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Nov 21, 2014
09:22 AM

>> "Who will investigate the CBI?"

CBI director is appointed by the PM and it is the executive branch who investigates the CBI. And PM is accountable to the parliament. Supreme court is nowhere in the picture. 

Point is that if the CBI chief or anyone acts illegally then there is due process. Here SC has acted as judge, jury and executioner. They acted on a PIL lawyer who represents a political party. Then these judges relied on evidence (which is a secret) given by investigator appointed by themselves. Who investigate the judges?

Rajesh, Phoenix
Nov 21, 2014
09:16 AM

Do you know how Ajanta survived ?   Because the saveges with the ideology of murder and hate against 'infidels' , who destroyed every large temple on North India and killed the populace, never found it .

Martand Sun Temple, India
Nov 21, 2014
09:12 AM

Idiot. Learn sanskrit first and if you pass you can learn German.  How many german schools are offering sanskrit ?????

Even one ? 

Martand Sun Temple, India
Nov 21, 2014
09:05 AM


Nehru left India a nation of open defecators open to Chinese and Pakistani invasion.

He left it at the mercy of Sharia.

Be proud of that.

AGRA, India
Nov 21, 2014
09:02 AM


It is absurd of you to confuse me with your fellow Dallas townsman Anwar. People can see that he is different because on "a" is missing. So stop panicking.

In any case an impartial eye like mine can see that you two are identical in outlook. Anwar not only dwells in your own city but shares your thoughts. That should encourage you.

Consider what he says here:

"Let Indian liberals take care of Indian problems. It is for them to ensure Hindus are cent percent secular and Muslims in India keep the Sharia law.

Similarly in Israel and Palestine. The problems there are for liberals there. Muslims outside have no business to comment on them.

Muslims in the US should fight for maximum Muslim claims; Muslims in India must fight for maximum Muslim claims. Liberals in both countries should help the fight and fight Hindus and Christians who oppose it who are clearly communal hate mongers and (in the Indian case) Moditards.

Meanwhile we should remember to support Afghan jehadis as US presidents supported them; this is not about Islamism."

All these are views which you would endorse without hesitation. He even uses your own vocabulary such as "Moditards" and "hate mongers".

So relax.

You and Anwar live in the same city of Dallas. You have obviously moved from your old beat in New York; you must be delighted at your smartness in moving to the sunny south given the terrible snow falls they are having in New York State ! My suggestion is, invite him for a coffee and chat over your very similar views.

AGRA, India
Nov 21, 2014
08:43 AM

"refused to pass an elaborate order on the issue saying that it would tarnish the image and reputation of the premier agency" - Rajesh (#3)

It is not the SC's job to protect reputations, be it of individuals or organisations, which are tarnished by illegal wrongdoings. If the SC believes that Sinha is prima facie guilty of interfering with an investigation, it should have ordered that he be suspended pending completion of a full investiagation. The only practical problem is - "Who will investigate the CBI?"

Supreme court has been gradually usurping power and behaving like an emperor for a long time.

This too is  correct. It started with the SC deciding to make themselves the sole arbiters of who should or should not be a judge in direct contravention of specific provisions in the constitution (Articles 124 and 217). Fortunately the Judicial Appointments Bill takes away these self-conferred powers. Another example is the SC deciding that it has the authority to review the President's (and Governor's) powers to grant or not grant clemency (Art 72) in the case of the death penalty. While I am anti death penalty I consider this an abuse of power. I hope this govt will put an end to this nonsense by amending the consitution if necessary to state that the power of pardon is not judicially reviewable. After all, the SC would have already approved the sentence before it reaches the President.

Bonita, Chennai
Nov 21, 2014
08:12 AM
Kerala temple case – Autonomy of religious institutions in question

A very important case has quietly come up in Supreme Court on November 11, 2014 wherein the fate of the management of the Shri Padmanabha Swamy Temple and its treasures could be decided. The riches of the temple, mainly jewels, gold and ornaments estimated to be worth at least $22 billion, were discovered some time ago making it one of the richest – if not the richest – temples in the world. Now the Congress-led Kerala State Government, which is mired in a slew of corruption scandals have laid claim to the management of the temple by proxy. In the Apex Court, they have suggested an administrative set-up like the Guruvayoor Devaswom Board for this Vishnu temple in Thiruvananthapuram which has thus far been administered by a Trust headed by the titular Maharaja of Travancore. The Government move was encouraged by a sweeping report hastily put together by the senior advocate of the Supreme Court Gopal Subramaniam.

After the scale of the wealth of the temple was revealed and allegations of mismanagement arose, the Supreme Court appointed Subramaniam as the Amicus Curiae to look into the issue. The entry of the Amicus complicated the issue. He made wide ranging conclusions about the complex issues relating to the wealth of the temple and also its allegedly faulty management in only 35 days of his stay in Thiruvanthapuram from March 1 to April 4, 2014. Besides, the general tenor of the report appeared to blame the Travancore royalty for all the commissions and omissions in the temple management. His conclusions and observations raised many eyebrows because of the way he arrived at them. To quote from page eight and nine of his report:

“It may be added that the Amicus takes no credit for discovering any of these. It was his morning ritual of (shutting) his mind and seeking guidance, which resulted in discoveries in this direction. Strangely, the Amicus notices that some of these were touched upon in his First Report, but there was no direct knowledge at that time.”


Read full article here - http://t.co/vRs1DVlict http://t.co/EzBC1KfTM7

Adiiipur, India
Nov 21, 2014
08:09 AM

>>>And if the guy was also from Bengaluru, would you have cared to report it? Stop creating hatred!


The lefty news papers like The Hindu and pseudo left mags like OLK have for long cultivated what can be called 'templated news' !!

Just have a glance at the regularly published content of these publications. A discerning observer would notice that they regularly maintain templates of news on rape, Kashmir, Palestine, Dalit and Muslim related to fill the space daily with whatever thrash they can get their hands on with a dash of their own imaginary content even if nothing significant is there to report. The biggest negative templates are of course reserved for Modi, BJP and Hindus,.

A man gets beaten in a shop. The background or the reason for such thrashing doesn't get mentioned but semi insane 'The Hindu' puts it on the top of PM's foreign visit captioned," Dalit beaten in a shop!!". TOI does it more deftly by not even talking about PM's positive news by filling with some inane templated news in the front page. They maintain such thrash news fillers for recycling regularly as some kind of Sherlock Holmes study on the Status of Women  in Railway pantry cars, Poor Muslims in Tirupati  in adequate Dalits in PMOs office etc...

My point is why this tag of 'Dalit' or 'Muslim' for some thing which could have happened to any. Every day insults in city life are not uncommon and we all faced them. Same way shrill reporting by adding a Muslim tag to even most trivial news doesn't get unnoticed while beheading of soldiers, killing of Hindus and CRPF jawans is mentioned just as a matter of fact. Spontaneous riots are pogroms and systematic pogrom of Kashmiri pundits is no news. Now it seems like they have discovered a new template of NE region.

This only means one thing. They constantly do all that in their power to keep the fissiparous society remain divisive for ever instead of promoting social harmony through positive reporting.
Juicy news sells, to hell with social harmony, is the motive of English press.

These buggers live on the borrowed tradition of Lefty Brits raised in the cultural milieu of "Original Sin"which influenced them to indulge in self flagellation and self loathing.No originality here but copied conundrum.
But I suspect, unlike the grumpy Brits, our guys are smarter and get bucks for the bang on majority.

Chennai, India
Nov 21, 2014
08:00 AM

By the way, thumbs up to the people who like the headline to read 'Manipuri attacked in Bengaluru' instead of 'Student attacked for confronting eve-teasers'.

Kashyap, New York
Nov 21, 2014
07:53 AM


Oh yes, you are right, my wording does mean what you say. I must have mis-interpreted your post at the time of writing. And that was an error on my part. Sorry about that.

I guess, I remembered by reading your post, that in the past there was a case reported where someone was given a huge loan, and ultimately the bank had to write off that loan. I found now this point has been mentioned by one poster in the TOI column referenced also as follows :

"Whatisthere Inaname • 605
• MD ALAM • Johor Bahru • 2 days ago .
Vijay Mallya took such a loan in the past and SBI had to write off that. Now this one too will be written off in due course of time. It is our money going down the pocket of Adanis and Ambanis"

At the spur of the moment, this case must have confused me and my write-up should not have been directed to you.

Thanks for alerting me.

Pinaki S Ray
Adelaide, Australia
Nov 21, 2014
07:28 AM

Here are the facts. The chief justice fired the CBI director without any basis. That he "refused to pass an elaborate order on the issue saying that it would tarnish the image and reputation of the premier agency" translates to "trust me, I am right". 

But this is not surprising. Supreme court has been gradually usurping power and behaving like an emperor for a long time. What's surprising is that they fired the top cop mere 12 days before his retirement. What could the CBI chief have done or reveal in 12 days? This is the court who has no hesitation in reverting 20 years old decisions. I smell rat here. 

Rajesh, Phoenix
Nov 21, 2014
07:17 AM

What does Cameron Know? He should consult Vinod Mehta before making stupid statements like this. Everyone knows it is Pappu and not NaMo who has a vision.

Cdr Arun Visvanathan, Chennai
Nov 21, 2014
03:44 AM

Bravo for that guy who tried to rescue the girl. Hope he is safe, and that the goondas are punished appropriattely.

And Outlook (and media in general) need try to raise their standard. Unlike the last incident, this was not a fight over language and region but you manged to turn it into one. In this incident, weather the guy is Manipuri or from Bengaluru, would it have mattered? 

And if the guy was also from Bengaluru, would you have cared to report it? Stop creating hatred!

..Unless you are catering the news only to the likes of the Fanatic from London (1/D-3).

Kashyap, New York
Nov 21, 2014
01:46 AM

There should be zero tolerance for eve-teasing.

Anwaar, Dallas
Nov 21, 2014
01:43 AM

One of the brightest! R.I.P.

Anwaar, Dallas
Nov 21, 2014
01:40 AM

Read "No Visible Role".

Anwaar, Dallas
Nov 21, 2014
01:38 AM
Anwaar, Dallas
Nov 21, 2014
01:14 AM

Indira Gandhi was a genuine article, warts and all! Modi is a poseur.

Anwaar, Dallas
Nov 21, 2014
12:54 AM
Stupid Bangalore people again.  At this rate, Manipur and the rest of the North-East may very well think of leaving India and joining China.  

In reality India should be very glad to offer Bangalore to China.  Good riddance, the city and its stupid people.

Non Fanatic, London
Nov 21, 2014
12:50 AM

rahul is bright, well educated, intelligent??Hain? Vindod Mehta is proverbial dynasty dog

indore, india
Nov 21, 2014
12:45 AM

My memory of Bengaluru( I have been visiting Bengaluru since 1970s) and lived in Bangalore for many years since 1983. Bangalore was a beautiful place with wide and clean roads. Places like Jayanagar, JP nagar were very clean and orderly. Jayanagar even had a large rose garden full of roses. MG Road was beautiful and the clean. But there were dirty places too. KR Market near Bowring Hospital was especially dirty. Areas near Viveknagar church were downright filthy. Viveknagar church is even filthier now. Bangalore in my opinion was at its best in 1987 During the SAARC summit.

But this has gone downhill since late 90’s. MG road looks more like Majestic. And Majestic even more crowded. But that is to be expected as the City has grown. But some of the grouse you hear from longtime Bengalureans are valid. The advent of IT industry resulted in huge rent hikes and people with ordinary jobs were unable to rent houses. That and the fact that pollution, vehicles etc. have increased just gave them more reasons to grumble about.

May be they should move with the times and stop grumbling how beautiful Bangalore was.

Suresh Kamath
Edison, United States
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