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Nov 01, 2012
Letter Of The Month

I am a religious reader of OT. As a passionate traveller, I find the information provided in OT extremely useful. However, as a middle-class person, I find most of OT’s recommendations beyond my capacity. In a huge nation such as ours, most people haven’t seen places like Delhi, Agra, Manali and Ooty, leave aside offbeat destinations. It will be delightful if you could dedicate pages to information on well-known destinations keeping in mind middle-class readers for whom these cities can sometimes be dream destinations.

Abhijeet Patki, Mumbai
Nov 01, 2012

I wonder why everyone keeps on about saving nature. Your wildlife issue (Oct ’12) was the answer. The wild beauty of nature is enough to support the cause. Firstly, thanks for devoting space to Africa. The stories on Kenya, Zambia and South Africa were well written. Secondly, why don’t you publish a Saarc issue? It’ll be interesting to read about our neighbours.

Sandeep Kumar, Amritsar
Nov 01, 2012

I am a doctor with a zest for travel. But travelling to far-off places is tough. What is possible are a couple of weekend getaways a year. OT is my favourite companion as it takes me to places around the world that I yearn to visit. The October 2012 issue was one of the best in recent times. The story on Kenya was riveting, especially the photo of two giraffes peeping through the window of the hotel. My son is now insisting on visiting Kenya. The story on the Valley of Flowers was another gem.

Deepali Gul, Jalandhar
Nov 01, 2012

The October 2012 issue was another information warehouse. We always compare our good qualities with animals. For example, we say ‘swift like a leopard’, ‘voice of a cuckoo’, ‘memory of an elephant’, etc. But if every human being contains an animal within, why do we treat them so badly?

Anjali, Delhi
Nov 01, 2012

Craving to be born a wild animal in my next life. Motivating factors: ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, ‘Whale Of A Time’, ‘Creature Comforts’, ‘Deep Forest’, ‘Jungle Mahals’ (Oct ’12). Your Wildlife issue showed the stress-free life of wild animals. I wonder whether giraffes have nightmares or rhinos mood swings or tigers acidity. If they lead a better quality life, why shouldn’t I opt for their life in my next life?

Rajneesh Batra, Delhi
Nov 01, 2012

Being a regular OT reader, changes are not always easy to digest. Nonetheless, a fresh idea is always welcome. What I miss is the ‘48 Hours’ page which was a listing of things to do in a major city. In October 2012’s Aviation section, you have said that Air India has inducted the Boeing 727, while it should read Boeing 787. Also on p. 64, you mention that Kenyan and Jet Airways fly to Nairobi from Mumbai. In fact, only Kenyan flies to Nairobi. Jet Airways code shares with the flight and does not have its own aircraft flying to Nairobi. Another grudge I have is that Marco is giving detailed answers of questions but the number of questions is decreasing and that does not help the armchair traveller.

Ameya, email
Nov 01, 2012

Every month I await your new issue. Very informative and exciting. In the October 2012 issue, I found two errors, though: 1) In ‘Ask Marco’, you’ve mentioned the Umed Bhawan Palace in Kota. It’s actually in Jodhpur. 2) In NSEW Aviation, you’ve mentioned Air India’s new Boeing 727 Dreamliner. It’s actually a 787.

Ashok Toshniwal, Bangalore

1) The Umed Bhawan Palace is in Kota. You are thinking of the Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur. 2) Now that was an error, and entirely regretted —Ed.


Nov 01, 2012

The annual OT survey is losing its charm. As a senior citizen there’s nothing for me, nor anything asked about kids and disabled friendliness. You should also ask readers to list the reason for liking a particular hotel. Something on the best travel company could enable one to plan one’s next travel. Further, you should take feedback on what the readers wish to read in every issue of OT.

Govind Joshi, Mumbai
Nov 01, 2012

I am a maths teacher and have a passion for geometric patterns. I love triangular mountains, circular lakes and curvy paths. And OT has all of them. I tell my students about exotic places. Students feel proud of my knowledge and I feel privileged to be part of OT. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Monica Sharma, Amritsar
Nov 01, 2012

I am a professional and my days are stressful. But there’s always one day in the month when I look forward to something, namely, receiving my copy of OT. The October 2012 issue gave information about accommodation in the Andamans. I recently went there on a holiday. Barefoot is not value for money and is too far away. The Dolphin Resort is the safest place to stay. As for Port Blair, I found the Fortune Bay Island the best. Agreed it’s old, but it’s worth every penny.

Soham Mashruwala, email
Nov 01, 2012

Despite being the second-largest service industry, tourism is not given proper weightage by our policy-makers. The Five-Year Plans have failed to do justice to it. Our government should involve the local community. I also urge OT to publish hard-hitting articles and wake the policy-makers from their slumber.

Jyotiranjan Biswal, Durgapur (Orissa)
Nov 01, 2012

OT occupies a full cupboard in my home as I have kept every issue. I find it laborious when others ask me as an ‘OT-bred travel expert’ to give details about a place. You can help by producing an index, listing which issue has the story about a destination. At least this facility should be on your website. Listing the main places covered on the spine of the magazine earlier helped as we ran our eyes down the stack of OTs.

Hemant A. Sant, Vadodara
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