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View From The USA
...but were afraid to ask: A handy list of resources and a ready-reckoner on the current crisis
Patrick Youngblood
Web | Jul 24, 2014 
Brand Modi is about nothing but a ruthless pursuit of victory. The man plays to win. But his true test will arrive when electoral reverses begin to happen
Amit Ahuja, Susan L. Ostermann
Web | Jul 24, 2014 
Community is no longer a barrier in young couples’ search for the perfect soulmate
Priyadarshini Sen
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
Narrow religiosity is contorting the grand ethos of a capital college
Ramachandra Guha
Magazine | Jun 25, 2007 
View From Britain
A unanimous Senate vote is rare, so what explains being more loyal to Israel than quite a few critical Jewish Israelis in that country itself?
Tariq Ali
Web | Jul 23, 2014 
Massive challenges face the Narendra Modi government. Here are some of our bigger ailments that need attention.
Kanti Bajpai
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
To the social subsidy whiners, please check corporate write-offs column
P. Sainath
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
The noted political commentator on the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel
Michael Albert
Web | Jul 23, 2014 
aap: volunteer army
AAP’s volunteers gave up cushy jobs but haven’t given up the cause
Pavithra S. Rangan
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
The food and public distribution minister on the recent elections, the future of caste-based parties and the challenges ahead
Pragya Singh
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
politics: bjp
Amit Shah’s elevation as BJP boss could dent party in the long-term
Uttam Sengupta
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
Spare, incandescently passionate, straining conventions, Meena Kandasamy reignites the Kilvenmany massacre
Urvashi Butalia on The Gypsy Goddess By Meena Kandasamy
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
The new chairman of ICHR argues that faith and reason can go hand in hand in the writing of history.
Magazine | Jul 21, 2014 
Bollywood Music Special
Outlook asked 30 leading composers, lyricists and singers to name their all-time favourite Hindi film songs. Here are the top twenty.
Outlook Jury
Magazine | Jun 26, 2006 
politics: uttar pradesh
The UP CM’s whimsical ways are reminding people of a Delhi sultan
Sharat Pradhan
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
gas pricing
Having formed the government, Modi’s not doing Reliance’s bidding
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | Jul 14, 2014 
music: copyright
Companies lay unfair claim to Thyagaraja’s songs, target Carnatic channels on YouTube
Sonal Sarda
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
That is what the BJP's minority affairs minister had to say when questioned about the outrage perpetrated by the Shiv Sena MPs in the heart of Delhi. Where's the justice? Who is being appeased?
Arshad Alam
Web | Jul 25, 2014 
The top 75 overall and the Top 10 breakdowns between govt and pvt colleges, zone and criteria wise
Magazine | Jun 27, 2011 
A recent flurry of private institutes has helped improve the scene, especially in south India
Magazine | Jul 17, 2006 
Top 10 schools in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and the country's top residential schools
Magazine | Dec 16, 2002 
It has to be but a means to development, not an end in itself
Jean Dreze, Amartya Sen
Magazine | Nov 14, 2011 
Let’s add economic suicide to the list of what we have to worry about. Which suicide hotline should we call?
Danny Schechter
Web | Jul 24, 2014 
For The Record
Full text of the affidavit by the noted campaigner for judicial accountability in response to the notice of contempt issued by the Supreme Court for his interview to a news magazine levelling corruption charges against past CJIs.
Prashant Bhushan
Web | Dec 09, 2009 
A Black American's first-hand experience of footpath India: no one even wants to change
Diepiriye Kuku
Magazine | Jun 29, 2009 
chhattisgarh: attacks on christians
The few Christians in Bastar and Surguja face sporadic Hindu ire
Yashwant Dhote
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
The transition from traditional to processed food has ushered in a diabetes epidemic in the country.
Abhijit Mazumdar
Web | Jul 24, 2014 
pakistan: vaidik-saeed meeting
Braggadocio, or doing his government’s bidding, what prompted Vaidik to meet Hafiz Saeed?
Pranay Sharma
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi faces issues faced by many Indian women
India Knight
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
Whatever its public statements, the US is assisting Israel not only in what President Barack Obama called its right to “self-defence” but in actively damaging Palestinian interests.
Jonathan Cook
Web | Jul 23, 2014 
nothing new
Have things really changed in Bollywood, or are we believing our own hype and hoodwinking ourselves?
Anurag Kashyap
Magazine | Jun 07, 2004 
EXCLUSIVE investigation: dabholkar murder
To solve Narendra Dabholkar's murder, the Pune Police resorted to supernatural mumbo-jumbo and irrational faith, the very societal ill that he fought against so valiantly
Ashish Khetan
Magazine | Jul 14, 2014 
Magazine | Jun 30, 2008 
The top five are still the IITs, but the order has got shuffled around a bit
Magazine | Jul 07, 2014 
The top 75 overall and the Top 10 breakdowns between govt and pvt colleges, zone and criteria wise
Outlook, MDRA
Magazine | Jun 25, 2012 
Mahasveta Devi, V.N. Khare, Charles Correa, Nandan Nilekani, Sai Paranjpye, Vijaypat Singhania, Billy Arjan Singh, Mrinal Pande, Pankaj Udhas, Shahnaz Husain, Sania Mirza ... the 106 recipients of this year's Padma awards.
Web | Jan 25, 2006 
Vasudevan Nair retells the epic with a unique, humanised twist
K. Kunhikrishnan on Second Turn By M.T. Vasudevan Nair Translated By P.K. Ravindranath
Magazine | Nov 24, 1997 
reliance & media
Reliance’s takeover of media group TV18 raises serious concerns of credibility, press freedom
Anuradha Raman
Magazine | Jul 14, 2014 
jump cut
Faulty claims of copyright curbs the freedom to practise and share living, ‘open source’ art forms.
T.M. Krishna
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
Last Page
Singapore is a corporation, not a country. It is to Bali as yin is to yang.
Nur Laiq
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
View From The USA
Turning 70, paragraph by paragraph
Tom Engelhardt
Web | Jul 22, 2014 
Cover Story
Some passages from Swamy's autobiography serialised in the Tamil weekly Kumudham, where he has poured venom and vitriol on Vajpayee and cast aspersions on his private life
Magazine | Mar 23, 1998 
Rockefeller to Mandela, Vedanta to Anna Hazare.... How long can the cardinals of corporate gospel buy up our protests?
Arundhati Roy
Magazine | Mar 26, 2012 
The Asia-Pacific expects Modi’s India to impart wisdom and stability
Tarun Vijay
Magazine | Jun 16, 2014 
The voluble new finance minister is a great one for making connections
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | Jul 21, 2014 
A Sehari walk—before the fasting begins for the day—at night in the streets that offer more than a feast
Pavithra S. Rangan
Web | Jul 25, 2014 
For many years now, football in India has suffered from the apathy of the state and corporates. It is time for community ownership by fans of the game.
Siddharth Peter de Souza
Web | Jul 22, 2014 
Opinion: IT Act
With yet another arrest in Palghar today, the focus seems fixed on the grossly misused provision of the IT Act. Exploring why this section is unconstitutional, how it came to be, the state of the law elsewhere, and how we can move forward.
Pranesh Prakash
Web | Nov 28, 2012 
governance: ap-telangana
A tale of two bickering states and what they are fighting over
Madhavi Tata
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014 
gujarat: conflict
The Jains want their pilgrimage spot, Palitana, declared a vegetarian zone. Is that justified?
Namrata Joshi
Magazine | Jul 21, 2014 


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