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Oct 22, 2014
06:23 AM

The authors are right. Apolitical minds unconcerned about the issues of our times are indeed irritating. The essay is composed well by first bringing the UIUC affair, linking it to coercion under the guise of maintaining "civility" in universities, a few barbs against Hindutva, and the love for asking tough questions.

But people who see politics in everything are irritating too. This is a leftist idea that charmed the working classes in mid-19th century. We now know that the industrialized west has looted everything and wage disparity between the west and the non-west is so high that workers of the world cannot unite anymore (inspite of global warming and absurd "swapno" in jibonmukhi gan). If conservatives are foolhardy, liberals are a slimy bunch of people. They do their protest as a symbolic gesture, write the GRE discreetly, draw their legitimacy or get their jobs from associating with universities that are far better managed (with big buildings, classrooms, mowed lawns, swimming pools, tennis courts, separate rooms for faculty etc.), and pretend as if their talent was recognized as a natural process. They had ambitions, were guided by opportunism, and depended a geat deal on civility within the premises of the university.

I am not privy to insider information regarding the Jadavpur University incident. But I know that UIUC and Jadavpur are so far apart that they are simply not comparable. UIUC has produced more than 20 Nobel laureates. These talents needed a lot of peace and quiet and civility in between expressing their political thoughts. If you discard the idea of "awards," people outside India can barely spell or pronounce "Jadavpur" for excellence in any field at all. There is a wide gulf between the well-read english speaking leftists reared in Bengal and the poor person from Baidyabati. It is laughable that the former can identify with the latter and speak on their behalf. I bring this up because there seems to be a big students' movement across campuses brewing in Kolkata. This is like the tired call for workers to unite. Soon, the crowd will disperse. The clever and the cunning will find their way out. Who are we kidding?

I would like to see some article in Outlook on the Burdwan blasts, the mushrooming of Madrasas, the hypocrisy of salaried professors, the shallowness of students' politics in Bengal, poor infratrsucture in Bengal's educational institutions, the lack of broadband connection in Baidyabati, and the mystery of so few Facebook and Twitter users from Panihati. I would urge these two bongo-santans to join the faculty of Jadavpur University and ask these tough questions.

Kolkata, India
Oct 22, 2014
05:08 AM

It is really a great gesture. If I remember correctly, Modi has already done this in 2001 celebrating diwali with earthquake victims in Bhuj.

Maha, NJ
Oct 22, 2014
04:02 AM

Completey agree with Mr Gautier....

Malala a Nobel winner??? 
Satyarthi a nobel winner???

Obama is also a winner, he made the world unsafe place, ISIS, failed afghanistan, Iraq, Muslim brotherhood.
This year Nobel prize has lost its relevance. Bunch of communist christians.



Munich, Germany
Oct 22, 2014
03:40 AM

Saba has changed so much. She does not speak against Modi any more. She will probably join BJP soon.

london, United Kingdom
Oct 22, 2014
03:39 AM

Amin Dada,

>> "CAIR organisation in the US which has been blacklisted by the US Government for its links to Islamist terrorism."


Any Muslim organization in the non-muslim countries will be under the scanner for terrorism. It is the people's perception. True or false, the doubt still exists. And so does the credentials of Anwaar. He can lie against others but when he is confronted with the truth, some very bitter, he calls people liars. He is actually speaking for himself.

london, United Kingdom
Oct 22, 2014
03:30 AM

The sage of Dallas is upset at the ignorance of the Australians. They invited Modi and not him, I mean the sage himself, who knows so much. 

george, london
Oct 22, 2014
03:26 AM

The beginning of the end of Congress.

george, london
Oct 22, 2014
03:24 AM

>>>>> Pakistan has a lot of terrorists but even if their number is one lakh, what percentage is that of a population of 184 million  Anwaar

Only Jihadis and their cohorts can speak like that. So if American drones kill few thousand pakistanis every month, what percentage is that of a population of 184 million. Great logic.    Every muslim is not a terrorist, but every terrorist is a muslim. Their numbers are not counted as percentage, and the community which breeds them and shelters them, are suspected. And the whole community is painted with the same brush. It is sad, but it cannot be helped. And in that perception, Modi is not alone.    
london, United Kingdom
Oct 22, 2014
02:44 AM

It was the man, Bill Clinton, who was the subject of virulent attacks, inspite of the fact that the girl was madly in love with him then.

And yet, look at the way females automatically play 'victim'! Are they trained, or is this genetic?

misogynist, chennai
Oct 22, 2014
02:42 AM

3 D Joshi

"Only when funds collected for the party goes to individual's 'Tizori' clean or not so clean comes into play...."

In politics, the corruption money was always 'for the party' as a hind thought after getting caught!

Here are the allegations made by Kejriwal against Gadkari in 2012 when he was in full swing - like in Sushma Swarajs case, there is no indication that the money went to the BJP:


"Is Gadkari a businessman or a politician?" he asked, and went on to answer that anyone with business interests could never honestly represent people`s interests.

The IAC leader said leaders of all parties – BJP, NCP, Congress, Shiv Sena etc – have power plants in Maharashtra and alleged quid pro quo among all the parties.

He added: "There will be no probe against Vadra or Khurshid or Gadkari... They are all in league with one another. They are looting the country together."

misogynist, chennai
Oct 22, 2014
02:27 AM


Janwaar Bibi, BibiSarai
Oct 22, 2014
01:25 AM

> "will spend the day with our sisters & brothers affected by the unfortunate flood," Modi tweeted.

Is he now trying to be Gandhi II? Being Chhote Sardar is not good enough for him any longer!

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 22, 2014
01:20 AM


>> "say one need not give a damn about a small number of terrorists."

You still do not see the difference between blaming the terrorists and blaming a whole community! You are blinded by your intense communal hatred.

Dallas, United States
Oct 22, 2014
01:08 AM

Kailash Satyarthi is an Indian we should truly feel proud of. So is Swami Agnivesh.

Dallas, United States
Oct 22, 2014
12:54 AM

Happy Diwali everyone!

Dallas, United States
Oct 22, 2014
12:50 AM

Clearly, not only is Islam the Religion of Peace (TM) as it is practiced and as its adherents want but it is obviously also the Religion of Love.

Prashi, Mumbai
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