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Sep 19, 2014
04:59 AM

"These actresses do films to show their bodies, pretty faces, clothes or acting talent ? And when paparazzi catch them they suddenly become virtuous"
gayatri, madrid, Spain
Such a lame argument!

People have sex with their girlfriends wife. Does that mean ToI has a pass on showing it everyone else.

Hay if actresses show their bodies, who stops ToI guys/girls to do the same?

I would love them to show me what they see in their home!


Tucson, United States
Sep 19, 2014
04:44 AM

Pinky Ray,

'.... You need to be a bloody Hindu idiot to believe in that !'

Yes, it is my misfortune that God made me a Kufar. 

Mohan, Adiiipur
Sep 19, 2014
04:30 AM

"You don't need to figure out what 'Hindukush' means to know." Suchbolo

Perhaps, but we need to fight back against this nonsense that "Hindukush = killer of Hindus," like everything else from our terrible history, is an RSS fabrication.

Whether or not ibn Batuta fabricated or plagiarized parts of his manuscript (or even whether or not there was someone named ibn Batuta), the fact remains that we have a document from the 1300's written by a Muslim for the edification of other Muslims in which it states unambiguously that "Hindukush = killer of Hindus."

Now it is possible that whoever wrote this back in the 1300's was mistaken - perhaps Hindukush really meant "land where Hindus are given jalebis every morning by the faithful" and the author just got it wrong. If so, a case for this needs to be made on the basis of other facts that can also be debated. Instead, we get this familiar sickular smoke and mirrors:

1) There is no such quote - it is a Sanghi fabrication.

This is a lie. There is precisely such an assertion in ibn Batuta's manuscript, and my five minutes of research on the web produced the translation that I linked to above.

2) Batuta plagiarized his document from other sources.

Irrelevant. Someone in the 1300's wrote down the statement "Hindukush = killer of Hindus", and whether it was Batuta or Batora or Paratha, the fact remains that in an important manuscript from that time, it states "Hindu Kush = killer of Hindus" and that statement was unchallenged by anyone until recently when Muslims and their sicko sahelis like bint Parrot started their revisionism. And even today, the Ency. Iranica, which is a serious scholarly encyclopedia written by Iranian Muslims and scholars of Iranian culture in the West, gives this etymology.

3) Whoever wrote this just lied about it.

Then the sicko brigade needs to produce some evidence that this is a lie. Simply asserting it is a lie is not enough - where is the evidence for this? Asserting that there are alternative etymologies like "Hindu Koh" where Koh means mountain is precisely like what the good P.N.Oak used to do - he would deduce all kinds of nonsensical facts from fantastic puns about "Tejo Mahalaya" etc. This "Hindu Koh" stuff is exactly sickular P.N.Oak - there is *no* evidence for it other than a coincidence of pronunciation, while there *is* evidence for the "Hindu killer" etymology in a 700 year old document written by a Muslim historian.

At the end of day, Suchch Bolo is right - the etymology of "Hindu Kush" is a minor, if poignant, thing for Hindus. What disgusts me are the depths of fabrication and denial that these hybristophilic Hindu women will go to to whitewash these vast crimes committed by their pet community. It is a matter of record that an amazing number of sick American women throw themselves at horrific mass murders like Charles Manson, O.J.Simpson, Ted Bundy and Dzhokar Tsarnaev even after they have been convicted for their crimes. The pathology among Hindu women sickos is just as disturbing.


"..These women are usually delusional and will try to find excuses for what the criminal did. They will develop relationships with a criminal and feel that they are special—that even though their lover may have killed numerous people, he would never harm her. They usually feel that they can “change” their lover and have rescue fantasies.”

Go back and read bint Parrot's postings over the years and you will find every one of this list of symptoms, right down to the need to feel special and her rescue fantasies (her role in some damn riot in Mumbai).

Janwaar Bibi
BibiSarai, Iraq
Sep 19, 2014
01:16 AM

George, that is because Hindus and Sikhs have first rights of Pakistan Nation Resources. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Sep 19, 2014
01:12 AM

Re: # 122. Since link is not accessible, here is part of the TOI article:

CHANDIGARH: Made famous by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the salutation "Jai Hind" was coined by Major Abid Hasan Zafrani of the Azad Hind Fauj. Two decades after Zafrani's death, a Muslim priest of the Indian Army has approached the President of India, the National Commission of Minorities and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav alleging that his superior officers have censured him for using the slogan because it "sends a message of religious hatred and extremism".

Subedar Ishrat Ali alleges his commanding officer has served him a notice warning him to "rise above narrowmindedness", and instead salute by using "Ram, Ram" and "Jai Mata Di" — the official battalion slogans — or face "disciplinary action". Ali told ET from Bikaner that he has protested and written to his superior officers.

He has informed them that it is impossible for him to use the said salutes as they are Hindu religious chants and he is an Islamic priest. On his behalf, his wife Shehnaz Bano has written to the President of India and the National Commission for Minorities, Delhi, with a copy to the Uttar Pradesh chief minister complaining of "mental torture and harassment" and demanding justice.

Ali's commanding officer Colonel Chitra Sen refused to comment on the issue and said Army HQ had all the relevant information. "Army is absolutely secular. We respect salutation of Jai Hind and all battle cries," said Major General Shokin Chauhan, additional director general, public information, without getting into the details of Subedar Ali's complaints.

Dallas, United States
Sep 19, 2014
01:12 AM

Even then, the world, especially USA IT companies are dominated by the Indian University graduates.  Go figure. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Sep 19, 2014
01:08 AM

When making Indian Army salute, don't say "Jai Hind". Say "Ram, Ram" or "Jai Mata Di".


Dallas, United States
Sep 19, 2014
12:59 AM

I cannot imagine a hindu and sikh in Pakistan planning terror acts against Pakistani state.

george, london
Sep 19, 2014
12:51 AM

These madrrasahs are the root cause, if not the only cause, for the unemployment of muslims and their poverty. Unusual, the educated muslims support them even though they know it very well these madraasah educated young men has no chance of getting real jobs in the modern world. These educated lots, due to the infinite obsession with their religion, still supports these prehistoric ideas. They do infinite harm to their community.

london, United Kingdom
Sep 19, 2014
12:48 AM

Too much religion is not good for health, Anwaar.


london, United Kingdom
Sep 19, 2014
12:39 AM

Muslims go to madrassahs because they need education in their religion which the secular system does not provide. But if other children can survive without a daily dose of religion, why on earth muslim children cannot?  These regular visits did not make the muslims very pious and dishonest citizens as the crime statistics show. Your take, Anwaar.

london, United Kingdom
Sep 19, 2014
12:11 AM


>> " history must be taught as it happened"

History as per Hindutva hatepracharaks like yourself is devised to flame the fires of division and enmity. You want India to be a battleground for communal strife for the next century. You may be a sicko but you want the entire country to be sick!

Dallas, United States
Sep 19, 2014
12:01 AM

Meanwhile , Total population of Jammu and Kashmir is about 10 million and it's Muslim population is about 6.6 million. 

Total muslim population of India, is about 180 million. So Kashmiri muslims make about 3.5% of Indian muslim population and their inclusion or exclusion in Indian population census estimates , do not materially alter what percentage of muslims make Indian population.

So the 1951 census is valid reference , irrespective of  how much of Indian Jammu and Kashmir population was included or excluded.

"wikipedia : Hindus comprises 30.6 crore(85%) and Muslims were 4 crore(9%) in 1951 census."

"By 2011, it is estimated that Muslims are 17.7 crore (or 14.6% of India's population)."

That most likely underestimates them as it does not count the illigal muslim inflitrators from Bangladesh.

Such Garh, India
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