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Oct 20, 2014
09:38 AM

ISIS now targets Indian Muslims with video subtitled in Hindi, Urdu and Tamil http://t.co/ZLWpQkDUjL 


Adiiipur, India
Oct 20, 2014
09:12 AM

Anwaar says:

"Both Sonia and Gandhi should quit leadership positions in Congress and let new leaders emerge. A new left-of-center front needs to emerge with a platform of secularism, populism and clean government."

Anwaar, you know that secularism is the last thing you believe in.  You are a spokesman for the Islamist CAIR organisation in the US which has been blacklisted by the US Government for its links to Islamist terrorism.  CAIR members have been jailed in the US on charges relating to Islamist terrorism.  You are on record in the Outlook India reader's sections as a defender of the Islamist terrorists who killed millions of innocent people in Afghanistan - you call them freedom fighters.

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
08:55 AM

How the media lies.

Times Now in its election coverage had a big visual stating

Outside Support = Alliance

This is a blatant misrepresentation and none of the eminent experts/journalists including Outlooks very own duo of SM and Saba Naqvi called Arnab Goswami on this.

Outside support is NOT an alliance. Did any one call the BJP's and Left's support of VP Singh or the Congress' outside support of Chandraselkhar or more recently the Congress' support of AAP in Delhi  an "alliance"?

An alliance is when two parties form the government. This is clearly not the case here. The BJP could very well form a minority government with outside support of the NCP. That means that in the event of a vote of 'no confidence' the NCP would side with the BJP.

Of course, notwithstanding the promise of UNCONDITIONAL support the NCP would expect a quid pro quo and the govt would be inherently unstable, just as Chanfrasekhar's and Kejriwal's were. The NCP could change its mind at any time. Howevver, this would put the Shiv Sena on the spot. Would they like to be seen voting together with their sworn enemies - the Congress and the BJP. In the event of a re-election the BJP would play the card of being the victim of an unholy nexus between these three disparate parties. Further, the BJP's war chest would be much more than that of the opposition.

Good luck to all.

Bonita, Chennai
Oct 20, 2014
08:51 AM

"The Modi government, indeed, continues to announce fairly minimalist preconditions for a resumption of talks and 'cooperation' on a wide range of issues with Islamabad, even as the 'strong line' articulated by Modi, that terrorism and talks could not go together, lies forgotten among the remains of pre-election oratory."

No.  I follow these things closely and this is the first time in a long time that Pakistan has been referred to by the Indian PM as "the enemy"  and has had such a stout response put up to its aggression.  Read the Pakistani press.  They are impressed. 

This is of course just the beginning.  What happens now depends on whether Pakistan wishes to call it a day or go further.

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
08:48 AM

Our secular media  has created such an environment for BJP that it is wary of aligning with NCP and Shiv Sena whereas Congress can even ally with ISIS in name of secularism

Mohan, Adiiipur
Oct 20, 2014
08:47 AM

"There appears to be little real comprehension, moreover, of the instrumentalities through, and manner in, which such 'costs' can be inflicted within the context of a coherent strategy of protracted conflict."

Your English stinks.


" There appears to be little real comprehension, moreover, of the instrumentalities through which, and the manner in which, such 'costs' can be inflicted within the context of a coherent strategy of protracted conflict."

The Modi government, indeed, continues to announce fairly minimalist preconditions for a resumption of talks and 'cooperation' on a wide range of issues with Islamabad, even as the 'strong line' articulated by Modi, that terrorism and talks could not go together, lies forgotten among the remains of pre-election oratory.

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
08:43 AM

Congress a new Muslim Legue ?

Under Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, the Congress is fast becoming the 21st century version of Muslim League  

The year was 1977. Sanjay Gandhi, a poor public speaker at best, was addressing an election rally in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh during the poll campaign when he suddenly stated that all those who supported JP (Jayaprakash Narayan) were traitors and anti-nationals. He then went on to ask dramatically, “how many of you here are anti-nationals and traitors, please raise your hands?”… Almost the entire audience raised its hands and the hands remained raised till the young Gandhi scion stomped out in anger.

Mrs Indira Gandhi’s love for her supremely talentless son defied all political logic. She pawned not only her own Congress party but also the entire nation just to keep the whimsical Sanjay happy. A great many people within the Congress party and from her own inner circle tried to persuade the then Prime Minister into keeping Sanjay Gandhi away from the election campaign in order to “reduce the losses”, but Indira simply dismissed them and threw them out of her home – among many others, her personal secretary, PN Haskar, her ambassador to the US and chief defender during the Emergency, TN Kaul and fellow freedom movement ‘activist’ Subhadra Joshi where some prime examples who became persona non grata almost overnight for pointing at Sanjay’s follies.

Some four decades, later history is repeating itself as a farce for the hapless Congress party. The new Mrs Gandhi’s love for her son is taking the Congress party towards certain destruction, one step a day.

Post 1977, history was kind to the Congress party and to Indira Gandhi who only found herself out in the wilderness briefly as the JP movement collapsed under the weight of egos. It was only a ‘comma’ in her political life. This time the new Mrs Gandhi and her son seem have encountered a ‘full stop’ in the form of Narendra Modi

Despite the poor 44 seats the Congress won in the summer of 2014, it wasn’t the lowest point in its history. The party managed to get close to 20% of the national vote but had an abysmally low seat conversion ratio due to its widespread base. Congress’s lowest point has come about in this round of elections.

If Congress were to be traded on the stock market, then today is akin to their Lehman Brothers’ moment of 2008; just remember that Lehman Brothers ceased to exist from 2008 after thriving for more than 150 years. By not only losing Haryana and Maharashtra, but finishing third, Congress party is facing grand irrelevance in two of the most prosperous states of India that it had been ruling for a very long time. Beyond the two states of Karnataka and Kerala, Congress party is now virtually reduced to being the party of the Himalayas – or literally in sanyas!

Congress is no longer a viable option for more than 80% of the voters either at the centre or in the states. In fact, given its wholesale reliance on the minority votebank, it would hardly be an exaggeration to suggest that the grand old party is now virtually the Muslim League of 21st Century India!

Mohan, Adiiipur
Oct 20, 2014
08:41 AM

It remains unclear what your rambling article is intended to serve.

What do you expect Modi to do - ignore Pakistani firing on Indian borders?   Wait passively until the Pakistanis, seeing that India has no guts, restart the terrorism campaign on a large scale?  

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
08:36 AM

"A flag meeting that could have ended the firing between the rival troops earlier than it did was put off because of India. "

Put off because of India, not Pakistan?  So whenever Pakistan decided to fire on the Indian border India has to run to a flag meeting?

Pariah dogs in India have more self respect than that.

"Officials in New Delhi justify the Indian stand to argue that it was to prevent Pakistan from embarking on similar ‘adventurism’ in the future. In the process, however, this also opens up space for India’s own ‘adventurism’ which it can adopt in dealing with other smaller neighbours as well."

So: for fear of an adventurism of our own, do nothing about Pakistani adventurism.   For fear of becoming a rapist allow rape.

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
08:24 AM

"But the willingness to adopt such a stand and to use Pakistan to build his own image can have negative implications."

The idea that Modi is responding to Pakistani aggression simply to boost his image is your idea.  Anything a PM does can be dismissed like that, no?   Why do YOU do things: only to boost your image?

Even if Modi is doing it, Pakistan can avoid it by not firing on Indian borders and pushing terrorists into India. 

"One, its success may encourage him to play the Pakistan card every time he finds himself in a spot and needs to boost his image with his countrymen at home."

Yes, IF he is doing what you say.  We only have your word for it and your word is worthless.

"Two, Pakistan can play this game of brinkmanship as well in future, with dangerous consequences."

Newsflash:  Pakistan has long been doing it and the reason for Modi's action was that Pakistan was doing it.   How long do you intend to sleep?

"Whether or not it results in a war between the two nuclear-armed countries, heightened tension between the hostile neighbours will surely scare off potential investors from India and derail India’s project of economic development."

This has been going on for some time   Are you still asleep?  And would you kindly address your letter to Pakistan rather than India?

"More importantly, a tough, confrontational line drastically reduces the diplo­matic space to resolve differences through peaceful negotiations between the two countries."

Really?  You don't say so, boss !  Is that why we have not had the tens of thousands of dead so far - the tough line by India?

"The precedent Modi is setting can also send a negative signal to India’s smaller neighbours in South Asia."

It is intended to tell all and sundry that India will defend its vital interests instead of abjectly capitulating to Pakistan.  That can only do good.  No-one wants a weak friend. People appreciate strength and courage.

"If they continue to feel nervous about India, they may end up moving closer to China—the other big power in the region.:

Well, we did not know China was the other big power in the region, did we?  Thanks for the information, boss.  

Yes, feel nervous about India and move closer to China, by all means.  China is the big democratic peace lover, is  it not. Ask the Tibetans, the Hong Kongers, the Vietnamese, the Japanese, the Filipinos, Pranay Sharma, and other wise guys.

"And surely the Indian leadership would not desire a possible scenario where India gets isolated in South Asia."

Nothing will isolate India in the region than a weak and gutless government in Delhi.  No country in the region except Pakistan is in a position today to make trouble for India.  Sri Lanka is away at the tip of India and would be utterly helpless if India decided to isolate and smash it.  Bangladesh is surrounded by India and has no chance if India decided to discipline it.  Bhutan has the Indian Army based in it.  Nepal can be reduced to chaos if India so desires.  

So sleep in peace, boss.

"For the sake of its own development and growth, India needs a peaceful neighbourhood, particularly in South Asia."

Pass the message to your pals in Pakistan, will you?

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
08:21 AM


Henry Kissinger stood on that stage in Oslo in 1973, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in bringing about a historic accord that had ended the Vietnam war. However the reality was, as the chair of the prize committee acknowledged, the war hadn't ended. In neighbouring Kampuchea, Kissinger was presiding over another war - carpet bombing that claimed over half a million lives, and perhaps as many through starvation and disease.
Kissinger's bombing campaign inexorably led, historians Taylor Owen and Ben Kiernan have written, to a Maoist sunrise which in turn bred a genocide that claimed over 1.7 million lives.“It was in that moment", the satirist Tom Lehrer wrote of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, "that satire died".

This a better way of criticizing.

In a dying civilisation, political prestige is the reward not of the shrewdest diagnostician but of the man with the best beside manner. It is the decoration conferred on mediocrity by ignorance. Yet there remains one sort of political prestige that may still be worn with a certain pathetic dignity    Eric Ambler quote. fits very well into NPP

Sydney, Australia
Oct 20, 2014
07:51 AM

I don't trust Vinod Mehta, Rajdeep Sardesai,  Burka Dutt, and the rest.   Don't ask me why not, but I don't.

It is up to Modi to decide if he trusts them.   If he is going to be a flabby goof like old Vajpayee, always trying to win over those who will always hate him.

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
07:47 AM

I have been following the Indian English media on Modi a long time and have no doubt that it has been overwhelmingly hostile to him.

That is my impression.

The problem for people like Vinod Mehta is that some of us actually remember what we read and see on the media.   So he cannot just rewrite history to suit his needs.


AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
07:46 AM
R. Saroja, Bombay
Oct 20, 2014
07:42 AM

Modi would be very stupid not to distrust the media.

He is not stupid.

AGRA, India
Oct 20, 2014
07:38 AM

Free growth of terrorism owes much to the disgruntled and misguided educated Muslim immigrants to Europe who have the knowledge albeit evil, intelligence and means to head and run terrorist organisations like corporations and spread their hate filled violence against the non believers. It is unadulterated disinformation by the sickulars when they say terrorism is due to ignorance and poverty of masses.On the contrary, it is exploitation of freedom and liberty in a democracy to the hilt by the educated opportunists who do not believe in such values, and find unhindered opportunity for their nefarious activities in the name of practicing their religion.

British tradition of democracy and freedom of speech are grossly abused by these elements who have deep fascist agenda in the cloak of so called religious freedom. Being a gentleman to a rogue wouldn't help, and that's what UK should realize lest it's ignoring the fast developments due to compulsions of political correctness at it's own peril and other free world.

Chennai, India
Oct 20, 2014
06:22 AM

For all the pre-election tantrums put up by the highly delusional and self-important Shiv Sena, the BJP should drop them like a plague and have the "outside support" understanding with NCP.  And go ahead and form the govt.

For Uddhav who was hoping to be the CM, the situation of not having a single ministry and voice will chastise him to a highly needed dose of humility and put him and his party in their proper place, somewhere in the margins. That should serve them well to behave better the next time.

Non Fanatic, London
Oct 20, 2014
03:24 AM

Latest : 3 houses in Bolpur in Birbhum district on W Bengal in an area called  Laden-Patti , ( named after Osama-Bin-alden )  , found to be hub for arms manufacture, indoctrination and arms training. Who would have thought such a thing could happen in Osama-Bin-Laden nagar or Laden-patti !

All over W Bengal, Madrassas funded by foreign money, coming up un-authorized on agricultural land as the local TMC and Congress  is colluding with islamists for vote.

Martand Sun Temple, India
Oct 20, 2014
01:53 AM

No! End dynastic rule.

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 20, 2014
01:49 AM

Honest police officers have no chance of advancement in Gujarat. They will be shifted and harrassed as they were when Modi was CM. Once a government gets tainted with criminality it can only compound its iniquity through ever increasing circles of artifice.

Dallas, United States
Oct 20, 2014
01:23 AM

Both Sonia and Gandhi should quit leadership positions in Congress and let new leaders emerge. A new left-of-center front needs to emerge with a platform of secularism, populism and clean government.

Dallas, United States
Oct 20, 2014
01:11 AM

Backlash in Britain by Mr.Irfan Hussain, published in DAWN:

''Fifty-two per cent of all Britons agree with the proposition that “Muslims create problems in the UK”. Alarmingly, 48 per cent of Britons say “they would consider supporting a new far right-wing party, if it shunned violence and fascist imagery”.

Many Muslim parents ask librarians not to lend their children storybooks. Some Muslim kids are kept away from school visits to temples, churches and art galleries. Teddy bears and pets are often declared un-Islamic. A Muslim mother who invited non-Muslims to her daughter’s birthday party found that Muslim children had boycotted the party because non-believers had been invited. Perhaps the most tragic case was that of a pupil cast to play the lead role in a school play, who turned up at the dress rehearsal with her face covered in bruises. Apparently, the local imam had warned her family that acting in plays was ‘worse than whoredom’, and her mother had beaten her to stop her from going ahead.

If these trends continue, it is only a matter of time before right-wing politicians tap into this feeling of antipathy. Currently, the British National Party is widely seen as too racist and fascist for decent people to consider supporting. However, if the recession continues, resentment against foreigners grabbing jobs and benefits will intensify. And Muslims might well be the first to suffer from the resulting backlash. Unfortunately, those who are supposed to provide migrant Muslims with guidance and leadership are too ignorant and out of touch with the mainstream to understand where they are leading their community.''

The above writings will partly explain the BJP's rise in power. India is not alone, it will happen in the west soon. Hope Mr.Nasar Ahmed from Karikkudi, Tamilnadu understands this before he swaers against Mr. Modi again. After all, he is the PM of 125 crore Indians.

london, United Kingdom
Oct 20, 2014
12:45 AM

>> Heading towards secularism mukt Bharat!

Eagerly awaiting that day.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Oct 20, 2014
12:34 AM

>> Real question! How does one find with a female? With males of course..

Gee! According to our drama queen, it is not possible to determine the religion of a woman, and of men, only by the penis test.

That someone might have seen this "Sita" going to a mosque, or praying, or having disproportionate number of Muslim friends is an outrageous idea. For the sickos, it has to be a penis test.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
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