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Oct 25, 2014
09:33 AM

The lust for virgins in Islam: how can lust inspire morality? http://t.co/Q3VM0YMysA

Adiiipur, India
Oct 25, 2014
09:27 AM

Bonita(# 26): "If a man has sex with a prostitute and then fails to pay her, is he guilty of rape. Sex granted in return for marriage is another form of prostitution, only the fee paid is is different."

How I see it is:-

If a prostitute is not paid for sex after the act it amounts to cheating, like it would be in any other business transaction. It wouldn't be a case of rape.

But when a man and a woman are into a live-in relationship with the genuine intention (on both the sides) of getting married later, sex isn't a quid pro quo for the prospective union. If the man for whatever reason subsequently resiles it would be a civil case of breach of promise, but not of rape.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Oct 25, 2014
08:06 AM

>>>Border and territorial sovergnity among nations are in most cases resolved by fighting wars. There is no escape from that.

The rest of Rajnath's speech speaks for itself !


What is your point Mr.P.Ray? You desire that India declare war on China? 
It will be foolhardy to take on China at this juncture.Suggestion of war from an intelligent person that I consider you, is a surprise. Neither we have the economic power nor military might to exert needed pressure on China. Even USA is humbled in recent times. Negotiations is the only way out- a bit of give and a bit of take shall be the mantra. Intransigence will not help. We got to be prudent. Remember, thanks to our earlier foreign policy of left oriented NAM, we have no real friends. The Russian friendship is a sham at the best.Sitting in far off Australia you may like to see action-right or wrong- but let us live peacefully in India, sir.China after all is not a foolish country.

Chennai, India
Oct 25, 2014
07:54 AM

Just some trivia.

Italian first names for males ends with O and for females with A. Examples: Mario, Maria,  Flavio, Flavia. Julio, Julia.

Sonia's original name was Antonia. Rahul's was Raul and Priyanka's was Bianca. The names were Indianised for obvious reasons.

Robert Wadhera changed his second name to to the less Indian sounding Vadra. Don't know if his firt name is now Roberto.

What's in a name? Plenty, Mr Shakespeare. At least in India. Way back in 40s, a certain Feroze Ghandy changed his surname to Gandhi. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 25, 2014
07:47 AM

Pigvijay Singh is the Sakuni of UPA who engineered the ultimate fall for the dynasty by his foolish communal utterances. 

Chennai, India
Oct 25, 2014
07:10 AM

Tomorrow's news today:

Our party has decided to allow a non-Gandhi to head the party - Sonia Antinio Maino

KSJ, Bengaluru
Oct 25, 2014
07:00 AM

It is good that Gadkari did not get the CM post. He does not look like an honest man. There were many accusations against him in the past.

george, london
Oct 25, 2014
06:26 AM

Ramesh (#24),

There is hope yet. The Supreme Court in several recent cases has made the fine distinction between consensual sex with the genuine intention to marry but where the marriage does not take place ultimately, and a deliberate false promise to marry being made with the intention of only satisfying one's lust. The former has been held to be not a case of rape, while the latter as falling within the definition.

I fail to see the difference, Consensual sex - for whatever reason - still involves agreement by both sides. So how is it rape. If a deliberate false promise has been made, it at best  (or worst) amounts to cheating. If a man has sex with a prostitute and then fails to pay her, is he guilty of rape. Sex granted in return for marriage is another form of prostitution, only the fee paid is is different.

Bonita, Chennai
Oct 25, 2014
06:18 AM

"Now Modi takes credit for One Rank One Pension for Defence Personnel !Deserves full credit for appropriating Credit of what others have done.

"Decision of One Rank One Pension for Defence Personnel was taken 2 years back by UPA Govt, funds provided in the Budget and he takes Credit! (sic)," Singh said on Twitter.

Pigvijay Singh is talking c**p. As per conservative estimates, full implementation of OROP will cost the exchequer Rs 4500 crores a year. The UPA govt allotted Rs 500 crores and the NDA doubled that figure to Rs 1000 crores which is still only 22% of the required amount. One would have expected Jaitely who holds both the Defence and Finance portfolios to have resolved this issue, but he is still faffing around trying to pull the wool over the eyes of ex-servicemen.

If the govt feels that it cannot afford to spend Rs 4500 crores, it should come out and say so instead of making tall claims (no different from the UPA) that they have implemented OROP. This is a blatant lie and fools nobody who is affected. Ex-servicemen would accept if the govt said it could not increase their pensions, but this "We have implemented OROP" rubbish merely infuriates them.

I really don't understand why Pigvijay has waded in, because it only brings the UPA's lies back into the limelight and deflects attention from the NDA's lies.

Bonita, Chennai
Oct 25, 2014
06:12 AM

May be PM Manmohan Singh offered first rights of India's national resources to not just Muslims of India but also to Pakistan. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Oct 25, 2014
06:05 AM

India/central government has spent enormous resources to help flood victims and on top of that the central government if offering this much funds.  I dont remember how much central government offered for the earth quake in Gujarat even though it was NDA government at center. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Oct 25, 2014
04:32 AM

Pl accept my greetings first.
Thanks for responding. The link you mentioned
was interesting. 

V.N.K.Murti Pattambi
Oct 25, 2014
02:53 AM

Thought I was old fashioned in my choice of music, but just see the vintage of these songs. Barring one from 2003, the others are, on an average, almost as old as I am. The Hindi film industry needs to introspect. It has stopped creating the sort of great music that will endure. If the reviews of Happy New Year are any guide, the films are becoming forgettable too, memories to be left behind in the multiplex, along with cans of Coke and cartons for popcorn.

ashok lal
mumbai, India
Oct 25, 2014
02:15 AM

The stand that the govt is taking deserves appreciation. All these years, we have only known humiliation at the hands of Chinese army, at least since the Himalayan Blunder from Chacha Nehru.

Nitpicking and disputing the vocabulary is not going to help.

Kashyap, New York
Oct 25, 2014
02:11 AM

# 6 Correction

Both Sonia and Rahul have earned well-deserved retirements. Let someone take over who has the fire in the belly.

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 25, 2014
02:09 AM

And we have a sicko interpretation of Diwali


So, according to this esteemed sicko, the children should pay the price of their parents' mistake. And what is the mistake? Bursting fire crackers. The punishment, burn their kids alive.

What should be the punishment for those, who kill animals on a festival?

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Oct 25, 2014
02:09 AM

>> "Crusades were not all bad. Islam attacked Europe and invaded Spain and other countries."

False! The Crusaders had only one interest, and that was to return Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem to Christian rule. Their killing was so ferocious that strrets of Jerusalem were like rivers of blood.

""In 1099, after a forty-day siege, the Crusaders took Jerusalem. The killing lasted two whole days, at the end of which most of the Muslim population – men, women and children – had been killed. Jews had fought with Muslims to defend the city, but the entry of the Crusaders created panic. In remembrance of tradition, the Elders instructed the Jewish population to gather in the synagogue and to offer up a collective prayer. The Crusaders surrounded the building, set fire to it and made sure that every single Jew burned to death." - (Tariq Ali, an atheistic Brit)

Dallas, United States
Oct 25, 2014
01:57 AM

Both Sonia have earned well-deserved retirements. Let someone take over who has the fire in the belly.


Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 25, 2014
01:52 AM


>> "There will always be "those who misinterpret and those who want to mislead others for self-advantage" like Bin Laden and Al Zawahiri. That is the crux of the problem."

Such period come and go in human history.

Dallas, United States
Oct 25, 2014
01:43 AM

Hindu Taliban should report immoral activities to police instead of acting as if they were the "moral police".

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 25, 2014
01:39 AM

Bangladesh may now accuse India of being a base for terrorists:-)

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 25, 2014
01:35 AM

Are there any examples of crack addicts turning to Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism or Zoroastrianism and then going on a shooting spree? If not, why not?

Janwaar Bibi, BibiSarai
Oct 25, 2014
01:34 AM

Borders depend on history, past agreements and hard negotiations. Let us keep honor out of it.

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 25, 2014
01:32 AM

Oh, that's a relief. We should release all the janwaars and let them get on with their work. I am sure Teesta Bibi and Saroja Bibi have already filed a writ of habeas corpus demanding that they be released immediately.

Janwaar Bibi, BibiSarai
Oct 25, 2014
01:28 AM

Jethmalani is right. There is not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties.

Dallas, United States
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