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Jul 24, 2014
07:51 PM

 Indian or non Indian, she won't remain married for a long time 

Don Quixote
Rody, India
Jul 24, 2014
07:49 PM


ANBanerjee, Newcastle
Jul 24, 2014
07:48 PM

"By this logic, the genocidal wars waged between Sunni and Shia or between Catholics and Protestants had nothing to do with religion either?"

Absolutely not.

It is Sanghi/Hindutva propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, whatever. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are probably involved too, though I am not too sure about the details. The aim is to besmirch the fair name of the semitic faiths and assert the supremacy of their religion.


Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
07:35 PM

"A V Swamy (Ind) criticised the government for too much reliance on foreign investment, saying this will make "us alien in our own country".

Not only that. When TRADE DEFICIT exceeds FISCAL DEFICIT, the economy will crash. Growth requires the difference (FISCAL DEFICIT - TRADE DEFICIT) to be large and positive because the quantity is precisely equal to NET PRIVATE SAVINGS. Right now it is 4.6% of GDP as everyone knows. I should have said "paupers in our own country" instead.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai, Long Beach
Jul 24, 2014
07:26 PM

So all this money has been credited to bank accounts of Ambani et al? Isn't it a fact that India is still among the highest taxed countries in ASEAN? Corporate Karza maafi? Did India Inc take loans from the Governnment that have now been written off? There is a tale to be told of how the influential man can bend and break rules in India. But here, Sainath recklessly exaggerates, does injury to Truth and thereby undermines his case.

Bangalore, India
Jul 24, 2014
07:17 PM

As far as AIT is concerned, even Romila Thapar has discarded it-after advocating the same for years.

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Jul 24, 2014
07:11 PM

Does anyone even know that Hockey (and not cricket) is our national game?

Blame Indian hockey team as well. India used to win Hockey gold in the Olympics and was among the champions in World Cup Hockey for almost three decades after independence. But once astro turph was introduced in hockey, India lagged behind others and has never recovered  since then. Indian fans used to listen to live radio commentary of hockey matches as well as cricket test matches. Indian Airlines and Services used to have great hockey teams. Now India never features among the top in Hockey. So nobody follows them. Let them win a few major international tournaments - things will be different. Advertisers and therefore the media will flock in again.

NEW YORK, United States
Jul 24, 2014
07:07 PM

stupid cretin:" Identifying genetic history with linguistic history is naive."

Did you even bother to read how the genetic markers of H Pylorii were used before you vomit your ignorant bullshit, saroja? Of course not.

Genetic history is conclusive in pointing to the direction of migration because of the immense variety of H Pylorii genes in the areas where populations started (africa followed by India) and lesser variation with europe showing the least variation.

. Such genius is what comes out of morons who vomit the marxist bullshit of Romila Thapar and Irfan Habib and all the nehruvian asswipes who called themselves historians. Effing losers can't even think a little before they say stupid stuff to support their worthless and discredited "aryan invasion theory", which romila thapar pulled out of her marxist asshole one fine morning and added that to all the CBSE textbooks, and yet none of these assholes who are so worried about "filling Indian hisory texts with hindu fiction" seem too worried about that crap nehruvian marxists have inserted into the CBSE history texts.

Krupakar Kolbatla
Mumbai/Pittsburgh, India
Jul 24, 2014
06:57 PM

India's "pride" refused to hold the Indian flag on one occasion and disrespected the flag on another


Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
06:53 PM

Insurance is an unnecessary industry. India can create infinite money and insure everybody for free. It is a big subsidy for the rich and a big burden to the people.

FISCAL DEFICIT - TRADE DEFICIT =  NET PRIVATE SAVINGS , is the federal balance. FISCAL  DEFICIT is an infinite resource of created free money. 

Only in India! Why let the foreigners make money on the backs of Indian private sector? If TRADE DEFICIT exceeds FISCAL DEFICIT, as it will, the economy will DIE.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai, Long Beach
Jul 24, 2014
06:50 PM

"Anwaar is probably right when he says that the conflict is not about religion. There are a lot of similarities between the semitic religions."  Narayan

By this logic, the genocidal wars waged between Sunni and Shia or between Catholics and Protestants had nothing to do with religion either?

Ram Lala
Kavutaram, India
Jul 24, 2014
06:44 PM

We have seen this script several times before. Hamas  provokes Israel. Israel retaliates. Hundreds of civilians die. Then the violence ends through a ceasefire. The media, UN and the west will be blamed by both sides for siding with their rivals. And everything remains same thereafter, Jews will hate Muslims and Muslims will hate Jews. Israel gets arms and Palestine gets development assistance.  The world opinion stays divided. The end until you see a repeat episode a few years later.

NEW YORK, United States
Jul 24, 2014
06:42 PM

More than likely, the Muslim perpatrator of rape of six years old girl must not have thought about the girl's religion, in the same token the Sena MP must not have thought about the religion of the contractor.  Such things come as a spur of the moment. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Jul 24, 2014
06:29 PM

The same govt declared Nawab Ali Jung's b'day as Engineer's day.

So far they have not found any muslim doctor or a cricketer. We will soon be having doctor's day on some muslim's birthday, donkey's day on some muslim donkey etc etc.

This is the kind of governance that is happening in Telengana.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
06:17 PM

To answer this, Sania said, she is an Indian and will stay Indian till she die.  In the same token, Sonia would say she is Italian and..... 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Jul 24, 2014
06:14 PM

@ Mohan, Adiipur - "Either this Intercontinental team of researchers are Sanghis or Aryans came here 70,000 ago.

The researchers were:

Mait Metspalu, Irene Gallego Romero, Bayazit Yunusbayev, Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Chandana Basu Mallick, Georgi Hudjashov, Mari Nelis, Reedik Mägi, Ene Metspalu, Maido Remm, Ramasamy Pitchappan, Lalji Singh, Kumarasamy Thangaraj, Richard Villems and Toomas Kivisild.

Not too many Sanghis. So, maybe Aryans came here 70 k years ago.

There is a third possibility that the Aryans came and went without leaving a genetic footprint. No this brilliant theory is not mine, the credit goes to someone else (post 270).

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
06:06 PM

" Increase training seats in medicine and nursing, which are in huge demand" - Miss O

And then invite snide remarks from you that he is doing it because 'nursing' is women-dominated ?

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Jul 24, 2014
05:54 PM

"It’s well known by now that the Aryans left language, but few genes, in India. Identifying genetic history with linguistic history is naive."

The Aryans gave us their language, their gods, their religion, their philosophy, their maths, their sciences, their racism, their inequitous caste system but somehow forgot to give us their genes.

After civilising the natives of India, as Macaulay did several millennia later (Brit clones without their DNA), the Aryans went back to wherever they came from. 

Wow, this deserves a Nobel for history (unfortunately there is no such category).

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
05:49 PM

The communal politics of SP started right from 2012 in UP. And the media ignored repeated attacks on hindus by muslims till Muzaffarnagar happened. More than a 100 riots happened prior to that but the media remained silent because the victims in most cases were hindus.

The same is happening in Telengana. While no riots(as far as I know) has happened, situation is fast developing in the state where a clash between hindus and muslims is going to be difficult to prevent.

Appeasement politics has reached ridiculous depths in the state.

In one sense, hindus of Telengana deserve this. They voted for KCR knowing fully well who he is. They will pay a heavy price for their stupidity.

Sania issue is minor. The kind of politics that is being played in Telengana is the major issue.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
05:33 PM

Waste of money

1. Women appeasement programs ( antimale )

2. Cleaning Ganga ( religionist )

3. Bullet trains ( populist )

Good ideas:

1. Increase training seats in medicine and nursing, which are in huge demand

2. Satellite technology - Indian labor has a price advantage

Interested, Mr. Prime Minister?

( Unlikely, considering he wont make loot money on these good ideas )

Misogynist, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
05:27 PM

And what is that cheque for 1 crore for?

Pradip Singh, stafford
Jul 24, 2014
05:25 PM

What is this cheque for one crore for?

Pradip Singh, stafford
Jul 24, 2014
05:18 PM

Is Anwaar glad that India voted for the resolution, or is he sad that he doesn't have a stick to beat Modi and the BJP on this issue?

Hard to tell.

Ganwaar, Ganwaarpur
Jul 24, 2014
05:16 PM

Yeah..........pride in the line of Ramesh Krishnan and the Amritaraj brothers. Their "achievements" in tennis were pathetic but they were jockeyed to the skies simply because we had no one else.

And the same is happening with Sania. Her on field achievements are nothing to boast about. But there is no one else in India. So she becomes India's pride.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
05:15 PM

Is there anyone here who wants to bet that the rowdy Shiv Sena MPs wouldn't have done the same to a Hindu employee?

As despicable as the MPs behavior was (and surely, they should be punished for it), those who want to make this an issue and are hell-bent upon giving it a communal angle are the scum of the earth.

Ganwaar, Ganwaarpur
Jul 24, 2014
05:03 PM

BTW, anyone following the Telengana politics knows that this incident of appeasement is not a one time incident but a norm in the state.

So many measures specifically targetted at muslims has been implemented in Telengana in just under 2 months. It is becoming a state for muslims and to no one else.

Media may choose to bury the story but the reality will not go away. And KCR is sowing seeds for future tensions in the state.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
05:00 PM

I would agree with the Sena logic. They have been complaining for 2 months regarding bad food being served and other issues at the sadan. The administrators have turned deaf/blind, so naturally there was frustration. I dont think they did that just because the caterer was a Muslim.

By the same logic why is the incident of the skating instructor who raped a 6 year old in Bengaluru not being communalised? So thats human nature (at its worst) and therefore need not be communalised? but this is Sena and hence communalised?

I think the IRCTC managers at the sadan must be sacked.

Rajesh Chary, Mumbai
Jul 24, 2014
04:42 PM

It’s well known by now that the Aryans left language, but few genes, in India. Identifying genetic history with linguistic history is naive.

Genomic view on the peopling of India 

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Jul 24, 2014
04:42 PM

"Iran means home of Aryans'"

Anwaar has become a certifiable nut case. If you are going to draw inferences like these, then how about the following?

Ali is a very common name among muslims. The word "ali" means persons belonging to the third gender in Tamil. What would one say of a person who finds some connection between these two?

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Jul 24, 2014
04:39 PM

Let us face a few things. SHe was given a grant and the position ONLY because she was a muslim. After all, VVS Laxman is much more qualified to be a brand ambassador.

This is a case of appeasement.

That aside, we are repeatedly told that Antonia Maino became an Indian once she became a DIL of Indian family. Why the same logic is not applied to Sania?

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
04:36 PM

What is this grant of one crore for?

Pradip Singh, stafford
Jul 24, 2014
04:23 PM
Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Jul 24, 2014
04:17 PM

' No foreign genes or DNA has entered  the Indian mainstream in the last 60,000 years '

There could be two reasons for this, either this Intercontinental team of researchers are Sanghis or Aryans came here 70,000 ago. 

Adiipur, India
Jul 24, 2014
04:16 PM

" What is the need of FDI in Insurance sector?"

1. India is under insured. Insurance accounts for about 3 % of the GDP, which is very low. FDI will improve the figures.

2. FDI will bring in much needed capital and know-how which will ensure development and create jobs. 

3. Since the cap is at 49%, Indians will still retain control.

4. Insurance is not just about life. Business involves risk taking and insurance is needed to cover those risks.

5. All the money raised by insurance companies ensures that there will be no resources crunch for financing of large infratructural projects which tend to grt delayed due to paucity of funds.

6. Insurance is a highly specialised function and we need to have world class systems.

7. LIC is large but it lacks the efficiency of the private sector. Competition is always good for any industry. A monopoly does not benefit anyone.

At every stage, there is resistance to change due to fear of change. I remember that when computerisation of banks was proposed, the unions opposed it tooth and nail. All those fears of job losses have been proved to be unwarranted.

It is high time we shed the East India Company complex. Capital is required to create wealth and eradicate poverty. Capital is in short supply and governments will have to remove the needless constraints to attract inflow of capital which is absolutely essential to boost the growth rate and create lakhs of jobs. This is what reforms are all about.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
04:08 PM

For communalists, all muslims are pakistani any way, with or without marriage. 

communalist, mumbai
Jul 24, 2014
03:35 PM

This is the first real stress-test for AAP, to carry on with the same energy, courage and enthusiasm when chips are down. Now is the time to work diligently towards strengthening the organization away from public glare and media attention which more than anything else gives rise to narcissism, if not a false sense of power.

I hope AAP learns from its mistakes (some silly and some serious ones) and if it can build an organization with clear policies and a real inner-party democracy without roping in people having criminal records, that will be a big achievement in itself. A parliament with about one-third of its members having criminal cases against themselves (21% having serious criminal cases) is really shameful: cynicism and skepticism with the current bunch of politicians (with so many last minute dal-badlu's) are reasonable and indeed necessary.

Corruption (and rent-seeking) is still a massive problem and credit goes to AAP for providing a glimmer of hope that a govt. could be clean. All the best to AAP and I sincerely hope it rejigs itself and succeeds.

Amit Thakur
Tokyo, Japan
Jul 24, 2014
03:34 PM

Well Done, Sanghi goons!

By keeping the nations eyes firmly feasted on Sania, you can continue the loot ( crony capitalist favours ) without anyone knowing.

Misogynist, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
03:27 PM

Indian judiciary - a FARCE

Misogynist, Chennai
Jul 24, 2014
03:16 PM

D 96 Chandrasekharan sir
" LIC, the abode of 30 crs of policyholders, and the uno-numero in claims settlement, which has been playing a supportive role in national economy, should be allowed to serve the clients as a wholly PSU."
I fully agree.
What is the need of FDI in Insurance sector?
Will they bring new technology? New software, soft skills?

V.N.K.Murti Pattambi
Jul 24, 2014
03:15 PM

FDI has been hiked from 26% to 49% in insurance.The voting rights are restricted to 26% for foreign insurance agencies.They need to seek aproval from FIPB .Cash flows of  $6-7 Billion are expected to flow into the insurance sector.

IndianMoney, Bangalore
Jul 24, 2014
03:02 PM

"While talking of American complicity we must not forget that......."

We must not forget that CAIR, an American civil rights body has close ties with Hamas.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
02:57 PM

" Ethnological evidence has revealed that there were six distinct races in India: Negrito, Proto-Australoid, Mongoloid, Alpine, Mediterranean and lastly Aryans who came from Iran and further West."

Sorry, Anwaar bhai, your information is badly outdated. Please leave the 19th century and come to the 21st century.

An intercontinental team of researchers has established that “people all over India have common genetic traits and origin. All Indians have the same DNA structure. No foreign genes or DNA has entered the Indian mainstream in the last 60,000 years.” The findings have been published in the American Journal of Human Genetics in its issue dated December 9, 2011.


Dr Chaubey had proved in 2009 itself that the Aryan invasion theory is bunkum. “That was based on low resolution genetic markers. This time we have used autosomes, which means all major 23 chromosomes, for our studies. The decoding of human genome and other advances in this area help us in unraveling the ancestry in 60,000 years,” he explained.


Sorry to shatter the delusions of Anwaar and Saroja. Satyameva Jayate.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
02:47 PM

NDA has made a mockery of democratic traditions and has proved through its cabinet nod for 49% FDI hike in Insurance that it is a bundle of contradictions. Hardly had the ink of the Parliamentary Standing committe headed by BJP leader Murali Manohar Joshi which went hammer and tongs against UPA II's move to hike FDI in Insurance, dried, that BJP makes a U turn probably to play sweet tunes to MNC Insurance Cos. most of whose past track records are far from credibility. It lends credence to the opinion that it is a quid pro quo for the big corporates, who worked overnight for the image building of Modi prior to elections. LIC, the abode of 30 crs of policyholders, and the uno-numero in claims settlement, which has been playing a supportive role in national economy, should be allowed to serve the clients as a wholly PSU.  

C.Chandrasekaran, Madurai
Jul 24, 2014
02:26 PM

"when did I ever excommunicate people who chant pro-Pak and anti-India slogans, who attack pilgrims or desecrate temples? "

Let me rephrase.

Are they good Muslims?

Are their actions not in accordance with the precepts of Islam?

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
02:20 PM

While talking of American complicity we must not forget that without Saudi Arabia's tacit support for Israeli aggression, Israel would have been less ferocious in its attack. Hamas is allied with Iran. Both Saudi Arabia and Egypt have blessed Israeli actions.

Dallas, United States
Jul 24, 2014
02:07 PM

There will be arguments for and against what is known for a long time and Sainath's latest story also highlights.

What is very important, in my view, is that the quantification of the sops given in form of lower excise, customs, VAT, income tax etc should continue taking place and in a more elaborate manner.

My personal view is that much of the sops given to corporate world in excise, customs, income tax or other taxes is by and large gobbled up by the promoters and the Indian consumers do not really benefit. Further,  not all the companies' customers are in India, they are the international customers with whom the Indian companies deals with.

Hari V
Delhi, India