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Jul 25, 2014
09:07 PM

What is the profile of Hindu nation?

First the Constitution of India in force since 1950 will be scrapped

Laws of Manu, Parasara, Yagavalkya, Gautama, Vishnu  etc. will replace the Constitution instead. The centre of power will shift to Varanasi, Hardwar, Somnath, Gaya, Amarnath etc. The powers will be weilded by Kashtriyas for benefit  of Brahmans only.   An 80 year old Kshatriya will consider a 10-year old Brahman his father.   The ruler will ensure that Brahman is happy in all respects in their administration.    They will marry women as many as they like. Brahmans can claim any woman as wife. Sati or widow burning will start and hundreds of women will be biurnt alive. National VT---DD will telecast those sati.   Education will be regulated in Hindu raj as ordained by shashtra. More action will follow as per direction  from Varanasi, Hardwar, Gaya, Puri etc.                                            
Adalit Speaks, NOIDA
Jul 25, 2014
08:36 PM

Fasting for an entire month....for what.. to carry on more terrorist acts???  

JO MB, Kolkata
Jul 25, 2014
08:36 PM


dinesh chauksey, BHOPAL
Jul 25, 2014
08:19 PM

"Those who pretend to have forgotten the 'Global recession' and its impact can wisely welcome the FDI in Insurence sector."

VNK Sir, I am afraid, I do not understand your point about global recession. During a recession, capital will be in short supply. Even if you allow 100 % FDI, nobody will be interested in investing a cent.

Last year, BRICS received USD 322 billion in FDI, of which China got 127 billion, Russia got 94 billion and Brazil got 63. India got just 28 billion. Projects worth lakhs of crores are pending in India because of capital constraints.

One should distinguish between FDI and FII which is hot money which can suddenly be puled out of the country in case there is a global financial crisis.  During the last recession, Dr Y V Reddy resisted intense pressure from then FM Chidambaram to lower interest rates. By his prudence, he insulsted India from the crisis.

We have competent governors of RBI who can and will do what is needed if a global recession happens. Right now, US and Germany have recovered and according to BBC, so has the UK. A recession is far far away. India cannot eradicate poverty by stifling growth which is exactly what ideological blinkers are doing.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 25, 2014
08:06 PM

There was a big outrage by the sickulars against Abhitab Bacchan when he chose to be a brand ambassador of Gujarat.  Now the outrage is shown by the opposit party.  So what is so big deal?  Oh, I get it.  Modi should have chosen Yusuf Pathan and Rao should have chosen VVS Lakshman as their own state brand ambassadors.  If such things keep on happening what would happen to our media?

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Jul 25, 2014
08:04 PM

Tariq Ali, rid Palestine of Hamas first and then write. Useless writing.. couldn't expect more.

Delhi, India
Jul 25, 2014
08:01 PM

"Instead of asking me wise-ass questions, tell me whether you have any arguments to say that it is a religious conflict." CAIR weasel

You already told me I am ignorant, so my arguments would be incorrect. This is why I am seeking enlightenment from your Islamic eminence, the CAIR weasel himself.

I asked two very simple questions of you in post 15. Both of them can be answered simply by yes/no. If the answer is yes, you can give an example for our edification. But instead of answering, you perform your usual weasel act because you cannot bring yourself to face the truth about Islam, your (genuine) attempts at moderation notwithstanding.

Ram Lala
Kavutaram, India
Jul 25, 2014
07:57 PM
#19 Pinaki "Yes, Shah definitely needs to clear his name, otherwise BJP will be doomed in the long run. " ------- without someone like Shah shaking up the organisation, BJP would prefer mediocrity. BJP tends naturally towards complacency. It would likely have barely scraped by in UP, unable to capitalise on the dissatisfaction. So we can be politically correct and lose, or take your choice.
MK Saini
Delhi, India