Order by Previous days letters
Aug 31, 2014
09:52 AM

Looks like the author of this article was not interested in a serious and objective analysis of the subject and more interested in anti BJP/anti Modi propaganda. Which is what probably the owner promoters of this media house (Rahejas) want !!

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:46 AM

RTE Does not apply to Private educational institutions that are controlled by trusts of religious minorities. Thus an important law (good or bad is one thing) has been nullified effectively in the altar of pseudo secularism.

By being silent on this, OUTLOOK again proves that it cannot graduate beyond biased propaganda.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:40 AM

Vijay Menon >> So while it offends our liberal sensibilities, prohibition does seem to work. Sure, it needs to be supplemented by aggressive public awareness campaigns

Big Alcoholic MNCs will always ensure that prohibition will fail. Alcohol industry is a hundred billion dollar industry with massive profits, they will ensure that every last person drinks every last drop of what they produce..

But what we can prohibit is people drinking below legal age and people drinkinng out of other's money.

In India there are laws that demand that if you buy big property or something you must show your source of income. How abotu same thing for buying booze?

Ensure that every drop of booze bought is done by showing income source. That will in one stroke eliminate all underage drinking and alcohol abuse by school/college students.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:37 AM

Misogynist >> Once again, a damning failure of the government over the decades, to spend more on education rather than defence.

A lie told 1000 times does not make it true. Fact is Governments in India spend more on education than defence, India's defence spending as % of GDP is one of lowest in world (among big nations)

Problem is what is this education spending towards? Towards pamering government employed school teachers who have zero accountablity.

In India, government school teachers gest best pay, inflation linked wages, periodic pay revisions, 100 days of holidays , and lifelong pension to even spouse but absolutely zero accountablity.

The poor creatures are the teaching staff of private schools who are crushed with work and paid a pittance.

Why dont we set this right first?

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:34 AM

Vinod Kumar >> Get ready for drug abuse - hooch deaths and dominant liquor mafia.

Far more people have died out of alcohol abuse than drug abuse and in any case prescription drug abuse is already happening across the world, so what is really new?

We need to curb alcohol abuse but we need a new approach. First problem is - Underage drinking . Second problem is people drinking out of other people (Read dad/mom/wife/husband) money. Third problem is people getting drunk and causing accidents, sexual harrasment and rape.

Drug abusers at least do not indulge in harassing others around and dont cause road accidents. So let us not underestimate the importance of controlling alcohol abuse.

As far as liquor mafia - We have had mafia even if liquor is freely available.. we have drug mafia across India so do we decriminalize drug consumption? 

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:28 AM

The Idea that 25% of seats in private schools reserved for poor will solve all our poor educational standard woes is itself flawed.

Why dont we - reserve 25% of seats in all tables in restaurants for poor to solve malnutrition problem? (Promoters of this media house can experiment this)

How about reserving 25% of beds in all private hospitals to solve problem of poor health status among most Indians?

How about reserving 25% of homes built by private real estate developers for poor , will it solve problem of housing shortage among urban poor?

Fact is private schools are simply too few in numbers to make a difference, we need smart cost effective public schooling and more importantly accountablity among government school teachers to raise our educational standards.  But if you talk this you are against social justice as per our media marxists.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:25 AM

Vijay Menon >> "Very clearly about 57 to 69 per cent of the crimes in Kerala are related to alcohol," he said.

Not Just kerala, in many Indian states, a lot of crime is inspired by booze. 

Men across india and many other nations live shorter lives than women and alcohol makes a big reason for difference. Media across the world is sold to Big Alcohol MNCs and so push false statistics about why drinking is good . Billions of dollars are involved and India is the last big unpenetrated market for big alcohol in world and hence huge interest and push in media to encourage drinking. We dont see the same interest in same media to encourage say solar power in India (because no MNC benefits from such a thing)

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:22 AM

Vijay Menon >> Cutting easy access to the supply -- i.e., prohibition -- will make a dent.

The real problem w.r.to Liquor consumption in India is - underage drinking.

We as a society are so much against Child Labour and Child marriage. So a man under age of 18 cannot work and earn, a man under age of 21 cannot marry and our laws will finish if you try to do. But a boy aged 12 or 13 can very well drink, cat call girls and get destroyed personally. Why?

Why is it that Media (which anyway is funded by Big alcohol) so silent on the need to curb and decimate underage drinking?

Underage drinking is more dangerous than underage marriage or child labour but nothing is done to prevent it.

People talk about personal freedom in drinking. I am all for personal freedom so long as - You drink within four walls and you drink out of your own money.

Majority of Drunkards in India and especially in Kerala are - unemployed men who drink in public and drink out of their parent's money and cause huge public nuisance to tetotallers and women. It is a fact.

India is the road accident capital of world we have more accident related deaths than any country in world and 40-50% of them are related to either the driver or the pedestrian or some party drunk. 

As a country we erupted and are discussing endlessly about 2000 people who died in 2002 riots but what about the 40 to 50 thousand people who die every year in India due to drunken driving? And for every such death we have 2-3 people who get maimed and handicapped?

India again leads in the number of physically challenged people in world.

We must take a tough stand against 1)Underage drinking 2) Drinking in public places 3) Drinking by people who are non earners/who drink stealing the money from the purses of their parents or siblings or spouses. We need a national law on this. Kerala has taken some step but blanket ban may simply wont help.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:12 AM

Objective >> The solution is to educate people to consume moderately, for pleasure and possibly, health-benefits.

Given that a huge segment of Indians are teetotallers, why should government play the role of marketing liquor even if it is in moderation?

Do we expect government to also educate us to - Eat in moderation, wake up early in morning, do physical exercise, read newspapers and keep updated on general news, save for future, have sex regularly with our partners? What is all this?

Let us understand that government is not a agency to decide every personal activity of humanity.

The role of government w.r.to liquor should be - Avoid alcohol abuse in public domain, crush all crime due to alcohol in public domain (Sexual assault and road accidents), prohibit underage drinking and ensure that those who buy booze buy out of their own hard earned money.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:07 AM

VNK Murti >> Apart from losing revenue, it is inviting other more dangerous Devil called
Drugs and spurious liquor. A retrograde step indeed!

So we have a so called highly developed progressive state called Kerala whose state finances are entirely dependant on government selling booze to its citizens..

Do the intellectuals of Kerala step out to tell us why such a progressivev state like kerala with just highly healthy and educated citizens do not find ways to finance the state govenrment?

The very fact that the state of Kerala depends on booze to fund its coffers shows that Kerala's Society has failed. Decades of trade unionism, millitant marxism and a economic model dependent on remittances has ensured that government has simply no sources of fund outside booze.


Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:04 AM

VNK Murti >> In which country prohibition has a success story ?

A poor justification for the Drunkard's state where underage drinking has destroyed an entire generation of men and has irreversably made the state dangerous for women to travel  in public places after sunset.

Underage drinking is like child marriage and child labour. Prohibition is a must. Those who want right to drink must prove that they buy booze out of their own earnt money . 

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:02 AM

Yesterday there was a news clip on News X  about Muslims in Bengal District obstructing the Hindus carrying out creamtion !! Wherever they grow in numbers and reach a critical mass of more than 20%, they start their games of superiority and assertion. Their quarrel is not about equality but superiority and subjugation. For them, end justifies the means. And the book gives them all the needed moral support.The idiotic sickus can't see the game plan..

Chennai, India
Aug 31, 2014
09:01 AM

Vijay Nambisan >> Red meat, red wine, anti-oxidants, good and bad cholesterols—all these have seen their day and will see it again. I admit it’s unlik­ely, but I wouldn’t bet against someone discovering that nicotine or tar (or mol­asses) stabilises a gene which promotes equanimity or a tat-tvam-asi attitude.

Hello Mr Vijay Nambisan aka spokesperson of Big Tobacco Firms,

Red Meat, Junk Food, Bad cholestrols, hard liquors all may be bad for health but an individual consuming them has no impact on those individuals who do not consume them.

But tobacco smoking is different in that when you smoke, you also force those who do not want to consume to inhale and abuse tobacco.

Thus Tobacco Smoking is no different from Sexual assault. Forced on others, and abusing the human rights of non participants.

Just because you are patronised by Big Tobacco firms does not make your smoking right just like a politician speaking in favour of rapes does not make rapes right.

Smoking should be banned and declared as a crime. Period. Those who want to die by abusing tobacco should be compelled to consume tobacco in non smoke form. Period.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
08:58 AM

A direct question  - Is this article written to justify Tobacco Abusers or is this article written to justify the existence of Criminal Corporations like ITC?

Big Tobacco Rules Media and self styled doctors in its pay preach garbage. And you think you are right just because a billionaire with spare change runs a media house to accomodate your BS

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
08:58 AM

Misogynist >> If you are GENUINELY concerned about the health of males

West Asian nations with relatively low alcohol consumption rates are also the ones with lowest gap btw male and female life expectancy.

So if you are really for well being of men, you must demand a movement to ban underage drinking and a movement to convert india's binge drinking culture and make Indians stop alcohol abuse. Or if we are genetically unfit to drink sensibly let us all make a Gujarat.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
08:54 AM

Misogynist >> The least drinking countries - the mid east religionists - also have the highest violence and disquiet in the world. So what are the feminists trying to prove?

The Countries with very high per capital alcohol consumption - the Former nation states of Soviet Union, are also the ones with very high difference btw male and female life expectancy.

Thus in Russia, a male child born today would live to less than 60 years whereas a female child will live to nearly 80 years, that is a huge 20 year gap btw the two genders.

Someone who calls himself as a "Men's Rights Activitst" is an utter hypocrat here, canvassing and campaigining in favour of Big Alcohol Majors why?

The problem in India w.r.to drinking problem is :

* We drink too much of hard liquor (and not less harmful beer or wine)

* Almost all drinking is done by a demographic (teenage men, working class men)

* We abuse alcohol and abuse public and private domain with all that

* We cause accidents and rapes due to drinking.

It is a cultural thing, as a culture we are not tuned to drink sensibly. I am not a fan of prohibition but some curb on drinking culture is surely needed in India.

And kerala's big problem is the huge trend of underage drinking..

Come On, our laws punish a man if he marries below 21 (Even though we have had people right from mahatma gandhi who married much earlier), our laws punish if a boy under 18 drives a motor cycle. But our laws are silent if a man drinks at the age of 13.

Need more than prohibition a blanket ban on drinking below 21. And yes, those who want the right to booze should do with their own money. Prohibit those who are not earning on their own from buying booze.

Delhi, India
Aug 31, 2014
08:53 AM
Naqvi wails about Muslims having a hard time in Hindu India.

Here is the situation:

The Muslim proportion of India (post-Partition India, less what became Pakistan and Bangladesh) has nearly doubled since 1947 - from 8 percent to about 15 per cent.

Hindus in Pakistan have dropped from about a fifth of the population in 1947 to a couple of per cent.

In Bangladesh, Hindus have dropped from a quarter to under 10 per cent.

The remaining Hindus live in terror of their women being taken away - it happens to hundreds of families every year - and forced conversion to Islam, and seizure of their property. They live in terror of the death penalty should they be accused of blaspheming Mohammed or the Koran.

In India Muslims are free to condemn Hinduism and do so everyday.

So free is India for Muslims that the ideological fount of the Taliban, the Dar Ul Uloom Seminary, is situated in Deoband in India and functions freely there.

When was the last time you heard of a Muslim marrying a non-Muslim and changing his or her religion?

What is the howling about, Naqvi?

People now know about Muslims and their ways, Naqvi.  The truth can no longer be hidden.

AGRA, India
Aug 31, 2014
08:49 AM

It is a fact that Muslims become aggressive as soon as their numbers grow.  This is a grim fact about them that has to be taken into account.

Aug 31, 2014
08:29 AM
Jinnah in his speech to Pakistan's Constituent Assembly in August 1947 clearly visualized a secular state with no distinctions based on religion. ''Anwaar

20 minute Bhashan of Zinnah on Secular Pakistan has destroyed 4 Generations of Hindus,Sikhs,Christians in Pakistan.

A thriving minority of 25 % reduced to merely One % by the Peaceful ones by The Religion of Peace.Meanwhile the Peacefuls killed 30 lacs innocent Bangali Muslims and Hindus in East Pakistan.

When nothing left to killled further now is the turn of Shias,Ahemedias,Yazjidis etc.Simultanously Peacefuls have started killing the Peacefuls too on the basis of Pure Peaceful and Impure Peaceful !!

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2014
08:29 AM
Mohan, Adiipur
Aug 31, 2014
08:29 AM

2 D Anwaar

"...Is Modi travelling abroad as a Prime Minister of the Hindus?..."

YES. He is. He is also going as MP from Varanasi ( the Kashi -Kyoto tie up )

His main objective is to spite the west, which refused him a visa.

But if he gets the 1.7 trillion for India, from the Japanese, then the BJP may be stuck onto power for another years at least.

Misogynist, Chennai
Aug 31, 2014
08:23 AM

What Mr. Chitambaram is saying that credit should go to UPA government is Bull...and what Mr. Jaitley is saying is also Bull... 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 31, 2014
08:06 AM

''Is Modi travelling abroad as a Prime Minister of the Hindus?


NO SIR .He says Sab Ka Vikas-Sab ka Saath.

Modi JI will surely travel to MASJID-e- GROUND ZERO
[ Masijid-e Siphir ] in NYK when he visits USA.

Kindly send him the exact location in NYK so that there is no trouble in reaching there.

You and Zaffar from Australia had got stitched special Sherwanies from Fareeshta  Nawabi Khandani Tailor and both were itching go and to offer the Namaj-e- Shukrana .

Hope you both prayed for the souls of 10000 innocent human beings who perished along with Towers too .

ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
Aug 31, 2014
07:55 AM

Govt loses legitimate taxes and spends hundreds of crores on enforcement of prohibition. From times immemorial some people have always been drinking and there should be no moral stigma to drinking. Statistics say that average liqour consumption is high in STates like Kerala, Andhra and Tamil Nadu but low in smaller ones like Daman-Diu, Andaman-Nicobar, even though more people consume in the latter. So, in the former, less people consume huge quantities, harming themselves and families and in the latter, more people consume smaller quantities. The solution is to educate people to consume moderately, for pleasure and possibly, health-benefits. 

Aug 31, 2014
07:47 AM

So far India has tolerated the interference and that is the reason Kashir problem is not solved.Some one has to be plane speaker instead of dragging for years.

Ashok Amin
St Petersburg FL, United States
Aug 31, 2014
07:38 AM

Thank You! RSM

Pramod, Tucson
Aug 31, 2014
07:26 AM

Lallo & Mulayam are demagogues not "leaders"

Tucson, United States
Aug 31, 2014
07:20 AM

"Lohia was able to produce more pol­itical leaders than Nehru did. Nehru inherited his friends from his party, but Lohia created a new leadership. You find it in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Laloo Prasad Yadav, for example, are products of Lohia’s movement"

I do not think Lohia wanted to create leadership like provided by Laloo & Mulayam.

Even with the benefit of hind site, the guy sees Laloo & Mulayam as "leader(s)" and attributes that to Lohia ..

Tucson, United States
Aug 31, 2014
05:29 AM

What does Islam say about inter-faith marrriage ?

As per wikipedia :

Islamic Law has different regulations on interfaith marriage, depending on which of the two spouses is Muslim. It permits a Muslim man to marry up to four non-Muslim women from the People of the Book (that is, Christians and Jews) however they must be chaste and all of the children must be brought up Muslim. In addition to is seen as "makrooh" (disliked) by Muslim scholars for Muslim men to marry outside the religion because the rightly guided Caliph, Umar, banned interfaith marriages for Muslim men.[1][2] Furthermore, Quran verse 4:25 tells Muslims to marry Muslims[3]

Islamic scholars generally forbid Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men. This prohibition serves to preserve the Islamic faith from dilution and expand it, within societies which are patriarchal but multi-faith. It effectively ensures that over many generations, providing that the society is patriarchal, Islam would naturally gain in adherents relative to other co-existing religions, through its ability to secure the adherence of all offspring from mixed marriages. In effect, all children of any mixed-marriages involving Muslims are guaranteed to be raised as Muslim.[4] This systemic method of expanding the Muslim community in any multi-religious society is assisted by the ability for Muslim men to marry more than one non-Muslim wife (a possibility usually not available to non-Muslim men) and therefore secure all of their offspring for the Islamic faith - provided that the society is sufficiently patriarchal that the husband can have the final say on the children's religion."

Islam is indeed diabolic and the world has to isolate, quarantine and contain it if it wants this bigoted ideology to be contained.

SaachGarh, India
Aug 31, 2014
04:37 AM

Where is judiciary? They spend no time in cancelling license for coal and phones. Why not shut these schools who are actually breaking law by not implementing RTE?

Phoenix, United States
Aug 31, 2014
03:15 AM


>> "He demands muslims be treated better by Hindus than muslims treat Hindus !"

Are all hate pracharaks liars and distorters? What you had said was, "Treat Muslims just as they treat non-muslims. India has to treat muslims in India just as muslims have treated Hindus in every muslim majority and ruled area from Pakistan to Bangladesh to Kashmir valley in India." You want Muslims in Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, West Bengal and Chenai to be punished for the sins of Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir! What you don't know is that you are a crypto-Pakistani yourself!

Dallas, United States
Aug 31, 2014
03:04 AM


>>>> "That is not reciprocity............... You should see a doctor."

>> "It is reciprocity. You should see a dictionary."

Punishing Indian Muslims for what foreign Muslims do is not reciprocity. It is madness! The regularity with which you rush to support the worst hate merchants in this forum tells us more about you than your pious platitudes!

Dallas, United States
Aug 31, 2014
02:58 AM


>> " it will prove that when Muslims marry non-Muslims, the non-Muslim will opt to convert."

As I said, it is neither your concern nor mine. I believe that a non-Muslim should refuse to convert, and a Muslim should never ask his/her spouse to convert, but then who am I to impose my views on them?

>> "when the population of a certain community acquires critical mass, I am extremely concerned."

Spoken like a true hate-obsessed paranoid!

Dallas, United States
Aug 31, 2014
02:47 AM

>> Several dozen Yazidi women kidnapped by Islamic State jihadists in Iraq have been taken to Syria, forced to convert and sold into marriage to militants, a monitoring group said today

Perhaps our feudalistic queen was right. It does seem easier to convert to Islam. How else can one explain all Yazidi women converting, and none of the militants converting?

Whats InAName, San Francisco
Aug 31, 2014
02:44 AM

Is Modi travelling abroad as a Prime Minister of the Hindus?

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 31, 2014
02:41 AM

More than 10% Muslims means all of urban India! Riots take place where where hate promoters like Adityanath are more than 10%!

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 31, 2014
02:34 AM

A true Gandhian, Nehruvian and Ambedkarite! A true Indian!

Dallas, United States
Aug 31, 2014
02:27 AM

17 D DLN

The per capita consumption of alcohol ranking quoted is from wikipedia - a well known website.

If you have your own 'studies', 'perspectives', 'DLN research' and 'agendas to fulfill', that is a different matter. At least write a disclaimer that these are your own personal DLN research material.

Chennai, India
Aug 31, 2014
02:27 AM

> "Why should the BJP care for the chemistry of love when hate reaps greater electoral returns?"

The BJP has tasted the fruits of Hate Jehad. They will never let it go!

Dallas, United States
Aug 31, 2014
02:23 AM

> "the notion of love jehad is at its core an insult to all women, who are seen as nothing more than chattel, led astray sometimes by wicked men with impure thoughts."

Paradoxically Love Jehad springs from the same dark recesses of our minds which motivate honor killings.

Dallas, United States
Aug 31, 2014
02:16 AM

> " prejudice is passed off as ideology; garbage disseminated as fact."

That is a good definition of 'parivar-speak'!

Dallas, United States
Aug 31, 2014
01:25 AM

"If you genuinely want perspective, India has one of the LOWEST per capita consumption of alcohol in the world - lesser than the UAE!"

1. Most of UAE's "consumption" comes from Duty Free Sales at its airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The rest of it is by expatriates since non Muslims are not allowed to buy liquor. I will not be surprised if the UAE ranks very high globally.

2. Indian figures are under-reported due to illegal manufacture and liquor bought in by international passengers (2 litres are allowed per passenger).

3. In AP, the annual license for running a liquor outlet ranges from 35 lakhs in small towns to 1.25 crores in cities. Such fees cannot be sustained unless there is massive demand.

Visakhapatnam, India
Aug 31, 2014
12:50 AM

A deplorable deeply communal act

Pradip Singh, stafford
Aug 31, 2014
12:25 AM

"Appointment of the judges is no longer with the judges. Which for India is a bad thing. In England, it was perfectly okay. They have a different ethos."

At least he is honest. He genuinely believes Indians are not enlightened enough to practice democracy. He and people like him should be reminded that the country is governed by the constitution that clearly lays down the process of judicial appointment - that executive has the final word.

The starting point is not the collegium that came into effect as result of the vedict of 5 judges in 1993 but Ambedkar's constitution that came into effect in 1950.

Phoenix, United States
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