEO profiles leads up to the pieces de resistance: inspiring quotes
Anvar Alikhan on Mantras For Success, India's Greatest CEOs Tell You How To Win By Suhel Seth and Sunny Sen
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
The 7.9 Quake
Can Nepal’s political leadership turn this crisis into an opportunity to rebuild the country?
Pranay Sharma
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
State Snippets
KCR is upbeat about the Ikea deal but the Opposition is sniffing around to find out if there is more to the whole MoU.
Madhavi Tata
Web | May 01, 2015 
Last Page
People will help each other whether the government helps them or not.
Sudeep Chakravarti
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
May Day Special
On Labour Day, a listing of ten top Hindi films on class struggle, workers’ rights and unions.
Nirupama Kotru
Web | May 01, 2015 
It will be good if Nepal’s lazy, grasping politicians wake up
Kanak Mani Dixit
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
In an article on the Ishrat Jehan case, it quoted me out of context.
Meenakshi Lekhi
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
The best way to kill a faith or culture is to restore it to its infancy
Shajahan Madampat
Web | Apr 29, 2015 
UK: Elections
With more ethnic candidates in this election than previously ever, traditional divides over race and identity are increasingly blurred. While there has comparatively been a slight leaning by British-Indians towards the Conservatives and British-Pakistanis towards Labour, the lines are blurring now.
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
The top five are still the IITs, but the order has got shuffled around a bit
Magazine | Jul 07, 2014 
uk: indian vote
Indians are seen as politically apathetic, to vote or participate
Nabanita Sircar
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
The suffering of a man seeking that one card to replace all cards.
Ashwin Rammohan
Web | Apr 28, 2015 
Business in bitesizes
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Among engineering colleges, IIT Kharagpur represents one end of the spectrum.
Magazine | Jun 11, 2007 
uk: elections
Britons are voting in one of the closest, most confusing polls ever
Saptarshi Ray
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Top 10 schools in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and the country's top residential schools
Magazine | Dec 16, 2002 
The recent attack on Tamil writer Murugesan for his short story on alternate sexuality puts the spotlight on the state’s equation with its transgendered community.
Sudha G. Tilak
Web | Mar 03, 2015 
science: meditation
Om—as primal sound or cultural memory—perhaps didn’t need proof. But it is offered.
Priyadarshini Sen
Magazine | May 04, 2015 
The top 75 overall and the Top 10 breakdowns between govt and pvt colleges, zone and criteria wise
Magazine | Jun 27, 2011 
The 7.9 Quake: seismology
Awaited: a temblor 40-50 times energetic
Pallava Bagla
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
In the middle class expectation of 21st century India, people on the socio-economic margins should stay there, because that’s their lot
Harsh Mander | Extracts from Looking Away: Inequality, Prejudice And Indifference In New India By Harsh Mander
Magazine | Apr 20, 2015 
male prostitution
They are unintelligent and risque, crass and dirty. Yet they make anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 20,000 a night. They are the Indian gigolos. Their world is about desire and passion. Of frustrated and loveless women. They are...
Shefalee Vasudev
Magazine | Sep 26, 2005 
The 7.9 Quake: ground report
People still live out in the open, relief pours in but efforts on the ground are still a jumble as Kathmandu struggles to get back on its feet
Ushinor Majumdar
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
The real issue is not quality but seats—or the acute shortage of them
Magazine | Jul 17, 2006 
10 Questions
A new initiative to revive Bharatanatyam by Kalamandalam, Calcutta, brought Leela Samson to the city.
Dola Mitra
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
To business, the victims are non-people, the ruined landscapes non-places. All that counts is the money.
George Monbiot
Web | Apr 29, 2015 
A few private colleges are catching up but there is still a huge gap between the good, bad, and inevitably, the ugly.
Magazine | Jun 11, 2007 
Book Extract
A recession struck Western arms industry looks at India's insatiable appetite for arms to stay afloat.
Web | Apr 21, 2015 
I can still feel a shiver of dread at having managed such a close escape.
Pooja Ohri Gandhi
Web | Apr 30, 2015 
The bond between Bollywood and cricket is very old. And so are the affairs between cricketers and filmstars.
Haresh Pandya
Web | Apr 20, 2015 
Movie Review
It’s a talkie that gets way too boring beyond a point.
Namrata Joshi
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Outlook-mode Opinion Poll
The first ever opinion poll in Kashmir -- 77 percent say no solution within Indian constitution.
Magazine | Oct 18, 1995 
uk: indian vote
UKIP would not amount to much on its own but could well play spoiler
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Magazine | Jun 30, 2008 
So declared my wife, a great fan of 'The Wall', even as she surfed the internet in vain to get a version from Dravid or his bride, Vijeta Pendharkar, about their marriage...
N.U. Abilash
Web | May 16, 2003 
Mind your body
Sweetness is its virtue, so don’t let the weight loss industry prejudice you against it
Rujuta Diwekar
Magazine | May 27, 2013 
This government is to blame, according to its own report. And there will be no running away from the consequences.
Aakar Patel
Web | Apr 26, 2015 
Gandhians with a Gun? Arundhati Roy plunges into the sea of Gondi people to find some answers...
Arundhati Roy
Magazine | Mar 29, 2010