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Scholars and professionals discuss the 'Hindutva' PM in one of Hyderabad's hippiest joints.
Madhavi Tata
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
By limiting his language to its true inheritors, the Kannadiga keeps the outsider permanently 'out'
Roopa Pai
Web | May 23, 2015 
narendra modi
Has the PM become a man caught in his own hype, wooing the world but quite losing the plot at home?
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Bollywood Music Special
Outlook asked 30 leading composers, lyricists and singers to name their all-time favourite Hindi film songs. Here are the top twenty.
Outlook Jury
Magazine | Jun 26, 2006 
10 Questions
The writer on winning the Commonwealth Short Story Prize
Aashmi Kumar
Magazine | May 25, 2015 
Cultural change does not come purely from legislation and never overnight. It comes internally and this is something Gandhi understood.
Aakar Patel
Web | May 24, 2015 
Book Extract
For many businessmen, the driving force seems to be ego as much as political influence.
Web | May 17, 2015 
Chai pe Charcha
In May 2014, the Indian voter bought into the dream Modi had woven skillfully for them. A year on, Outlook goes back to them, in 11 cities, to gauge if they still feel the same.
Prarthna Gahilote
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Mumbaikars discuss Modi's government of bans and the progressively going down happiness quotient.
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
A recent flurry of private institutes has helped improve the scene, especially in south India
Magazine | Jul 17, 2006 
How Jeet Thayil ended up with wine on his designer tee.
Magazine | May 18, 2015 
Voices from Kerala express fears over the growing use of hate speech and the threat to individual identity.
Minu Ittyipe
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
film: Nachom-ia kumpasar
Sixties Bombay, Jazz and un grand amour make a great film
Namrata Joshi
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Voices from Kashmir on how Modi's pre-election secular image has taken a hammering.
Showkat A. Motta
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Chai pe charcha on one year of the Narendra Modi government in India's wheat bowl.
Chander Suta Dogra
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Journalist, author and visiting faculty at IISc Bangalore, Amrita Shah delves into the heart of the Gujarat metropolis to come up with an intimate portrait of a city and its people
Amrita Shah | Extracts from Ahmedabad A City In The World By Amrita Shah
Magazine | May 11, 2015 
Book Extract
Politicians, real estate, chit funds and large corporations now have deep stakes in the majority of the news TV business in most Indian states.
Nalin Mehta | Extracts from Behind A Billion Screens: What Television Tells Us About Modern India By Nalin Mehta
Web | May 16, 2015 
Voices in Ahmedabad discuss how Modi, despite posturing himself as a democrat, is not fond of dissent.
R.K. Misra
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
The top five are still the IITs, but the order has got shuffled around a bit
Magazine | Jul 07, 2014 
Book Extract
Is the Pakistan Army an accomplice with Islamist sympathies and/or out of its depth? The first part of an exclusive two-part extract…
Christophe Jaffrelot | Extracts from The Pakistan Paradox: Instability And Resilience By Christophe Jaffrelot
Web | May 12, 2015 
Book Extract
The upsurge in terrorist violence had gone as far as Punjab, even reaching the summits of military leadership in Pakistan. The concluding part of an exclusive two-part extract…
Christophe Jaffrelot | Extracts from The Pakistan Paradox: Instability And Resilience By Christophe Jaffrelot
Web | May 13, 2015 
The Delhi L-G is a suave man, pity the slick connections
Mihir Srivastava
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
So afraid is the government of this paralysed wheelchair-bound academic that the Maharashtra police had to abduct him for arrest
Arundhati Roy
Magazine | May 18, 2015 
Magazine | Jun 30, 2008 
Leading experts on foreign policy in Delhi think Modi has brought in pragmatism and energy but he should also engage with West Asia.
Pranay Sharma
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Cover Story
"No one can get anything out of me or subdue me by threats, harsh treatment; it only makes me more stubborn, inflexible, unbending, determined. The only way anyone can get me to cooperate is to be nice to me, pamper me, cajole me, talk to me kindly, softly." —Jayalalitha in a March 1985 interview.
Ajith Pillai, A.S. Panneerselvan
Magazine | May 04, 1998 
Herein lies the difference between UPA's crony capitalism and institutional destruction and NDA's liberalization and anti-corruption
Arun Jaitley
Web | May 20, 2015 
A well-researched expose which fails to take the debate further
Malavika Karlekar on Aruna'S Story: The True Account Of A Rape And Its Aftermath By Pinki Virani
Magazine | Jul 06, 1998 
Journalists and activists, during an adda session over chai, an age-old Calcutta tradition, discuss how both Modi and didi governments have come to naught.
Dola Mitra
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Chai pe charcha in Lucknow discusses Modi's foreign travels, his indifference to R&D and how he is letting RSS elements dominate.
Sharat Pradhan
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Movie Review
Action at its most grown-up, fantastic, surreal, weird, insane, primeval and visceral all at once.
Namrata Joshi
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
male prostitution
They are unintelligent and risque, crass and dirty. Yet they make anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 20,000 a night. They are the Indian gigolos. Their world is about desire and passion. Of frustrated and loveless women. They are...
Shefalee Vasudev
Magazine | Sep 26, 2005 
graphic detail
View in a nutshell of the shape of the economy and polity at the end of a year of Modi
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
madhya pradesh: vyapam scam
Prashant Pandey survived an attempt to bump him off. He’ll live to tell the tale.
K.S. Shaini, Uttam Sengupta
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Last Page
Why does the coffee taste so much better in Vienna than almost anywhere else?
Sanjay Dasgupta
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Top 10 schools in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and the country's top residential schools
Magazine | Dec 16, 2002 
assam: society
Directed by the gods, a lonely priest finds the soulmate he hankered for
Dola Mitra
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Voice in Bhopal feel that the Modi government, in the last one year, has not lived up to expectations.
K.S. Shaini
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Voices in rural Chhattisgarh feel that even though some of Modi's schemes are revolutionary, the poor are worse off after a year.
Yashwant Dhote
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
Top five IITs: Kharagpur, Bombay, Kanpur, Delhi, Madras
Magazine | Jun 22, 2009 
In the middle class expectation of 21st century India, people on the socio-economic margins should stay there, because that’s their lot
Harsh Mander | Extracts from Looking Away: Inequality, Prejudice And Indifference In New India By Harsh Mander
Magazine | Apr 20, 2015 
Decoding the Modi economy one year down.
Mohit Satyanand
Web | May 18, 2015 
Whatever happened to those 'objects' that populated our homes, loves, and lives?
Vatsala Mamgain
Web | May 20, 2015 
Drawing on the Rig Veda, orientalists, reformers and Hindu nationalists constructed self-serving ideas of ‘the Aryans’
Anshul Avijit on Aryans, Jews, Brahmans: Theorizing Authority Through Myths Of Identity By Dorothy M. Figueira
Magazine | Apr 27, 2015 
EXCLUSIVE: cobrapost investigation upa highways sc
Discretionary bending of rules marked UPA bid to enhance GQ highway project
Shailesh Kumar
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015 
View From Britain
Eat, drink and be merry and if you're slim thank your guts!
Nabanita Sircar
Web | May 18, 2015 
What slow down? Engineering colleges remain job-ready in tough times
Magazine | Jun 22, 2009 
The top 75 overall and the Top 10 breakdowns between govt and pvt colleges, zone and criteria wise
Magazine | Jun 27, 2011 
State Snippets
In Telangana, Rahul Gandhi is being lambasted for allegedly using the platform of farmers' suicides to rebuild the Congress.
Madhavi Tata
Web | May 18, 2015 
As farmers starve and die, an aloof government jumps to protect cows
Govind Talwalkar
Magazine | Jun 01, 2015