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An eyewitness account of the fairytale wedding alliance between two Rajput families of India and Pakistan.
Siddheshwar Wahi
Web | Feb 27, 2015 
Bollywood Music Special
Outlook asked 30 leading composers, lyricists and singers to name their all-time favourite Hindi film songs. Here are the top twenty.
Outlook Jury
Magazine | Jun 26, 2006 
William Dalrymple's elite-mofussil thesis is as specious as his knowledge of India
Ramachandra Guha
Magazine | Nov 22, 2004 
Development is what they gave up their land for. Dust is what Mahan got.
Pavithra S. Rangan
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
EXCLUSIVE: Gadkari-Ruias Secret Cruise Trip
Nitin Gadkari’s South of France cruise trip on the Ruias’ yacht opens up serious questions of propriety
Sunit Arora
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Celebrities can raise stakes to sell suits but a feather-light fabric often betrays a deadly design.
R.K. Misra
Web | Feb 24, 2015 
The SC judgement giving English supremacy in primary education is the death knell for our mother tongues
Devanoora Mahadeva
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
India’s relations with Pakistan are not important; the current state of cold relations will continue…
Aakar Patel
Web | Mar 01, 2015 
An interview with Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai who was to apprise British MPs of the ground situation at Mahan.
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
media: bbc
Legendary broadcaster Muggeridge was a incurable groper, says a new book on BBC
Dola Mitra
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Telangana KCR
KCR’s decisions—and shenanigans over vaastu—make him seem quixotic
Madhavi Tata
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Budget 2015
Tax cuts, Tatkal for starting businesses, delaying GAAR, corporate India has a lot to cheer about.
Arindam Mukherjee
Web | Feb 28, 2015 
A sabbatical reading list for the young Congress leader
Bharat Bhushan
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
movie review
Things are laid out too literal when they should have been left unsaid
Namrata Joshi
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Checking notifications is now seen as a minor medical imperative. That's what they call an addiction.
Vatsala Mamgain
Web | Feb 27, 2015 
Top 10 schools in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and the country's top residential schools
Magazine | Dec 16, 2002 
To the social subsidy whiners, please check corporate write-offs column
P. Sainath
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
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The overarching sentiment here is that Mahinda Rajapaksa is exactly the kind of president Sri Lanka needed in the past decade.
Sumnima Udas
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
One of the authors of the scathing paper which has triggered a fresh appraisal of the 'Saint of the Gutters'
Anirudh Bhattacharyya
Magazine | Mar 18, 2013 
oil: leak of documents
It’s nothing new, opaque process has long bred corporate espionage
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Budget 2015
The changes will radically alter the character of compulsory savings and insurance protection
Pragya Singh
Web | Feb 28, 2015 
britain: culture
A new Channel 4 TV series trapped in the Raj serves up the obligatory, exotic nostalgia
Saptarshi Ray
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Vishwambhar Nath Mishra, who teaches electronics at BHU, explains why he is opposing plans to convert Varanasi into another Kyoto.
Pragya Singh
Magazine | Mar 02, 2015 
Budget 2015
The PM's drive to make India a healthier and more literate nation seems set to be handicapped
Lola Nayar
Web | Feb 28, 2015 
What goes on behind the tall walls of India’s mushrooming gated residential complexes...
Sanjay Srivatsava | Extracts from Slum, Gated Community And Shopping Mall In Delhi And Gurgaon By Sanjay Srivatsava
Web | Feb 25, 2015 
Gandhians with a Gun? Arundhati Roy plunges into the sea of Gondi people to find some answers...
Arundhati Roy
Magazine | Mar 29, 2010 
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
My weekly fix of left-wing liberalism coupled with large dollops of masala sex and mirchi violence.
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Mind your body
Almost 40 years after being demonised, saturated fat is all set to regain its lost glory.
Rujuta Diwekar
Magazine | Mar 02, 2015 
State Snippets
There have been loud whispers that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is keen to join the Modi Cabinet.
Madhavi Tata
Web | Feb 20, 2015 
A recent flurry of private institutes has helped improve the scene, especially in south India
Magazine | Jul 17, 2006 
'I think India will change course. Go back ethically to the spirit of our freedom fighters.'
Mari Marcel Thekaekara
Web | Feb 23, 2015 
aap victory
Can he break the mould in administration as he has in politics?
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | Feb 23, 2015 
Rockefeller to Mandela, Vedanta to Anna Hazare.... How long can the cardinals of corporate gospel buy up our protests?
Arundhati Roy
Magazine | Mar 26, 2012 
The Left vote’s fast and unprecedented collapse and the BJP’s swift rise to capture that vacated opposition political space in West Bengal should not be a surprise to those who have tracked history
Garga Chatterjee
Web | Sep 25, 2014 
Find out if your mind ticks like Shakespeare, Einstein, Picasso, Mozart, Beckham, Mother Teresa, Gandhi or Darwin. Or as a combination of two or more
Magazine | Jul 14, 2003 
Mumbai Restaurant
Tanjore is still finding its feet but the good news is that the food is excellent.
Shabnam Minwalla
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
Budget 2015
There's no Big Bang, and it pins too much on favourable winds in the larger world.
Mohit Satyanand
Web | Feb 28, 2015 
Jump Cut
Not all are bad but the most popular, and very rich ones, need to be brought under the scanner.
Seshadri Chari
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
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All the 140 available audios -- a work in progress with transcripts getting added on an on-going basis and names being identified, added and corrected
Web | Nov 18, 2010 
Jewel Thief and Teesri Manzil, each film is, in its own way, an epitome of 60s style.
Carla Miriam Levy
Web | Feb 25, 2015 
Magazine | Jun 30, 2008 
The government is giving final shape to One-Rank One-Pension (OROP).
Pragya Singh
Web | Feb 17, 2015 
The overall list factoring in all parametres
Magazine | Sep 29, 2008 
EXCLUSIVE: Gadkari-Ruias Secret Cruise Trip
Essar considered pool to place neta-recommended recruits
Sriprakash Jaiswal
Magazine | Mar 09, 2015 
...once when she had the mental breakdown and now. I owe everything that I am today to my brief association with this magnificent woman. She was a rebel who lived life on her own terms, died on her own terms.
Mahesh Bhatt
Web | Jan 24, 2005 
Badlapur is regular Bollywood fare masquerading as film noir.
Satish Padmanabhan
Web | Feb 26, 2015 
Tamil Nadu
Remanded and lodged in jail, bail application on July 3; alleged 'flyover scam' in Chennai; Maran manhandled and hospitalised, media-men detained.
Web | Jun 30, 2001 
Our biz schools are certainly Indian-made. As hope crawls back in the market, an expanded list shows better numbers.
Arindam Mukherjee
Magazine | Oct 06, 2014 
Islamabad is hard pressed to withdraw its 'diplo-basher'. New Delhi is only too relieved.
Seema Sirohi, Amir Mir
Magazine | Jan 27, 2003 
The top five are still the IITs, but the order has got shuffled around a bit
Magazine | Jul 07, 2014