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Jul 30, 2014
02:10 AM

> "... the former Supreme Court Chief Justice had given a ruling in 2013 quashing an FIR against the present BJP president Amit Shah."

That should earn him at least a governorship!

> "Instead, the Government could consider his candidature for the position of Lokpal."


Anwaar, Dallas
Jul 30, 2014
02:04 AM


I do not take the villagers into consideration because we can always blame poverty and illiteracy for their habits.

Do you travel by long distance trains in air conditioned compartments? Check the toilets used by affluent passengers.

Did you notice how people throw their garbage in the most upscale sections of any large Indian city? Did you notice how people spit on the sidewalks from the passing BMWs? 

Did you experience the morning commute by any Churchgate or VT bound Mumbai suburban train keeping both your eyes and nose open to the human activities along the tracks? 

Are we talking about poor, uneducated people? It is a cultural issue with all Indians - urban and rural, rich and poor alike.

NEW YORK, United States
Jul 30, 2014
02:04 AM

This sordid story seems to be like wheels within wheels. Gang rape of a six year old girl! Those guilty must be severely punished.

Anwaar, Dallas
Jul 30, 2014
01:58 AM

It is a masterly selfie, not a case of being photobombed at all.

Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
01:54 AM

The I.Q. level of many U.S. Congresmen, especially right wing Republicans, is abysmal. They are further dumbed down by FOX TV News and Russ Limbaugh.

Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
01:40 AM

Historians slam Dina Nath Batra's books

Leading Indian historians on Monday slammed former school teacher and activist Dina Nath Batra's books which have been recommended as secondary reading in Gujarat schools, saying they were nothing but works of “fantasy”. Batra uses stories of saints and demons to interpret history and includes historically inaccurate, and sometimes politically incorrect, anecdotes such as a story about a royal couple being blessed with children only after devoted cow-worship.

“The contents are so absurd that any reaction would seem superfluous … it was an insult to the people of Gujarat that their children were being exposed to this “nonsense”."

“Young minds are being exposed to misinterpretations of the past and even the present...... the issue should not be reduced to a debate of left versus right..... The point here is whether the person has any semblance of scholarship, any track record.”


Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
01:05 AM

Ideology as a cover for political agenda: New ICHR Chief is a Communal Ideologue

by Ram Puniyani,

Prof. Y. Sudarshan Rao, not much known for his academic accomplishments in the discipline of History, has been appointed as the chief of ICHR (Indian Council for Historical Research). As per him the “Most of the questionable social customs in the Indian society as pointed out by the English educated Indian intellectuals and the Western scholars could be traced to this period of Muslim rule in north India spanning over seven centuries.” He argues that “The (caste) system was working well in ancient times and we do not find any complaint from any quarters against it.”

Had Prof Rao done some rational study in to untouchability, caste system and other practices, which were criticized by many during rising Indian national movement, he would have known that caste system’s adverse effects were not due to the rule of Muslim kings, but were inherent in scriptures, which reflected social system of that time. As such the social arrangement of that time gradually got transformed into hereditary system. With this purity-pollution came in; an accompaniment much before the advent of rule of Muslim kings.


Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
12:39 AM

@ASHOK KUMAR GHAI..you mean israel should remain silent and let Hamas run amock with its destructive rockets..and what will happen if Hamas gets exposed to the world...what the world is doing about Mosul Christians being prosecuted by ISIS?

most stupid and naive thought of the day...

Luckily they donot decide israel's defense strategy looking at comments posted on outlook

pune, India
Jul 30, 2014
12:18 AM

Good to see all seculars now ganging up against Batra.

lucknow, India
Jul 30, 2014
12:07 AM

Good article to keep anti Modi rants happy. Modi came to power thanks to his critrics. He cares two pence for those who have given the verdict in two months. In the meantime, govt will pick up the pace and u all eat crow. Which has become a gourmet dish of many.

madrid, Spain
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