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Aug 21, 2014
11:40 AM

What happened to the interview?

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Aug 21, 2014
11:28 AM

>> Jo log Masjid jaate hain, woh ladkiyon ko nahin chedhte. Kya pata Burke mein SE ladka nikal aaye

Jo log Masjid jaate hain, woh ladkiyon ke saath love jehad karte hain.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Aug 21, 2014
10:06 AM

Jo log Masjid jaate hain, woh ladkiyon ko nahin chedhte. Kya pata Burke mein SE ladka nikal  aaye. 

Mohan, Adiipur
Aug 21, 2014
10:03 AM

ISIS guy who killed Foley demanded release of Aaifa Siddique. Is he of Pakistan origin ?


Mohan, Adiipur
Aug 21, 2014
09:53 AM

Will any national news channel report this news ?

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar bans Shri Ram Sena in Goa  

Mohan, Adiipur
Aug 21, 2014
09:39 AM

Indian Muslims unequivocally condemn brutal atrocities of ISIS

Here is the full list of signatories: - Anwaar

How nice! These "well meaning" intellectuals now claim (or Anwaar does on their behalf) to speak for Indian Muslims. What about those who demonstrate on the streets and wear ISIS T-shirts to show their support? Or the Urdu Press which lauds ISIS as the saviour of Islam? Oh wait. These people aren't Indian Muslims, but dropped in from another planet.

This is the same rubbish we keep hearing. The "liberal, moderate" Muslims voice their opposition to ISIS in TV studios and news conferences. The rank and file voice their support by rioting in the streets.

I posted a link some time ago that more British Muslims have joined ISIS that are in the British Army. TSays a lot doesn't it?

Bonita, Chennai
Aug 21, 2014
09:11 AM

"Prime minister Narendra Modi remains an enigma. Hardly a day passes without some mantra or 10-point programme being passed on to the senior, responsible citizens to enable them to become more efficient bureaucrats, policemen or entrepreneurs. Sometimes, what is suggested sounds trite, but one knows it is deadly serious. Indians need to be treated as grown-ups. They don’t have to be spoon-fed."

VM seems to have missed the whole point. We Indians behave like spoilt and uncouth brats and not like "responsible citizens." We need to be told to come to the office in time, to be truthful and honest, to obey traffic rules, not to spit or urinate in public, not to litter, to stand in queues..... And it makes such a big difference when a neta no less than the PM exhorts us from the ramparts of Red Fort on Independence Day to behave ourselves. More netas should touch on such "trite" matters more often when addressing the public.

Ramesh Ramachandra
Bangalore, India
Aug 21, 2014
08:59 AM

"Being a woman in India is unsafe. Being a Muslim in India is even more unsafe." - Anwaar 

Muslims in India are far safer than Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or Palestine.

If one looks at the demographic profile of India since the 1951 census, the population percentile of Muslims has nearly doubled and that of the Hindus has actually come down. A Muslim is safer than a Hindu in India.

Visakhapatnam, India
Aug 21, 2014
08:56 AM

"Over-reaction to an irritant

Editorial, The Hindu"

"What is really interesting is the reader's reaction to the edit. The Hindu paper gets creamed royally by its readers."

That is what I do for the links that are posted by Anwar. The reader reaction is always far more interesting and informative.

Maha, NJ
Aug 21, 2014
08:52 AM

I dread to think what hindus, jains, buddhists, sikhs have gone through when ancestors of these savages invaded India 1000 years ago. It would have been far worse than what is happening today to the yezidi minorities in Iraq.

NJ, United States
Aug 21, 2014
08:25 AM

Book School Officials for Humiliating Teacher: Court - MK Saini

For those unaware, SBOA stands for State Bank Officers' Association, which effectively makes this a govt run school.

Chennai, India
Aug 21, 2014
07:33 AM

" The culprit is not a Muslim."

" ISIS is against the spirit of Islam"

"Terror has no religion"

After each gory incidence of violence, the apologists of Islam rush to dissociate themselves. 

What these worthies fail to do is to introspect, to ask themselves as to why a religion that claims to be peaceful is capable of inspiring such violence, such inhumanity, why it has spawned so many terrorist groups everywhere, be it the IS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, the Talibans, the Lashkars and Jaishes, the Mujahideen and the Razakars, all of whom claim the sanction of religion and quote from their scriptures to justify their despicable acts.

The beheading of Daniel Pearl is not the first of its kind and the decapitation of James Foley is definitely not the last.

The apologists will talk of injustice, of Kashmir, of Palestine, of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Gujarat 2002, Narendra Modi, western imperialism, the early battles for survival of a nascent religion, etc., etc. Carrying the cross of victimhood comes easily to them.

All of them are intellectually dishonest. They do not admit that there are indeed several passages in the Quran, the ultimate source of religion, which are nothing but exhortations to violence to achieve religious objectives. There are several which are ambivalent. The killing of infidels is deemed to be a religious duty, an act of merit which guarantees a place in a hedonistic paradise.

What needs to be done is for the Islamic countries to convene a conclave of the most reputed Islamic scholars to brainstorm and excise all those passages which go against the true spirit of Islam. 

Until that happens, beheadings, suicide bombings and sundry acts of terrorism will be a part of the daily news. That is the sad reality of life today - the 7th century continues to exert an influence on the 21st, negating the progress humankind has made in the intervening period.

Visakhapatnam, India
Aug 21, 2014
05:59 AM

Is there a reason why India needs to obsess over Muslims, even after they hacked off India to create Pakistan. No other country obesseses over Muslims like India does. If Vinod Metha wants to obssess over Muslims he is free to do so, but don't drag 1.2b Indians into Muslim obssession. Whatever happens they will always be unhappy

Raj Shah
New Jersey, USA
Aug 21, 2014
05:48 AM

"it is the historian’s task to bring secularism into our discussions ..."

And this moron calls himself an historian. How sad !!

NJ, United States
Aug 21, 2014
03:25 AM


What non-sense are you talking about ? Was God fighting infidels in the battle field ? So if muhammad wrote those about fighting his enemies in battle field , what does it have to do with God then ?  Why attribute such violence and hatred to God and defame him ?

SaachGarh, India
Aug 21, 2014
02:32 AM


>> "The culprit is not a true muslim..."

He is as good a Muslim as you.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 21, 2014
02:28 AM

British has finally left India in May 2014, according to Guardian. 

george, london
Aug 21, 2014
02:27 AM


>> "Koran, Islam and Islamists are clear about how Allah wants muslims to "deal" with infidels. There are various treatments prescribed , the severest being for people the infidel Hindus."

You are a liar and a hate spreader. What you are citing is about the enemy in the battlefield. Does ever a word promoting peace ever come out of your mouth?

Dallas, United States
Aug 21, 2014
02:25 AM

The culprit is not a true muslim, says the man from Dallas.

george, london
Aug 21, 2014
02:19 AM

First and foremost, corrupt people should nevr get tickets from the political parties. BJP must show the way. If Modi can reduce corruption, he can stay in power as long as he lives. Congress will have a natural death.

george, london
Aug 21, 2014
02:17 AM


>> "Muslims reaping the benefits of secularism in the West and India brain wash their young to join Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, IM, SIMI"

Those who brainwash their children with jihadi ideology must be condemned and combatted as much as those who promote RSS/VHP/Shiv Sena ideology.

Dallas, United States
Aug 21, 2014
02:16 AM

In India in the lower courts, people go there for different reasons. Some registrars, and additional district sub registrars,  do not sign the documents until they get some extra. The lawyears pass this extra to the common people.

In India, crime is very organised in all the government sectors, whether it is state or central. Unless there is exemplary punishment for the people who take bribes, the corruption will never decrease. After all, politicians have raised their status by corruption. It pays to be corrupt in India.

george, london
Aug 21, 2014
02:09 AM

India should start talking with the BLA. 

george, london
Aug 21, 2014
01:50 AM
Dallas, United States
Aug 21, 2014
01:45 AM

Modi is brilliant in convincing people and winning over them and was able towin the elections due to this ability and the stupidity of congress.To be a great leader one need to be a visionary and a well read person. One need to have the knowledge of the villages and the cities.With the migration of people from village to urban areas this comprehensive outlook has become all the more necessary.Then the International politics that has a huge impact on the country.

People must realize Modi was a mediocre CM and he will make much worse PM.The reason Modi is in power is out of a design by God.Just to bring down the country.Soon people will realize this and it will be too late.

Nasar Ahmed
Karikkudi, India
Aug 21, 2014
01:36 AM

Indian Muslims unequivocally condemn brutal atrocities of ISIS

Here is the full list of signatories:


Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 21, 2014
01:32 AM

The parallel Press Conferences held in Mumbai and Delhi yesterday, August 19 to release the statement signed by over 80 Muslim activists, intellectuals, religious and community leaders, scholars and academics denouncing the ISIS for its barbarism against Iraq's minorities has received wide media coverage.

Full Statement:

Indian Muslims Condemn the Brutal Atrocities by ISIS against Minorities in Iraq and Syria; denounce religious intolerance, persecution and violence in the name of Islam

Indian Muslims are shocked and pained by the brutality and atrocities being perpetrated by the ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) against Christians, Shias, Kurds, Yazidis and other minorities in the regions now under their control. We strongly condemn such barbarism which is against the teachings of Islam. We express our heart-felt sympathies and solidarity with the survivors of those whose near and dear ones have been mercilessly butchered, and the tens of thousands of Iraq’s minorities who have been dispossessed, forced to flee their homes and are now living in extremely difficult circumstances.

The barbaric conduct of the ISIS is all the more reprehensible because its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, proclaims to be the ‘Caliph’ of the entire Muslim world and his armed group are supposedly acting in the name of Islam. We welcome the fact that most religious leaders and Islamic scholars from across the world, including India, have debunked al-Baghdadi’s claim of being a Caliph.

Alongside the ongoing tormenting of common citizens and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities in areas under their control, the ISIS has been enforcing its own intolerant, extremist, violent, distorted interpretation of Islam on Muslims who are also Sunnis. This too deserves to be condemned in the strongest possible words. We call upon Muslim religious leaders in India and elsewhere to add their voice to that of Muslim organisations and individuals who have already denounced al-Baghdadi and his ISIS for distorting Islam’s message for peace and for their barbaric conduct.

The unspeakable atrocities and mass crimes against Iraq’s minorities are nothing short of ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘religious/ethnic cleansing’. We appeal to the United Nations to urgently intervene, create the circumstances where those forced to flee feel secure enough to return to their homes and cities with full honour and dignity, and hold the ISIS accountable for its heinous acts.

While the ISIS must be held fully responsible for its unconscionable acts, the United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait etc. cannot escape their share of the blame in fuelling the flames. The worsening plight of Iraq’s Christians is but a legacy of America’s illegal, unwarranted and criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003 and its subsequent engineering of sectarian strife to divide the Iraqi resistance to the occupation.

Dictator Saddam Hussain was no angel but under him the country’s 1.4 million Christians were free to practice their faith. Many occupied high government posts. It is ironic that the US is now bombing the very ISIS to which it had earlier provided training, arms and ammunition in an attempt to dislodge Syria's authoritarian President, Bashar al-Assad. For their own myopic ends, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait etc have been backing an array of radical Islamist outfits of which the ISIS -- a monster now seemingly out of control -- was an integral part.

We urge a global condemnation of the ISIS and all its allies, overt or covert.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 21, 2014
12:48 AM
The article by Mr. Gyanendra Pandey published in Outlook India dated 25th August 2014 is a profound approach to get to the essence of democracy .... Yes, democracy does not mean the negation of the minority by the majority..... while this revolutionary idea is doing the rounds with mixed results in the western democracies and particularly in Europe, this ideal will need a fertile terrain to take root in India.... Democracy is not a dead end, it is a perpetual search...thank you Mr. Pandey, the values of freedom, the non confiscation by the majority of expression by a minority a revolutionary step forward.
jamsheed rizwani
Epinay-sur-Seine, France
Aug 21, 2014
12:41 AM

I Have Petitioned President Obama To Direct Indian Regime To Create A Separate Nation For Untouchable People In India.

wh . gov/lzuAE

David Rukstales, Tokyo
Aug 21, 2014
12:28 AM

>>> the Hindus in the U.S. who fully reap the benefits of American secularism and yet dole out millions to anti-secular hate groups in India such as the RSS and the VHP.

And the Muslims reaping the benefits of secularism in the West and India brain wash their young to join Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, IM, SIMI ... have I left any other ?

The Contrarian
London, United Kingdom
Aug 21, 2014
12:01 AM

Mamata Banerjee may not get much time to do whato she wwants.

The CBI probe into Saradha ponzi scam that ruined over two million people has gained momentum. One after another kingpins of the scamsters are going to jial. How long will the survive?

Adalit Speaks
NOIDA, India
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