15 February 2016 Sports Eat, Pray, Live

And Also

How to work up that perfect sweat and the best pre-workout snack
And Also
Illustration by Saahil

Break A Sweat

Warm-up is the key tool for most sports. In common man’s word, it’s as simple as perspiring. Reme­mber the warm-up technique varies in different sports. While a sport like soccer ­demands a 30-minute warm up, in table-tennis 10 minutes is enough. The length of warm-ups may be less if it is too hot or a bit more if it is too cold. For a game like cricket, a 20-minute warm up consists of mobility, dyn­amic movements, cricket­-specific movements and stretches. Mobilising the ankle, knee, hip and thoracic spine is of paramount importance. Lying supine right below the scapula on a foam roller mobilises thoracic spine. Jogging within 20 ­metres and doing lunges in between is a perfect way to do it for dynamic movement. Running up and down betw­een 20 metres is a more taxing and specific option.

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Chinmoy Roy, health and conditioning coach

This Too

Dieticians are going gaga over apples: over its fat-fighting ability and the pol­yphenols that help in increasing endurance and decreasing body fat. The ideal pre-workout snack is apparently an apple with a bit of peanut butter!

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