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Oct 26, 2014
10:00 AM

" Let me know what historical facts I cited you disagree with."

In Anwaar's lexicon, inconvenient historical facts are synonymous with lies. His factophobia is well known.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 26, 2014
09:56 AM

" Since when did standard disclaimers become news headlines? "

When canards are spread, it is essential to clarify.

Saroja has probably forgotten the innumerable times Digvijaya Singh made ridiculous/outrageous comments intended for the Urdu press and the party's official spokespersons were quick to say that the opinions expressed by him were in his personal capacity and did not reflect the party line? 

I do not recall Saroja giggling hysterically on such occasions.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 26, 2014
09:50 AM

" During Gandhi’s anti-untouchability tour of 1933-34, Hindu Mahasabha activists showed him black flags, threw faeces at him, and in Pune in June 1934 even attempted to assassinate him."

The Hindu Mahasabha was led by Veer Savarkar and Guha is guilty of intellectual dishonesty by suggesting that attempts were made by the Mahasabha to assassinate Gandhiji for opposing untouchability.

What Guha will never say and Saroja is blissfully unaware of is that Veer Savarkar was a social reformer par excellence and he regarded untouchability as the most heinous of crimes against humanity.

" To regard our 70 million co-religionists as ‘untouchables’ and worse than animals is an insult not only to humanity but also to the sanctity of our soul. It is my firm conviction that this is why untouchability should be principally eradicated. Untouchability should go also because its eradication is in the interests of our Hindu society. Even if the Hindu society were to partially benefit from that custom, I would have opposed it with equal vehemence. When I refuse to touch some one because he was born in a particular community but play with cats and dogs, I am committing a most heinous crime against humanity."

Savarkar was a Brahmin, well-versed in scriptures and was at the forefront of the anti-untouchability crusade.

"In the 1920’s, inter-caste dining was unthinkable.  It was difficult to hire halls or cooks for such programmes.  Savarkar’s reformist followers often faced stiff opposition from their own homes.  Unless the reformists underwent ‘penances’ prescribed by caste organizations, their daughters could not be married.  Their sons could not undergo ‘thread ceremony’.  They could enter temples only if these were first ‘purified’.  It may be mentioned that in November 1932, Gandhi who himself fought for rights of untouchables issued a statement, “I do not consider even in my dreams that ‘dining together’ and mixed (inter-caste) marriages are essential parts in the movement for abolishing untouchability.  Such activities would indeed create obstacles and therefore should not be entertained.” 

"On 01 May 1933, Savarkar started a cafe open to Hindus of all castes including untouchables.  This was the first pan-Hindu café in the whole of India.  He had employed a Mahar to serve water, tea etc.  Anyone who visited Savarkar had to first go to this pan-Hindu café and have at least a cup of tea. This seemingly simple act required great courage in those days.  The famous litterateur and Tilakite leader NC Kelkar took tea in Savarkar’s café on 15 May 1933.  For this action, he was severely criticized by conservative Hindus.  SR Date who later edited Savarkar’s Complete Works has narrated his own experience when he went to pay a visit to Savarkar as a youngster.  Savarkar asked Date whether he had had a cup of tea in the pan-Hindu café.  When Date said that he did not drink tea, Savarkar asked him to have a glass of water there.  Savarkar met Date only when the latter did his bidding."

"Savarkar brought up a girl from the ex-untouchable Maang community in his own house.  He personally taught ex-untouchables to read and write and recite the Gayatri mantra, hitherto the preserve of ‘upper’ castes."

If one wants to know more about the activities of this great patriot and social reformer, visit www.savarkar.org/en/veer-savarkar

The Indian media space has been dominated for far too long by the likes of Ramachandra Guha who have glorified Nehru and his acolytes and have demonised some truly great men like Savarkar.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 26, 2014
09:22 AM

An obvious mistake. They must have meant Mani Shankar Aiyar.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Oct 26, 2014
08:50 AM

>>What is so funny about a standard disclaimers that is appended to all opinion pieces publishex in newspapers and magazines?

Since when did standard disclaimers become news headlines? 

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Oct 26, 2014
08:37 AM

>>The views published therein are exclusively that of the writer and the RSS has nothing to do with it.

>>>>>He He He He

What is so funny about a standard disclaimer that is appended to all opinion pieces publishex in newspapers and magazines?

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 26, 2014
08:08 AM

>>The views published therein are exclusively that of the writer and the RSS has nothing to do with it.

He He He He

R. Saroja, Bombay
Oct 26, 2014
07:54 AM

Vicious liar! CAIR pracharak

Let me know what historical facts I cited you disagree with.

Janwaar Bibi
BibiSarai, Iraq
Oct 26, 2014
07:43 AM

The Uttar Pradesh unit of the Shiv Sena, an alliance partner of NDA government, would offer Rs 21,000 in cash to each Hindu family having 10 or more children. This, the Shiv Sena said, is an effort to counter the “growing influence of other communities”.

Shiv Sena’s state president Anil Singh told The Sunday Express that the district units have been directed to identify such families.

The party would hold a programme in November-end to reward these families along with a certificate with the message: “Rashtra hit me Hinduon ki jansankhya badhane ke liye (For increasing population of Hindus in the interest of the nation).”

The party would also launch an agitation from November 1 against family planning by Hindus. Party workers will lock government medical health centres across the state as part of the agitation.

Singh alleged only Hindus were going for vasectomies and tubectomies while other communities were avoiding it to increase their population. “We will appeal to Hindus that increasing our population is the need of the hour. If we do not, Hindus will become negligible in the country.”

He added government medical centres will be locked for a few hours in various districts on different days from November 1 onwards while another date would be decided to hold such protests across the state on a particular day. Sena workers had staged one such protest at a primary health centre in Meerut last week, he claimed.

He said the party had held a similar programme 7 years ago in Lucknow when Hindu couples with 10 or more children were awarded Rs 11,000. Around 120 families were awarded then.

- See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/sena-offers-cash-to-hindu-families-with-10-or-more-children/?SocialMedia#sthash.L8Jj4Wl8.dpuf 

Mohan, Adiiipur
Oct 26, 2014
07:19 AM

>>He was seen as causing great harm to Hindu interests by constant appeasement of Muslims.

Gandhi steadily became more direct in his critique of caste. To begin with, he attacked untouchability alone, while leaving the other rules of caste intact. Then, through his temple-entry movement, he began advocating inter-mingling and inter-dining as well. Finally, he insisted that the only marriage he would solemnise in his ashram was one between a Dalit and a Suvarna, thus calling into question the very basis of the caste system itself.

Gandhi’s campaign to abolish untouchability may seem timid to the Leftists of today, but it was regarded as extremely daring at the time. It struck at the very core of Hindu orthodoxy.

The Sankaracharyas were enraged that a mere Bania who knew little Sanskrit dare challenge scriptural injunctions that mandated untouchability. In a petition to the colonial authorities, they demanded that Gandhi be ostracised from the Hindu fold. During Gandhi’s anti-untouchability tour of 1933-34, Hindu Mahasabha activists showed him black flags, threw faeces at him, and in Pune in June 1934 even attempted to assassinate him.


R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Oct 26, 2014
06:56 AM

Submarine in India? Surely these will simply sink? - Miss O Gynist

Those are Spanish submarines.

Mazagon Docks has already built two submarines (to a German design). 60% ot the Navy's major warships and most of the minor ones are indigenously designed and built. A nuclear submarine  The Navy is easily the most advanced of the three services insofar as indigenisation is concerned. The problem with our yards is not that they are incapable or incompetent, but that they are simply unable to deliver to a time schedule and most projects are inordinately delayed.

But, facts are not important to Miss O Gynist. It's easier to falsify figures, tell lies and make snide remarks.

Bonita, Chennai
Oct 26, 2014
06:45 AM

BJP is afraid that if it shares Maha with SS, then SS may eventually grow and become the bigger of the two parties. - Miss O Gynist

A refreshingly different political analysis.

Bonita, Chennai
Oct 26, 2014
05:37 AM


>> " Can Anwaar prove the above assertion of Naipaul wrong?"

It is just an assertion. It is not a fact. An example of fact is the RSS revisionistic history that minimizes all the glories of Muslim rule and whitewashes Hindu history.

Dallas, United States
Oct 26, 2014
05:27 AM

Moron Bibi,

>> " it was 450 years after the janwaars started attacking, conquering, enslaving and raping Christians all over the Christian world that the first Crusade was launched."

Vicious liar! As if Christians were mere lambs in these wars. Pope Urban II had called for a crusade against the Muslims to regain control of Jerusalem.

Dallas, United States
Oct 26, 2014
05:18 AM


Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 26, 2014
05:17 AM


Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 26, 2014
05:16 AM

> " RSS has always condemned any kind of violence in thought or action in the strongest possible words."


Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 26, 2014
05:08 AM

> "Nehru thus stabbed Gandhi in the back, the article insinuates, whereas Godse pulled the trigger after a bowing respectfully."

The writer is an obvious Godse apologist. Vilifying Nehru while re-instating Godse is a satanic trick typical of the RSS.

Dallas, United States
Oct 26, 2014
03:34 AM

Almost 3 weeks have gone by. The hospital authorities in W Bengal, under pressure from mysterious state government sources, have not released the prime suspect alive from the Burdwan blast into the custody of NIA.  The bomb-maker has only injury to his leg and is otherwise healthy.  The hospital authorities keep giving his release date and then changing it thus preventing a swift investigation in the process .

Martand Sun Temple, India
Oct 26, 2014
03:18 AM

Re 4/D-23;

"Remember.... we have no real friends." -

In the international stage of politics, there is no permanent friend nor foe. What prevails is the permanent interest of the nation. And the leadership at the helm of the nation must endeavour in pursuit of that interest.

"The Russian friendship is a sham at the best" -

How does one conclude that ? At least at present, the Russians are supplying us with Sukhoi fighter-bombers, nothing of that class available from the West.. And when they give the same Sukhois to the Chinese, they are "same" only as platforms, not for the weapon systems they carry, the Indian versions being much superior than the Chinese. 

"China after all is not a foolish country." -

Well China made a very foolish attack on Vietnam sometime ago, to teach the Vietnamese a lesson, but as it transpired a real lesson was learnt by the Chinese military forces in that adventure. General Sundarji has somewhere pointed this out in his writings.

"You desire that India declare war on China?" -

I fail to see how I am proposing that. But it should have been clear that I want India to stand up and defend her territorial sovergnity with full might, come what may. There is no point of being scared and give in. It happened in 1962, but as has been analysed in later years, had India continued the war in 1962, involoving her Air Force, the table could have been turned on China. This happened in Nathu La (1968?), and again in Sumdorong Chu (1986?). 

"Neither we have the economic power nor military might to exert needed pressure on China" -

This is same age old Hindu mentality. The issue is about defending India's own rights and territorial integrity, and not to be in a paranoid state.

"Negotiations is the only way out- a bit of give and a bit of take shall be the mantra" -

Indian, and for that matter any nation's, sovergnity is not negotiable. China does not give a bit, and to date, India has given up a lot (Aksai Chin etc) without receiving a bit. It is a myth to imagine that China is negotiable on territory.

"Sitting in far off Australia you may like to see action-right or wrong- but let us live peacefully in India" -

Well from abroad, one may see India in a different light true, but can learn a lot from others. It is difficult to express this in a few words here.

Remember what Churchill said, it is the threat of war that brings in peace, not otherwise. That is how this world runs, like it or not.

Pinaki S Ray, Adelaide
Oct 26, 2014
03:00 AM

Submarine in India?

Surely these will simply sink?

misogynist, chennai
Oct 26, 2014
02:58 AM

Modis showmanship is already legendary.

misogynist, chennai
Oct 26, 2014
02:57 AM

BJP is afraid that if it shares Maha with SS, then SS may eventually grow and become the bigger of the two parties.

misogynist, chennai
Oct 26, 2014
02:45 AM

A short history lesson that I found on the web:

AD 632 -- Muhammad’s death.

AD 635 -- Christian Damascus fell to invading Muslims.

AD 636 -- Christian Antioch fell to invading Muslims.

AD 638 -- Christian Jerusalem,and later Alexandria,fell to invading Muslims.

AD 650 -- Muslim armies reached Cilicia and Caesarea of Cappodocia. In the same period Muslim forces carried out raids on Cyprus, Rhodes, Crete and Sicily, carrying off thousands of Christian slaves.

AD 668 -- Muslim armies laid siege to Constantinople. They were repulsed.

AD 711 -- Muslim armies invaded Spain. By AD 715 they had conquered most of Spain.

AD 717 -- Muslim armies again laid siege to Constantinople. Again repulsed.

AD 732 -- Muslim armies invaded France. Charles Martel stopped them at Tours.

AD 792 -- The Muslim ruler of Spain, Hisham, called for a new invasion of France. An international Islamic crusade was assembled, and was repulsed by the French.

AD 827 -- Muslim warriors invaded Italy and Sicily, terrorised monks,and raped nuns. Sicily was held by Muslims until AD 1091.

AD 846 -- Muslim armies reached Rome, where they forced the Pope to pay them tribute.

AD 848 -- France was again invaded by Muslims. And again repulsed.

AD 1059 -- Pope Urban II launched the FIRST Crusade.


In short, it was 450 years after the janwaars started attacking, conquering, enslaving and raping Christians all over the Christian world that the first Crusade was launched.

Christian slaves, like Hindus and Buddhists, were castrated by the janwaars after being enslaved. Since Islam did not permit mutilation of the body, their solution was to hire Jewish "mohels" (circumcisers) to castrate Christians in Dar-al-Harb before they were transported to Dar-al-Islam. This is the main reason the Spaniards kicked Jews out along with the janwaars in 1492 - the Jews collaborated with the janwaars during their orgy of death and destruction through Christian lands.

Today, the Jews and Muslims pretend to be ignorant of these horrors and act like they were the victims, and Christian and Hindu sickulars are happy to collaborate in these lies just like the Jews collaborated with the janwaars back in the medieval era.

Janwaar Bibi
BibiSarai, Iraq
Oct 26, 2014
01:05 AM

Seems to me Mr. Jethmalani is indirectly lobbying to get more clients.  Once Mr. Jaitley announces names (most likely of filthy rich persons), many of those rich persons will look to get services of well reputed lawyers and we know the reputation of Mr. Jethmalani. 

P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Oct 26, 2014
12:53 AM

Just look at this guy's shrewdness.  He knows why all these TV Channels showed dirt and filth on the street after Diwali celebration.  They wanted to put Mr. Modi's campaign of 'Swachh Bhara' to shame.  But Mr. Modi praised them as if they are helping his canpaign. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Oct 26, 2014
12:30 AM

Congress and BJP are the two sides of the same coing.Congress practices passinve communalism and BJP(read RSS) active communalism.

It is a well known fact that Congress has many RSS people with them who are bringing its downfall.Soon Congress will merge with BJP.Sonia family can pack their bags and go to Italy if they want.Inept leadership caused this and they are the one to be blamed.

Nasar Ahmed, Karikkudi
Oct 26, 2014
12:11 AM

One should do what's best for BJP. State and the people of Maharashtra.

Dr. O. P. Sudrania, Siliguri
Oct 26, 2014
12:04 AM

Sounds like a ploy to extract more concession from SS.  Whatever happens is Uddhav's Karma.  Just for not conceeding mere 16 seats (135 from 119) due to his arrogance plus his stupid statements about Modi's father etc. is doing number on SS. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
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