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Jul 22, 2014
10:57 PM

A great question from Twitter.

WHat will Naid be wearing when he goes to address a gathering or women-saree or salwar?

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Jul 22, 2014
10:34 PM

In totally unrelated news, Dawood bats for strong action against terrorism.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 22, 2014
09:54 PM

>>The Bibi Sarojas of this planet will try to deny the undeniable and refute the irrefutable but the truth is there for everyone to see.

Have a look at georgeorwellnovels.com/essays/reflections-on-gandhi/

I was surprised to learn that Gandhi had seconded Nehru's support to war efforts as free nation. I had not disgreed with Aksh's statement, just qualified it. 

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Jul 22, 2014
09:19 PM

Isn't Bharadwaj the same person who gave instructions to  unfreeze Qauttrochi's bank account?

Mohan, Adiipur
Jul 22, 2014
08:56 PM

TV Channels can re-visit Singhvi CD. Video can be masked. Audio clearly talks about Judges appointment in Delhi HC. The question is that does this media have courage to do this ?

Kutch, India
Jul 22, 2014
08:35 PM

Political parties in Tamil Nadu and judiciary, a connection that is undeniabl

Is the judiciary in Indian free, fair and run independently? Time and again, the judiciary, the nexus between politicians and judges have come under the scanner. Former Supreme court judge Justice Katju's blog on the same has thrown up more questions than provide any answers. Katju too points at parties in Tamil Nadu and their proximity to judges. This is not the first time that parties in the state have been accused of fiddling with the judiciary.

A blog, written by senior journalist Kalyan Arun in the New Indian Express back in 2009, points out the unholy nexus between politicians and the judiciary, especially in Tamil Nadu.

In the blog, Arun says that an impeachment motion was on against Justice V Ramaswami of the Supreme Court for financial delinquency while he served as the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The motion was defeated, thanks to his political connections, the blog says.

In 1991, around 108 members of the Lok Sabha from the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Left parties and also members from the National Front jointly served a notice of motion against Ramaswami.

But even then, the Congress under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi came out in support of Ramaswami. A group of Congress MPs, along with Rajiv Gandhi and PV Narasimha Rao personally met the Speaker Rabi Ray requesting him not to allow the motion, the blog says.

But despite this the notice did come up and a committee was set up to enquire about the charges. Amidst all this, Congress withdrew support to the then governing Chandrashekhar government, after which the Lok Sabha was dissolved.

The caretaker government now refused to address the case saying that the notice lapsed since the Lok Sabha has already dissolved. By then in Tamil Nadu the case was being projected as the targeting of a Tamil judge by the “non-Tamils”, and AIADMK was one of the major players in this movement, the blog says.

The motion, even though it came up again during the Narasimha Rao government, a committee found that Ramaswami’s actions brought ‘dishonor and disrepute to the Judiciary’. A defiant Ramaswami, just questioned the credibility of the committee’s findings.

A year later, when the motion was taken up in the parliament the Congress was divided on the issue and most MPs from the south wanted the motion to be defeated. Finally when the motion came up, Kapil Sibal, the Congress leader spoke for six hours in the house and reasoned out why removing a judge for purchasing ‘few carpets or suitcases’ seems ridiculous. Finally this was the motion’s result- Yes -196, No -0, abstentions-205.

The blog says that Narasimha Rao instructed all the Congress MPs to abstain from voting, which they did.

The motion failed, Ramaswami remained untouched.

Later, in 1999 without much surprise people witnessed Ramaswami contesting a general election on the ticket given by Jayalalitha’s AIADMK from the Sivakasi constituency, but lost out to Vaiko.

In the blog, Arun adds another connection that Ramaswami might have had with the AIADMK, his son Sanjay Ramaswami was an AIADMK MLA from 1991-96.

Yet another instance when the judiciary in Tamil Nadu came into scanner was in 2009 when Justice PD Dinakaran's elevation to the Supreme Court as a judge was axed by allegations of corruption and land grabbing. Later, he was transferred from Karnataka High Court to Sikkim High Court. Dinakaran resigned in 2011.

However the allegations against Dinakaran were serious- Huge rural land holdings, illegal appropriation of government and public land amounting to land grabbing, illegal constructions and ownership of urban properties. He was also accused of using political connections to get favours, good postings.

Then there was the case of Madras high court Judge, Justice S Reghupathy who had an outburst in an open court. In 2009, Justice Reghupathy revealed that a minister had threatened him on a case pertaining to the minister's friend. At a later stage it was exposed that DMK minister A Raja was the one who had called the judge. In spite of the furore, Raja denied all allegations and life went on as normal.


Kutch, India
Jul 22, 2014
08:06 PM

The problem for Congress is not that there is going to be a dramatic implosion. Because those kind of implosions can either be prevented or even handled.

The problem is-Congress will simply wither away. It is too difficult to detect the withering process and by the time it is detected, it would be too late.

In TN, in 1989, Congress won 20% vote share contesting alone. In 2014, it is 4%.

This slow withering away of votes is the real danger.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 22, 2014
07:55 PM

The revolts in COngress are happening not because the party lost badly. It is because of how Sonia and Rahul responded after the loss. They were not concerned at all about what the party workers were thinking. Rahul as usual went on multiple foreign trips while Sonia was incommunicado.

Both come across as non-serious politicians. And this is giving rise to the revolts. Unless Sonia and Rahul come down from the high pedestal and start interacting with the workers, Congress will simply wither away in due course.

It will be a repeat of what happened to TN Congress on a national scale.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 22, 2014
07:53 PM

''Gujarat civic polls: BJP wins in last Cong stronghold

In a setback to Congress, ruling BJP in Gujarat snatched on Tuesday the Junagadh Municipal Corporation (JMC) from the Opposition party in the civic body election by winning 41 out of 60 seats.

JMC was the only municipal corporation ruled by the Congress in the state out of a total of seven big cities of Gujarat.

The BJP's victory comes after they trounced the Congress in the Lok Sabha election.

"BJP has emerged as the majority party by winning 41 seats, while the Congress has obtained 16 seats out of 60 seats of 20 wards in Junagadh Municipal Corporation (JMC). Two seats went to Bahujan Samaj Party and one independent candidate managed to get one seat," city election officer and Collector of Junagadh Alok Kumar Pandey said.

The elections for the corporation were held on Sunday and counting took place today. The civic body comprises 60 seats of 20 wards.'''


Phir Insaaf nahin Hua !!

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Jul 22, 2014
07:35 PM

Times Now has produced two Letters on TV about this case.One from PMO as to why the Corrupt Judge was not being absorbed.
One one from CJI stating that they did not agree twice for the absorbing of the corrupt Judge but now considering sensitivities of the Govt they agree.
HansRaj Bhardawaz admits that he was dealing with Judiciary on behalf the GOI. HanRaj says an SC/ST Judge was not being absorbed so he had intervene .
Yesterday HansRaj said there was pressure from 18 MPs and also one Dy Minister too was pressing .

Well the story is devloping.

NOW TO THOSE ROTEY LAL Weepies AND Hai Hai KHANS WHO WERE BEATING BREASTS when BJP pointed out that CBI and IB had reservations for one Judge being recommended for SC .
WHY AWAZ BUND HEIN ?? Shameful liars !!!

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Jul 22, 2014
07:35 PM

6 Questions for Katju:

1. Is it not true that a very large segment of judges are corrupt and become rich by the time they retire?

2. Is it not true that you knew about the endemic corruption, but ordered an enquiry only against a particular judge?

3. Is it not true that Indian judiciary is anti-male, inefficient, slow, casteist, religionist, regionist and opaque?

4. Is it not true that Indian judges are also appointed on the basis of their 'political influence'

5. Is it not true that you have not cared to raise, or correct, these afflications named in points 3 and 4, while you had the power to do so?

6. What is your vested interests in picking on a single corrupt judge?

Chennai, India
Jul 22, 2014
07:27 PM

Sidaramiah has asked a very pertinent question indeed. Does the media think that only rapes count, and that males ( facing much more dangers in life ) are dogs? Dont they realise that they are contributing to the prevalent, and ever growing, misandrous attitudes of society?

However, now the unthinking media has whipped itself up ( as usual for feminits ), into a frenzy against males, and cannot stop now they have started ( classical )

Politicians and the innocent public are becoming more exposed, and familiar with:

Selective Hyperreporting by the Antimale Media with the Intent to Negatively stereotype males in General ( S H A M I N G )

Misogynist, Chennai
Jul 22, 2014
07:23 PM

From Wikipedia:

"In a post-war interview in 1946, he said, "Hitler killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs... It would have aroused the world and the people of Germany... As it is they succumbed anyway in their millions."[163] Gandhi believed this act of "collective suicide", in response to the Holocaust, "would have been heroism"."

The Bibi Sarojas of this planet will try to deny the undeniable and refute the irrefutable but the truth is there for everyone to see.

Ram Lala, Kavutaram
Jul 22, 2014
07:21 PM

Every Indian older than one year, knows that the Indian judiciary is corrupt to the core.

If he had set up a CBI enquiry against ALL judges, Katju would have 'discovered' 70% judges were corrupt. Barring the clout Katju has in the media, what other 'news' is Katju trying to create? Why is Katju picking on one judge - for political favour, perhaps?

And just where is this 'sensation' in Katjus 'news'?

Chennai, India
Jul 22, 2014
07:17 PM

"The “reformist” government may not value his economic expertise, but, as befits a group of interestingly educated people, it certainly deserves his expertise as the most eminent Indian historian. And tourism manager."

So, apparently if you are some lowlife lab assistant in a physics lab you can expound on the qualifications of historians, but only if you are "Secular" and left-wing mind you. Understood?

Krupakar Kolbatla
Mumbai/Pittsburgh, India
Jul 22, 2014
07:09 PM

That the Indian judiciary is a FARCE, is too well documented and discussed, to be disputed.

That a reformed criminal can become PM ( and a repeat offender can become his party president ), is itself testimony to this fact.

However, selection of judges is only PART of the problem, even if Katju is using his media clout to express this.

Also consider misandry, corruption, casteism, religionist extremism, cronyism, inefficiency, unaccountability, etc. etc.

And then you will realise why Indian democracy is way beyond redemption.

Chennai, India
Jul 22, 2014
07:04 PM

"Now the enemy's conversion to Islam.... is no more than one, and by no means the only, way of their "desisting from hostility"; and the reference to it in verses 5 and 11 of this surah certainly does not imply an alternative of 'conversion or death,' as some unfriendly critics of Islam choose to assume." CAIR pracharak quoting some Pakistani

This is the typical Mohammadan strawman - raise a bogus claim and refute it. Go back and read your Koran - Muslims are required to wage war on non-Muslims until one of 3 conditions - not 2 conditions - are met: non-Muslims are all killed, converted, or subjugated under Islam and accept dhimmitude.

Note what the Paki ambassador carefully avoids mentioning - the only alternative to death or conversion is dhimmitude. Would Muslims like to be treated as dhimmis in India or the US? Do you want your children in Dallas to be treated like dhimmis?

Why then do you and the Paki ambassador not acknowledge the inherent bestiality of Koran 9:29 and reject it in toto the same way that educated, middle class Hindus by and large reject the notion of untouchability even though it is there in the Manu Smriti, instead of making these sly omissions and deletions? Aren't these omissions and deletions an acknowledgement of the inherent evil in these verses?

As I said, I understand and support what people like you are trying to do with this 7th century drivel, but you have no right to lecture people like me about the "true" meaning of these verses when my people have been the victims of this bestiality for the past 1,300 years. It is as obscene as an upper caste Hindu lecturing a Dalit about how the Dalit misunderstands the benign nature of the Manusmriti and the caste system.

Ram Lala
Kavutaram, India
Jul 22, 2014
06:54 PM

One of the most useless books written about Gandhi was written by Gandhi himself-his autobiography.

Though "Hind Swaraj" tops the list. That is supposed to be his "political treatise" -a book which is pure garbage in reality.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 22, 2014
06:48 PM

"This is not because Prof Rao has so far distinguished himself as a writer about “history and tourism management”"

So basically unless one gets a certificate from mofos like Irfan habib and Romila Thapar, they have to be ignored is it? How about wendy dongdinger? is her approval necessary before anyone can talk about their version of hinduism?

This is a clever game that these left-wing asswipes like the one who wrote the above play -- basically they are in charge of issuing certificated of worthiness when it comes to history, and of course, no one with a different narrative will be considered worthy. These intellectually dishonest mot#$%ckers think they can hijack the narrative and continue the trend that the rat bast*ard nehru started.

Krupakar Kolbatla
Mumbai/Pittsburgh, India
Jul 22, 2014
06:46 PM

"Typical of you to cite the deeds of a bunch of lunatic psychopaths in Iraq or Nigeria as being "the current reality".

Dear jihadi asswipe, this also happened this week in Tamilnadu (Al Umma) and by the jihadi pony owners in J&K that deliberately created violence to shutdown amarnath pilgrims. Now, asswipes like you and India "secular" left-wing sh*theads would have howled if your pilgrimage to mecca was hampered by non muslims, and yet these wanton acts of violence by muslim jihadi mofos are all because "they are bad muslim" "psychopaths", and "no real muslim would commit violence against humans" because the prophet said some sh*t about it, right? Never mind that most muslims die because of muslim on muslim violence, and all the violence is done by people who quote the Quran verbatim and believe in the written words explicitly, so if any misinterpreting is being done here, it is by the dissembling aholes who call themselves "moderate muslims" like anwaar here.......and yet we only hear howls of protest when Israel refuses to be cowed down by jihadi tactics of hiding among children women, and in mosques and hospitals.  If you want to commit violence and then weep over the dead bodies of your children, well, f**ck you asholes. You want war, you shall have it.

Krupakar Kolbatla
Mumbai/Pittsburgh, India
Jul 22, 2014
06:31 PM

So the CJI refused to promote the judge in question on THREE occassions. Manmohan personally demanded an explanation as to why the judge was not promoted.

Given this paper trail, Manmohan should stop hide behind the pant of Bharadwaj(he is an expert hiding behind the saree of Sonia. Now he has started this habit of hiding behind pant) and give us an explanation.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 22, 2014
06:29 PM

First Netaji and his darling son..., and now this guy!

K Sinha, Phoenix
Jul 22, 2014
06:08 PM

There is no truth to the rumors that Naidu has converted to Islam and is now going to Iraq to fight along with ISIS. He is simply doing a tamasha for one day.

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Jul 22, 2014
06:04 PM

I am just wondering. I don't see any statement from our Gurus/swamis/spiritual leaders condemning this.

I know they can't make statement on every issue. But many of them made statements during elections to support political parties or oppose some parties. If they can make statements to support political parties, why not to condemn social issues like this or corruption?

Don't the Gurus think that this issue of violence against girls/women is a serious issue and they should condemn it publicly? 

himanshu, New Jersey
Jul 22, 2014
05:58 PM

even if he wanted to appease, why didnt he just wear traditional indian muslim dress? why Arab costume? Have indian muslims and seculars completely surrendered to Arab fascism that in India is also called 'islam' or 'secularism'

J, United States