OUTLOOK Monday 23 April, 2012
Current Convection

There’s only so much sunbeam the body can soak in before it requires timely nourishing. Writhing on the beach thus—ably demonstrated by Kingfisher calendar gal, Tena Desae—is a guarantee that replenishment will be speedy.

Crab Apples

Not that it requires any great skill to catch crabs in Manhattan, but curing the meat is a lesson best learned from experience. Masters in the art descended on NYC from the US northeastern seaboard to showcase their skills at the Varli Food festival. Of those partaking, Padma Lakshmi played the bait.

Fleurs Delish

The rising din of restive visitors—none perhaps more forceful than Anil Ambani’s brood—prised open Srinagar’s Mughal Gardens a month early. The finery of the Zabarvans was already lain. The many hued tulips of Chhota Holland, the flower
of the flock, are abloom.

His Burning Perplexion

Memo to Prateik: heed well the lesson of Icarus. Beneath Amy Jackson’s Barbie doll facade blazes a withering flame. Courting Apollonia is a right searing business. Acid trippin’ to Sunburn Mumbai was ill-advised.

  • A big-budget, Baahubali-like Tamil film being announced at Cannes? That’s how big it is, folks! Lead actors of Sangha­mitra, Jayam Ravi and Arya flanking the gorgeous Shruti Hasan pose for the camera. Meanwhile, screening the curtain-raiser of Manto at the riviera meant Rasika Duggal, Nawazuddin and director Nandita Das also had a shot taken.
  • Of course, old Baywatch fans waited for the movie version, hoping it yields the same pleasures. At Miami, for the premiere, they were there to cheer Zac Efron, Dwane Joh­nson and, the fairest of them all, Priyanka Cho­pra, whose electric blue gown knocked over a few punters. However, also invited were Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff. One can imagine the reception they got! Was Erika Eleniak there too?
  • David Warner’s screaming bat has been pulling Sunrisers Hyderabad along this IPL. But at least some of the myhem is due to the near-constant, dainty presence of daughter Ivy Mae. For her, Daddy’s the man!
  • Thiruvananthapuram slang posed a challenge, but it was overcome with aplomb by Surabhi Lakshmi in Min­­naminungu, for which she won the National Award for Best Act­­ress. Significantly, she was the first Malayali actress to win it after Meera Jasmine for Padam Onnu Oru Vilapam (2003).


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