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Jul 30, 2014
10:28 PM

>> Defending and justifying their actions, no matter what, is the core and valid reason for the rise of their extremism.

Excellent post.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Jul 30, 2014
10:25 PM

Maybe caste also plays a role in the lack of private toilets in Bimaru states. The mad upper castes there probably have rules preventing others from building indoor toilets. 

Could not agree more with others on this forum: culture plays a huge role here. Gandhiji did get this one point right when he said that there is pride in self-sufficiency, even at the individual level. 

Bangalore, India
Jul 30, 2014
10:23 PM

It feels great to see India developing into a powerhouse in wrestling thanks to the efforts of sporting icons like Sushil Kumar. Hats off to him.

D.L.Narayan, Visakhapatnam
Jul 30, 2014
09:52 PM

'This is the core and valid reason for the rise of muslim extremism and naxalism'

Defending and justifying their actions, no matter what, is the core and valid reason for the rise of their extremism. 

Mohan, Adiipur
Jul 30, 2014
09:47 PM



When Volcker's Food for Oil report was published last November, U.N. official Shashi Tharoor appeared in Delhi. The Investigation Committee named 129 Indian companies allegedly paying bribes for contracts. In a very serious threat to the Indian Congress-led government, the Report named Foreign Minister K. Natwar Singh and his son Jagat Singh and the Congress party as beneficiaries of "non-contractual" arrangements of oil bonuses. Reportedly, Singh was allocated 1.9 million barrels of oil passed to Swiss-based Masefield AG which is linked to Hamdeen Exports of Indian Andaleeb Sehgal who was accused of passing money back to the Foreign Minister, his son and certain members of the ruling party. They all denied the charges.

The following day on the evening of 10 November, 2005, Tharoor was received for about 1/2 an hour by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

In what CAPACITY was he received? What were the main topics? Was anything specifically suggested or agreed? Were there "minutes" of that meeting?

What we know is that the Secretary General's Spokesman's office was taken off-guard. When asked about it, briefing records show the following exchange:

Question: There are reports from New Delhi, at this point in time, that Mr. Natwar Singh said that Mr. Shashi Tharoor assured him that there is nothing much in the report. And, that Mr. Tharoor is in New Delhi now in order to clarify that.

Deputy Spokesman: I am not Mr. Tharoor’s spokesman. So, you’re going to have to talk with Mr. Tharoor directly. I think he is in New Delhi. I think he is there. I actually don’t know in what capacity he is there. I don’t know what he’s talked to the press about.

Question: Who is his spokesman since he’s the head of the Department of Public Information?

Deputy Spokesman: He’s his own spokesman.

Question: So, we have to ask him, are you saying?

Deputy Spokesman: What was the question again? To clarify his quote, is that it?

Question: My question is that Mr. Natwar Singh was quoted in the New Delhi press and television that he was assured by Mr. Tharoor that there is nothing in this Volcker report, it is to be disregarded and that it is nothing much. And this is what, as I understand it, what Mr. Tharoor has rushed to New Delhi to clarify his position.

Deputy Spokesman: I think his trip to India had been planned. I can try to find out for you what the exact purpose of his visit is.

Questioned again the following day whether Tharoor was on official U.N. business in India and whether the U.N. was paying for him to be there, the Deputy Spokesman said he was "on leave."

ON LEAVE?! Is the Prime Minister of one of the most important countries in the world given to receiving expatriates on leave? Would every busy Prime Minister with a brewing governmental crisis at hand have half an hour to spare for shooting the breeze? Also, being "on leave" does not relieve an international civil servant from an OATH OF OFFICE "NOT TO SEEK OR ACCEPT INSTRUCTIONS from ANY GOVERNMENT." Whenever any U.N. official -- on leave or duty -- meets a senior government official, the Secretary General should receive an appropriate report. Was that done? Any record?

While still in Delhi, Tharoor told the media that the U.N. was ready to extend co-operation to Indian investigators. ON WHOSE BEHALF was he talking? He also stated -- helpfully to the government -- that Volcker's report was merely a committee of inquiry. "It is not a judicial panel," he said "and it is not in a position to make any judicial determination of guilt." In Indian terms, he went on assuringly, "it is like a fact-finding committee." Quite an authoritative position for someone on leave. The use of similar terms 9 days later by Secretary General Kofi Annan, for his very own reasons, when duly conveyed, must have impressed the Prime Minister.

It seemed that the Indian Government decided to take a page from some U.N. officials in New York. Faced with a potentially growing scandal, one way out was to find an expendable (already burnt) scapegoat and commission a highly regarded personality. India's Benon Sevan was already clear: Foreign Minister Singh who had to resign. A one man Pathak Inquiry Authority was established and a most distinguished former U.N. official Virendra Dayal was nominated as a Special Envoy. The task of the former Chef de Cabinet of Secretary General Javier Perez de Ceullar was to obtain all relevant material "with the full power and authority of the government to execute the responsibilities entrusted to him." He accomplished his task, with distinction, confirming exemplary cooperation from all concerned.

We would like here to state our conviction that Mr. Dayal is a very highly regarded former colleague, above any squabble; he is of impeccable integrity. We would then add it was Mr. Dayal who brought young Tharoor from UNHCR in Geneva to U.N. Headquarters in New York. At the time, when Veeru -- as known to his colleagues -- moved to the Cabinet he recommended his young compatriot to work in his former Office of Special Political Affairs. Smooth drafting of reports, coupled with loyalty to the Queen's English, made him very useful to newly-appointed USG Marrack Goulding, who took him along when moving to Peacekeeping. Dayal distinguished himself in performing his new functions, gaining well-deserved respect of his colleagues. Again, there is NO WAY he would have been influenced in performing his current task in the Indian investigation. But some of those who observed Tharoor's recent self-promotion do not put it beyond him to find a way of exploiting that relationship to his personal advantage.

While the Pathak Authority continues its extended mandate, renewed requests for questionings have been sent out. In a great democracy like India, where no one is above the law and matters will eventually come out in public, there are already demands for a wider net of information. Some opposition leaders like Lal Kishenchand Advani are demanding filing a case against Prime Minister Singh and the Congress Party, or even calling in Mrs. Sonia Ghandi. Two other (unrelated) Singh's, Mohan and Prabunath, have accused the government of cover-up, requesting that the collected material should become the property of the Parliament.

An interesting angle would be what does Tharoor KNOW about the involvement of India and specific Indians in Iraq. After all, he was part of Annan's team to Baghdad in 1998 when the "real deal" was negotiated. Many believe that it could be with his prodding that the Secretary General appointed an Indian diplomat (a very capable one) as a Special Envoy mainly to bypass then Chief Inspector William Butler who -- incidentally -- has become as unpopular in New York as he was in the Iraqi capital. That was followed -- by coincidence or otherwise -- with a visit by an Indian commercial team to seek, with the government of Saddam Hussein, further exploration of one of the major oil fields. We would rather not go into more details.

It is often said that information is power. And when it comes to links of Indians with U.N./Iraq, Tharoor may have a lot of it. But then, so do others!

Mohan, Adiipur
Jul 30, 2014
09:44 PM

>> This is the core and valid reason for the rise of muslim extremism and naxalism

There is no "core and valid reason" for muslim extremism and naxalism. It is part of their psyche. If there is no reason, they will invent one.

It is fair to criticize the judgement. Don't use it to provide excuses for ideologies that have killed thousands of people though.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Jul 30, 2014
09:10 PM

Justice system in India is joke. This judge took bribe or is sympathizer of RSS. His logic is 'health ground'. This woman should die in prison, only then justice will be served to the victims. This is the core and valid reason for the rise of muslim extremism and naxalism. They are the only ones who deliver justice.

Rajesh, Phoenix
Jul 30, 2014
08:53 PM

"Pulok Chatterjee used to carry these files to Sonia Gandhi."

What is really surprising to me is to learn that Sonia actually could read the contents of the files. Very impressed. Whether she understood anything is a different question.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
08:35 PM

It is interesting that no one on this planet seems to expect civilized behaviour from Muslims. Every day, a few hundred Muslims and non-Muslims are killed by Muslims acting in the name of their religion - Syria, Libya, Israel, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Thailand, China, Russia,... Yet neither Muslims nor non-Muslims seem to find this remarkable or worthy of condemnation. But if Muslims are killed in Gaza or somewhere else, the mass media goes into a frenzy.

When will the media start demanding that Muslims start acting in a civilized way?

Ram Lala
Kavutaram, India
Jul 30, 2014
08:16 PM

"Natwar Singh also said that Sonia and her daughter Priyanka called on him at his house on May 7 this year to plead that he not reveal in his book the true reason behind Sonia’s decision to forego the post of prime minister."

Nutwar Singh has to to think we are distilled idiots to believe this. The issue is not relevant at this point in time.

It is pretty obvious Sonia came to plead/threaten about something more damaging.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
08:14 PM

One needs to prod Outlook to publish a link.

" refused to believe her claim that she was not aware of it."

Nutwar is right. "I dont know anything" defense works only with Manmohan-not Sonia.

That aside, I did not see his interview with Karan Thapar. But it seems Karan Thapar prefaced a question with this "Sonia did not have any man except Rajiv"?

Why the heck you say something like this? Are you preempting something?

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
08:01 PM

Delhi is the richest city in India. These 84% of the hoseholds will be considered rich in Chattisgarh. Give subsidy to the real poor not the middle class

ANBanerjee, Newcastle
Jul 30, 2014
07:55 PM

Evidently BJP is not confident about state elections in Delhi.

It is understantable. Congress+AAP votes is more than BJP votes. Given the pathetic state of Congress, it is quite possible that a lot of Congress voters may shift their votes to AAP -given that AAP is simply Congress' B team.

If that happens, AAP will get an edge in many closely contested seats. BJP has reasons to be worried about the Delhi state elections.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
07:45 PM

Since Outlook is not putting any news stories about Natwar Singh's new book(part of Outlook's bravery policy) I have to post it here.

In his new book, "Nut"war Singh claims it was Rahul Gandhi who stopped Sonia from becoming PM. So the famed inner voice belonged to Rahul---not to Sonia.

Outlook should reissue the 2004 cover story about Saint Sonia with a new headline-Saint Rahul.

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Jul 30, 2014
07:14 PM

Will be quite interesting to watch. The sheer arthmetic tells a BJP defeat while chemistry might work in other way.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
06:48 PM

People are talking about riots in UP. But watch out for Telengana. That is where the next major communal riot is likely to happen.

The kind of politics KCR is following is making the state a tinderbox.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
06:40 PM

Dinanath's book is ONLY a reference text-it is not mandatory reading. Whereaas the anti-national  ideas of EVR were MANDATORY reading for me and questions were asked on that.

Why no outrage over that?

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Jul 30, 2014
06:34 PM

What Dinananth Mitra says may be stupid but definitely NOT anti-national.

I studied in TamilNadu. EV Ramaswamy Naciker was as anti-national as one can get. He wanted the British rule to continue for ever. Justice party(among other things) supported the massacre of Jalianwalabagh. He called Aug 15 as a day of mourning. He called for secession.

And yet...........I had to read the drivel and anti-national stuff written by EVR in my tamil course. I had to repeat the drivel he had written in exams to pass.

It is interesting that no one sees this as objectionable.

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Jul 30, 2014
06:26 PM

"The Gujarat model from 2002 essentially means 12 years of communal amity."

It also means that the statewide riots were quelled within three days.

Akash Verma, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
06:23 PM

Gadkari already said that he was not bugged. I wonder how do Congress knows more ? Did they do it ?

ANBanerjee, Newcastle
Jul 30, 2014
05:58 PM

It was because of the sacrifice made by fearless people like Maya Kodnani that many Hindus across India are safe and other Muslim criminals didn't had courage to attempt another crime like Godhra train burning fearing the backlash.

Sanjay, Pune
Jul 30, 2014
05:25 PM

"Calling Dalit oppression a "dead horse" shows that you are not capable of being honest about anything."

1. Dalits get positive discrimination in terms of education and jobs. Seats in political bodies are reserved for them and they have become Presidents, CJIs. CMs and virtually every post excepting prime ministership which is only a matter of time.

2. There are acts like the Protection of Civil Rights and Prevention of Atrocities on SC/ST to crack down on offenders.

3. Many instances like rape or "honour killings" are cited as instances of oppression of Dalits. They would have occured even if the victims belonged to another caste.

Anwaar, instead of admitting to the presence of many offensive practices in your own faith, you brazenly deny them and seek to deflect crticism by flogging dead horses and shamelessly resort to vile invective.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 30, 2014
05:24 PM
Chennai, India
Jul 30, 2014
05:22 PM

DMK writes Vice-President, CJI; wants Katju removed as Press Council chairman - Firstpost

By drawing pay from the Central government and availing perks at the cost of the public exchequer, Katju is expected to maintain utmost dignity, decency and decorum of the post, the party said.

The DMK pointed out that Katju, being a statutory authority, cannot act as a mouthpiece of any political party nor air his controversial views which are political in nature while holding public office.

Where were these worthies when Katju wrote his blatantly political article "All the perfumes of Arabia" in The Hindu? 

Chennai, India
Jul 30, 2014
05:17 PM

The author makes some very easy and idiotic assumptions.
"Since I am neither Jewish nor Israeli I may not be the best person to assess this."

You are a hater of Jewish so you are not fit to assess actions of Israel.

@anwar <i>Seems the world is waking up to the fact that the West has created a monster in the Middle East by arming it way beyond its needs and by not using West's bargaining chips to pressure Israel to reach a just settlemet.</i>

No World is rather comfortable with what is happening. Whether it is west or Arabs. You feel Israel to be monster. I feel they are quite brave people and know how to handle militants well. India should learn from them. 

Munich, Germany
Jul 30, 2014
05:08 PM


I feel you are a rogue former diplomat. You should work for Indian national interest.
Israel is india's 2nd largest suppliers of weapon, ahead of USA.
India is well advised to be away from supporting Palestine as it does not do any good for India.

Munich, Germany
Jul 30, 2014
04:50 PM

>> Such worthless articles should be consigned to the dustbin!

I wish if that was enough, I am afraid it is not. These fellows have gone way beyond that.
To save the sanctity of free speech, something must be done against some serial abusers; like the motor-mouth Arnob the other day.

You do not enjoy the freedom of shouting fire, inside a packed theater!

As you have already mentioned, this hypocrisy, as in Gaurav Sawant case, is just mind-numbing.

Santosh Gairola, Hsinchu
Jul 30, 2014
04:19 PM
Further to my post I should like to add that I just learned from the local TV news channel here, Israel started imposing their Gaza blockade first in 2007 ! Obviously, the noose is tightening on the Gaza Palestinians since then and their plight has reached almost a dead end at this point in time. Unless the civilized nations of this world are prepared to go to the length of redressing their situation by coming to their rescue, their fate will be doomed. It is heartening to find that India under Modi's leadership has rose to the occasion to condemn Israel for war crimes. As an aside I may add, that the Palestinian leadership since the days of Arafat has never sided with Pakistan for Pakistan's claim on Kashmir.
Pinaki S Ray
Adelaide, Australia
Jul 30, 2014
04:10 PM

This is a good measure as women in rural areas feel confident to open an account in an all womens branch.In adition such a bank could contribute to the developmentr of women.

IndianMoney, Bangalore
Jul 30, 2014
03:47 PM

This argument that LOP needs to be there because of CVC Acts is absolutely specious. The act clearly states that in case there is no LOP, the leader of the largest party would do.

RSM, Delhi
Jul 30, 2014
03:43 PM

The bugging if any was done during UPA's time. No media seems to lament the loss of parliament time for frivolous issues now.

RSM, Delhi
Jul 30, 2014
03:40 PM

>>BJP MP uses ‘Social media used to incite violence’ on Saharanpur: (The Hindu)

ABP News does a program where a Sikhs claim 20000 Muslims came and started violence but moment a BJP MP tweets it, it becomes inflammatory. The recent hounding and threatening of Gaurav Sawant shows that our Media is filled with communal hypocrites. Such worthless articles should be consigned to the dustbin!

>>"Only the Gujarat model, that worked from 2002 in containing their rioting elements, can work. Apply across Bharat.”

Again nothing inflammatory about it. If he has said the model which worked IN 2002, one could say it was. The Gujarat model from 2002 essentially means 12 years of communal amity.

RSM, Delhi
Jul 30, 2014
02:35 PM

Mamta must have drowned her conscience in Bay Of Bengal.Tapas Paul's comments were horrible which even his wife didn't subscribe.It was worst than anybody can imagine.He has to suffer for it.

shirish patwa, Ahmedabad
Jul 30, 2014
02:31 PM

Honestly Israel has over done it,Israel has just shown scant regard to basic human rights.

Much the same way the ISIS and Taliban are doing in the Islamic World.

Arabs must take the responsibility for thsi abuse of civilians in Palestine.Shamefull indifference from the Arab World.

Blaming the West doesnt absolve the Islamic World for being a mute spectator.

harun, chennai
Jul 30, 2014
02:30 PM

>> Isnt Ghadkari famous for using his clout to enrich himself.

The jail bharo drama of your AK49 was on this very allegation. He couldn't prove anything, and didn't want any bail.

Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Jul 30, 2014
02:28 PM

Tell Gandhi/BANIA to take their Caste share of land from India and go build their own nation as per "Communal Award".

David Rukstales, Tokyo
Jul 30, 2014
02:24 PM

What is the Congress going to get by making a big deal of Ghadkari getting bugged,nothing.

They are trying to embarass Modi,so what if Modi keeps a tab on Ghadkari.

Isnt Ghadkari famous for using his clout to enrich himself.

Reports say that ethanol based vehicles are getting a push to benefit Puurti.

Congress try and find another issue to debate,MMS is best advised to clarify on Judicial appointments during his regime.

To all the biased bloggers who make a mockery of a honest debate on facts,,do try to be honest for once.

harun, chennai
Jul 30, 2014
01:56 PM

"That has led us to believe that the only reason this has happened is because of an Islamophobic campaign targeting Muslim charities in the UK," he added.

Until 2005, the mosque was run by Abu Hamza, who in May this year was convicted of terrorism offences in the US.

And they complain about Islamophobia.

Whats InAName, San Francisco
Jul 30, 2014
01:53 PM

Congress is outdoing the BJP in disrupting parliament.

Whats InAName, San Francisco
Jul 30, 2014
01:46 PM

"After the nation-wide and world-wide condemnation that Modi's Bajrangis received in 2002, they would think twice, no 20 times, before they start another bloody massacre in Gujarat."

And after being on the receiving end, for the first time in riots' history, in 2002, the muslims would think twice, no 1000 times, before they start another bloody massacre like Godhara anywhere in India!!

Kiran Bagachi, mumbai
Jul 30, 2014
01:44 PM

>> "why are Moslems so interested in events that really have nothing to do with them?"

You should see how much the Jews in the U.S., Canada or India are intersted in the same events>

But then why whine like a stuck pig when people point out the Ummah mentality of the Muslims?

And the interest of Jews is not our concern. They don't have a large population in India, nor do they fill the streets for every book or cartoon in far away lands that offends them, and indulge in violence.

In fact, for all the interest shown by Jews worldwide for events in middle east, they don't question or suppress FOE in their host countries, nor do they indulge in violence or destruction of property.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Jul 30, 2014
01:19 PM

I am not a supporter of politics associated with Palestinians or Israelis. It is a well known fact that the West has created a monster in the Middle East and for decades it has been out of control. It is ridiculous when innocent people on both sides are killed on a daily basis and the rest of the world watches on. Both sides will need to adhere to - "Live and let live".

Ordinary peace-loving Palestinians will need to disconnect from Hamas, the neighbouring countries in the Middle East need to disarm Hamas and the rest of the world should put pressure on Israel to negotiate, agree and settle for peace with Palestinians directly. Otherwise this mad mayhem on both sides is bound to continue for ages !

MSR, Nellore, India

Nellore, India
Jul 30, 2014
01:11 PM


>> "why are Moslems so interested in events that really have nothing to do with them?"

You should see how much the Jews in the U.S., Canada or India are intersted in the same events>

>> "why do Indian Moslems become agitated when Moslem invaders and rulers are criticised and their many brutal misdeeds highlighted?"

The usual aim of the Sanghi critics in grossly exaggerating such "misdeeds" is to exacerbate anti-Muslim hostility.

Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
12:57 PM


>> "When Muslims are involved, rape has no colour. When Hindus are involved, it is Hinduism's fault."

"Hinduism's fault"? Why do you need to spice up your comments mendaciously? Rape is a national disgrace but it seems to bother neither you nor Ghai.

>> " flog dead horses like sati and Dalit oppression."

Calling Dalit oppression a "dead horse" shows that you are not capable of being honest about anything.

>> "The "falsification and trivialization" of Indian history by sanghis - It is just course correction."

What a shameless and deceitful way to be an aplogist for writers who are out to increase communal hatreds and increase Hindutva jingoism. Such an attitude on the part of educated citizens facilitates the emergence of fascism. 

>> "insists that what happens in Nigeria (Boko Haram) and Iraq (ISIS) should not concern us since they are "faraway places".

You are such a liar! I never said that. Just follow Ghai's posts and you will realize that he is running a daily log of news items showing Muslims in a bad light that even newspapers do not cover. Collecting such news seems to be his full time occupation.

Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
12:55 PM

Apropos of ‘Social Agenda Has To Be Central To The Country; It Can’t Be A Side-Show’ (Interview of Abhijeet Banerjee, Outlook: July 21, 2014), the actual economic growth of the country will surface when the effects of the development trickle down to the poorest of the poor. A nation cannot thrive economically just by media hype and empty slogans, when millions of the countrymen are devoid of proper health facilities, education, sanitation and even food. Bullet trains and SEZ may be great ideas, but the need of the hour  is to prepare our human resources by providing them subsidized food and education. The middle classes consider it to be sheer waste of public exchequer, but how can the country progress when most of the poor people lead an abject and miserable life of extreme poverty. The people who are lagging behind in development need to be promoted first through Government’s affirmative action so that these classes may become an asset in our national progress in place of just remaining a liability.

Dr Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal
Rae Bareli, India
Jul 30, 2014
12:36 PM

"Can we comment dear Secu Brother ?"

The responses are predictable.

1. Boko Haram terrorists are not Muslims since terrorists have no religion.

2. It could be a Sangh parivar conspiracy. Everybody knows that "saffron terror" is the biggest threat to world peace.

3. Why discuss what is happening in a faraway land? It is of no concern to us.

D.L.Narayan, Visakhapatnam
Jul 30, 2014
12:32 PM

Bugging seems to be an important part of the Narendra Modi/Amit Shah style government.

Anwaar, Dallas
Jul 30, 2014
12:29 PM

Saini shaeb (33/D-121), aap to violence par utar aye, and that was not my intention.

My point was to point out a connection between our hardening external policy parallel to the general rise in intolerance levels of our state apparatus. Bauxite in Niyamgiri -- mine it, screw the tribals, in any case, they need to join the mainstream; Narmada -- the SC said increase height by 12 metres, so off with the affected and the NBA; Jaitapur -- what do those locals know about nuclear power, bring on the reactors, France might otherwise get upset; Maoism -- let's deploy the Cobra and the air force and wipe them out; student protests -- kids should be studying and becoming obedient citizens, clamp down on campus politics. One can go on for a fair bit.

I've only said please give it a thought; meanwhile we need to go to wherever we need to earn a living -- to the ISIS-infected area or to Burkina Faso. That's how it is.

Ref. my comfortable lifestyle: Can't say i'm not, but that's because i've got a job which allows me to scrape through (i'm not jesting), and i'm sort of satisfied with what i've got, materially. Would i mind a bit more? No at all, just to elevate myself from this scraping-through scenario every few months, and to possibly have a bit extra in my pocket. Am i worried about it? Can't say i am, except during the scraping-through period. Am i in a better state than many others? A no brainer really -- without a shadow of doubt.

Santosh John Samuel
Kochi, India
Jul 30, 2014
12:26 PM

> "A rogue state is one that functions with total disregard for international law, norms and values; indeed, it is indifferent to any constraints on its conduct, arguing that it faces such extraordinary threat that for its self-preservation and the protection of its interests and values, it cannot allow any restrictions on actions taken by it. By this yard-stick, Israel has been a rogue state for several years."

Now they are biting the hand that feeds them! For the first time we see this headline in the middle of a war: "US Fuming Over Israeli Criticism of Kerry".


Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
12:22 PM

"Why don't you and Ghai start writing about the rape epidemic, the persistence of untouchability in our villages, the increasing intolerance and violence of RSS spawned groups, the falsification and trivialization of Indian history by sanghis"

The DOUBLE STANDARDS of Anwaar are clearly exposed.

1. "Rape epidemic": When Muslims are involved, rape has no colour. When Hindus are involved, it is Hinduism's fault.

2. Persistence of untouchability: Any talk of Hinduism and Anwaar is quick to flog dead horses like sati and Dalit oppression. Anti-untouchability movement was initiated more than a century ago and Hindu rdligious leaders have unequivocally condemned it. The government has stringent laws to deal with it. Just like gender inequality persists even in the west, likewise with vestiges of caste inequities in India. Traditions cannot be wiped out overnight. NOBODY IS IN DENIAL AND THERE IS NO SUPPRESSION OF SUCH NEWS. Wish one could say the same about you.

3.The "falsification and trivialization" of Indian history by sanghis - It is just course correction, undoing the damage done by assorted sarkari whitewashing falsifiers of medieval history. A prejudiced person like Anwaar will deny that Islam in India was anything but violent and disruptive and de-falsification as its opposite. 

4. "Bringing in Muslim laundry from far away places": Thus speaks the worthy who is neither limited by time and space. Every time Modi was mentioned, he took us to Hitler's Germany. He condemns Hindutvawadis" as "heartless" for not siding with Hamas in Gaza but insists that what happens in Nigeria (Boko Haram) and Iraq (ISIS) should not concern us since they are "faraway places".

Janus kahin ka.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 30, 2014
12:17 PM

> "Israel has long been a rogue state in that for decades it has violated international law in countless ways. Examples of that include, to name only a few: its illegal occupation and settlement of Palestinian territories; its refusal to allow Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes in accord with UN Resolution 194; its 7 year old siege of Gaza, which has been characterized as illegal by such groups as the Red Cross and Amnesty International as well as by UN officials like Desmond Tutu, Navi Pillay, and Richard Falk. Furthermore, Israel can also be considered a rogue state in view of its frequent invasions of neighbouring countries and its frequent mass murders of civilians, which we have seen in such cases as 2014’s Operation Protective Edge, 2012’s Operation Pillar of Defence, 2008-09’s Operation Cast Lead, the 2006 assault on Lebanon, the Sabra and Shatila massacre and many more besides all the way back to the 1947-48 Nakba upon which Israel was founded."

Seems the world is waking up to the fact that the West has created a monster in the Middle East by arming it way beyond its needs and by not using West's bargaining chips to pressure Israel to reach a just settlemet.

Dallas, United States
Jul 30, 2014
12:04 PM

I watched all the wrestling matches yeterday night .

Indians made me proud.

Sushil Kumar with Pak Wrestler fight lasted only less than 2 minutes minutes .
Our Girl from Haryana was superb too .So was Amit Kumar too .

ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
Jul 30, 2014
12:03 PM

Hooda by being Vadra"s broker has managed to stay as CM,not that Birender Singh is a saint or any better.

BJP going alone will be a boast for cadre in Haryana

harun, chennai
Jul 30, 2014
12:01 PM

>> Can you picture a situation in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi or just about any Moslem majority country, where a Moslem converts openly to another religion, and makes critical or derisive remarks about Islam after the conversion?

Can you imagine that even in secular India?

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Jul 30, 2014
11:57 AM
So now ??
Can we comment dear Secu Brother ? 
ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
Jul 30, 2014
11:50 AM

The Selective Hyperreporting by the Antimale Media with the Intent to Negatively stereotype males in General ( SHAMING ) is clearly paying off, in hindering the investigations into the  (rare, but ) GENUINE rape.

It is also obvious, that any adult male, suspected of sexual hyperactivity, cannot be rehabilitated, thanks to the media stereotyping.

Misogynist, Chennai
Jul 30, 2014
11:47 AM

" Ghai has devoted his life to collecting Muslim bad news with a passion and devotion which would have served him well if he had concentrated his efforts on his own community'

Our duty is to take along 17 crs Indian Muslims .And if we have differences then resolve and proceed ahead .
I never criticise or abuse Muslim Indians .

But there are also Muslims outside India .What they are killing each other and also others.

World is criticizing them .
But the moment any Indian writes about the threats being created by Jihadi Policies of the Muslims you pounce upon them with hammer and tongs.

You accuse me of posting anti-Muslim news.Brother I just refer and give links from the current Newspapers what is happening in the Muslim world .

Due above you label me anti-Muslim and Muslim hater.

Brother my duty is toward Indian Muslims not like you who has self nominated himself Khudai Faujdar !

By the way you are at least paste 50 minimum anti-Hindu links here daily .Latest is from renowned Mullah PUNWANI .

Sorry sir -we are supposed to take care of our Indian MUslims not the Muslims World over.


ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Jul 30, 2014
11:25 AM

<p>&nbsp;Nagaraj i dont support such use of Sports platforms to convey a Political message,,the Islamic world is making a big deal about the violence in Gaza as if it was new.</p> <p>How many of them have stood up against tyrants among themselves,none.</p> <p>Islamic rulers have been accused of worst violation of human rights,the ISIS indulging forced marriage and human right abuses has not shaken the Muslims to protest.</p> <p>Nagraj you have not used the site to convey any message or view,but only show your dislike to a section.</p> <p>Yes there are distortions in the way the Muslims go about ,they are getting exposed and the Religion has been brought to shame.</p> <p>Why flog a dead horse.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

harun, chennai
Jul 30, 2014
11:05 AM

Even while the investigation was on, the police/governement were forced to give-in to media-led pressure, who were baying for blood. Tardy pace of investigation and governement nonchalence have added to this mess.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Jul 30, 2014
11:04 AM

Weight Lifting Ant
(a modest estimate says an ant can carry 50 times its body weight)
By SAMAniyan
I was tongue tied immediately after reading the article “Sanskrit in 7 days” with the picture of a weight lifting ant. Then I recovered and started some research. The outcome is this article.
Mr.Sunil Menon, the author writes, “ Instead of a ‘week’ that recalls Aryan gods (in Brahmin avatar) disposing of Asura kings, why not have a rotating festival… a Tamil week in Jaipur, a Munda week in Nagpur, a Khasi week in Katwaria Sarai, a Maithili week in Thane? Cities have ‘sister’ cities. Why not tongues?”
It is a marvelous idea if it is “in addition to…..and not instead of….”
Regarding the Brahmin avatar almost all the Gods are non-brahmins- e.g.,Kshatriya, yadav. In Ramayana there was a Asura king Ravan,a Brahmin who was killed by Sri Ram,a kshatriya. While Sri Ram is a dear God to Hindus, Ravan is not. Even Hanuman, a monkey is worshipped by the Hindus.
Does the author think that there are no Aryan Gods (in Brahmin avatar) mentioned in Tamil, Munda, Khasi, Maithili, Malayalam, Telugu etc. and so it is safe to organize weeks for them?
The author who says that the week (Sanskrit) will recall Aryan Gods (meaning only) says earlier,” It’s true, Sanskrit is the coded key not just to liturgy and religious philosophy but to endless vaults of neutral, secular knowledge—atheist doctrines, works on logic, grammar, aesthetics, musicology, what not…...” Is he sure that none of these topics will be dealt with during the week?
According to the author ‘Sanskrit in not the mother of all languages’ is one of the “good linguistic grounds”. From this I understand that only mother of all languages has the right to be celebrated for a week. If this is the case it applies to all languages. This again means one has to be content with his/her mother tongue only. And therefore his suggestion of celebrating language weeks in Jaipur or Nagpur or Katwaria Sarai or Thane become null and void.
The second ground he mentions is, “… we already have an undeclared bilingualism in much of the ‘Hindi belt’, and an education system that teaches you to hate your home language everywhere.” It will be appreciated if he gives an account of what all he has done to stop this bilingualism and rectify the education system.
His third point is” a hidden paradox: the very idea of a simplified, conversational Sanskrit. This is a Vedic costume fantasy: its proponents thrill to a false, shallow idea of Indians speaking in Sanskrit!” Probably he does not know that there are Indians –particularly in Uttarakhand and some villages in karnataka who speak Sanskrit just as others speak Hindi,Tamil,Kannada or any other language for that matter. There are dramas, movies and discourses in Sanskrit. Now a days Sanskrit is taught irrespective of caste or religion. A few years back a Muslim girl got the highest score in Sanskrit examination conducted by Sri Kanchi Kamakodi Mut, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu. A sincere research on the study of Sanskrit in India will give the author an idea of those who are learning the language.
Let me quote the words of a Great dreamer of a mighty India “Today many nations are trying to research Sanskrit writings which are there in our ancient scriptures. I understand that there is a wealth of knowledge available in Sanskrit which scientists and technologists are finding today”. He is none other than Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam!
Mr.Sunil Menon further says, “It becomes doubly dicey at this juncture. The fiat comes from the ‘autonomous’ CBSE, a thin veil. The chain of causation, everyone knows, goes back to the party in power—and how it casts everything in an idiom of Reconquest troubles the waters by definition.” Actually the trouble is looking into everything through a tainted glass. If some other party had done this everything would have been all right.
Thus the author has criticized celebration of Sanskrit week in CBSE schools. Does he know that teaching of Sanskrit in CBSC got a favorable judgment of the Supreme Court of India on an appeal opposing the language on the grounds that it was against secularism? The Supreme Court’s verdict was that teaching Sanskrit in the schools was not against secularism.
Is he aware that different student associations like Commerce/History/Tamil/Telugu/Urdu/Arbic etc., associations, to organize programs annually. The nature and duration of the programs will vary.
So what could be wrong in Sanskrit week being organized in CBSE schools teaching Sanskrit? For the author’s information JNU has been organizing Sanskrit week annually. Let him go back to the party in power. Unfortunately for him it was Congress led UPA which had been allowing it. Did they have any hidden agenda? Were the proceedings devoid of Aryan gods and Brahmin Avtars, disposing of asura kings?
Above all did Mr.Menon oppose it and if so with what result?
It is interesting to know that Bharath Ratna Dr.B.R.Ambedkar as the chairman of the constituent assembly of India moved an amendment to substitute Sanskrit for Hindi as the official language. However, Hindi with Devanagiri (Sanskritized) script won the race to become the official language. As we all know BabaSaheb was a Dalit, not a Brahmin and his mother tongue was Marathi, not Sanskrit. At that time there was a signatory who said, “I offer you a language which is the grandest and the greatest, and it is impartially difficult, equally difficult for all to learn.” He was Mr. Naziruddin Ahmed, from West Bengal, a member of the Muslim League. Obviously he was not even a Hindu leave alone being a Brahmin.
In this context it may be noted that main reason for opposition to Hindi as official language was that it would favor those whose mother tongue was Hindi and be a disadvantage for those whose mother tongue was not Hindi. Kindly relate this to the above statement of Mr.Ahmed.
Incidentally, the author of Gayathri manthra (Sanskrit) was Rishi Viswamitra who was not a Brahmin and the manthra is chanted daily by the devout Brahmins. This manthra which was not supposed to be made known to others is being chanted these days by many who are not Brahmins.
Knowledge is power it is said. Learning as many things, including different languages adds to one’s power. We proudly declare that a particular person is proficient in so many languages. But with regard to our children we want to deny opportunities for them to widen the knowledge base and to access power.
The discussion can go on and on and enough at present.
Sanskrit or any language for that matter will not be the loser as those who want to learn for some purpose or other will go on learning. Christian missionaries learnt the local tongues to propagate Christianity. Traders learn to converse in local languages; tourist guides to improve their customer base, writers in search of plots and translation and so on. Germans learnt Sanskrit (still learning it) and assimilated its rich contents for their development. Foreign universities offer Sanskrit courses for its students. For some purpose or other Sanskrit will be learnt by people from different soils. This language has been alive for thousands of years and will continue to contribute its vast treasures for the seekers for many more years.
To conclude, we ignored our ancient medical practices and home remedies with the result that foreigners claimed their patents. Our ancient Ayurvedic, Siddha and native medicines have become ‘alternates’ to Allopathic. Because of Tamilnadu’s apartheid to Hindi many unemployed youth now curse their elders for curbing their job opportunities and interactions in the wider world. The lesson, we will be the losers if we do not come out of our bigotry or bias.
Are we going to let this trend of bigotry, branding and looking through tainted glass to continue? Or are we going ahead with open mind?
Jai Hind!
(I wish to thank Shri. Makarand Paranjape from whose article I borrowed some valuable information)

Tiruchirapalli, India
Jul 30, 2014
10:47 AM

"And those hindus are never afraid of their lives because they know they will not be killed. A Dalit professor has written WHY I AM NOT A HINDU .."

Well observed, George. There are many examples like this. Kamala Das, the poet, converted to Islam, and made some derogatory remarks about Hinduism. Although she was somewhat criticised by the VHP, her life was never in danger at any time. Can you picture a situation in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi or just about any Moslem majority country, where a Moslem converts openly to another religion, and makes critical or derisive remarks about Islam after the conversion?  They would not last a week, may be not even a day.

Varun Shekhar
Toronto, CANADA
Jul 30, 2014
10:42 AM

"instead of bringing in Muslim laundry from far away places?"

Alternatively, why are Moslems so interested in events that really have nothing to do with them? It's understandable if Palestinians-of all backgrounds- become very passionate about what's taking place. But why subcontinental Moslems?  One can, of course, protest as a concerned individual, but why bring in Islam and religion into it? 

And, why do Indian Moslems become agitated when Moslem invaders and rulers are criticised and their many brutal misdeeds highlighted?  They are surely not identifying with those Moslem invaders, are they? If they are, don't expect any empathy from other Indians.

Varun Shekhar
Toronto, CANADA
Jul 30, 2014
10:40 AM

@AKGhai - "Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Tadav boths' duty to bring crime under control . But how can they when their own Papu and Imaran Masood have fomented riots in SharanPur and attacked Sikhs and their Gurdawara ??"

Doesn't it prove crime is in their control ?

Bangalore, India
Jul 30, 2014
09:34 AM
The recent war in Gaza needs to be presented in its bare bone facts. Israel has been occupying West Bank for decades and slowly building their settlements expelling Palestinians from their own homes (and land) legitimising thereby their occupation. As far as Gaza goes, Israel has been blockading the territory with the ultimate aim of choking the Palestinian population there to perish. The recent fight back by Hamas needs to be assessed in that context. The aim of Hamas is to break through that blockade, if they can achieve by firing rockets at Israel. Hamas has repeatedly announced that they would halt their firing as soon as Israel would lift their blockade of Gaza. It is a life and death problem for the survival of Palestinians. And for those who categorize Hamas as a terrorist group, they need to be reminded that it was Israeli Mossad who germinated Hamas as a counter force to Arafat's crusade for an independent Palestinian State. In this context Modi has played a great role in India's foreign policy matter by putting his foot down to reverse the run of the mill BJP's stand and casting India's vote in the UN to condemn the ongoing Israeli attack in Gaza. This is right in India's national interest to say that India cannot approve her ally (?) Israel to violate human rights !
Pinaki S Ray
Adelaide, Australia
Jul 30, 2014
09:23 AM

At Sharjah Pakistani players would do a namaz on the pitch whenever they won against India.That will be the next step by Moeen Ali if he gets five wickets.

S.S.Nagaraj, Bangalore
Jul 30, 2014
08:51 AM

"I have been hearing this "deepening ties" phrase at least since 1998. How much more can you deepen it?"

Oh, it can go real deep, as deep as the depth of obama and kerry's brain where it resides up their nether end.

Krupakar Kolbatla, Mumbai/Pittsburgh
Jul 30, 2014
08:50 AM

"Yes, but will he get a visa to visit India?"

PM Modi has already said he wants a purely transactional relationship, so Kerry and Obama can shove their "strategic" relations up their nether ends. Stupid, worthless mother#$%^ers, these american democrats.

These aholes are now starting a new cold war with Russia because they are that kind of slimy shith*eads. I piss on Obama and his ancestors. Thoo.

Krupakar Kolbatla, Mumbai/Pittsburgh
Jul 30, 2014
08:47 AM

"John Kerry, in Hindi, plays music for Modi ears, says this is a ‘transformative moment’ in Indo-US relations"

This is the Indian Express headline. The low IQ losers in the Indian english media think that the ahole democrats like Obama and Kerry are doing modi a big favor by saying meaningless sh*t like the above. This Ahole kerry says sh*t like this even as he and Obama and the mother@#$ers in the US state dept. and think tanks like Brookings support Pakistan creating mayhem in Afghanisthan.

The sh*theads in the Indian English media should move to pakistan and raise the average IQ of both countries -- these guys seem to think pakistan is just like India anyways. Nothing like experiencing the real pakistan, so that they don't mislead Indians who have the misfortune of reading their worthless "liberal" opinions on pakistan

Krupakar Kolbatla, Mumbai/Pittsburgh
Jul 30, 2014
08:47 AM

Is Rajasthan the next Gujarat? Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje is trying to transform her state into an economic powerhouse with a raft of reforms. A chronicle of the change that’s underway


Good article. 

Adiipur, India
Jul 30, 2014
08:35 AM

The writer has managed to write about Israel palestine conflict, which is a fight between jews and muslims,  without using the word Islam or muslims. But he has managed to slip in the word Hindutva !!!!!

This is what propogandist, politically-false-and-mutilated journalism looks like.

FactGarh, India
Jul 30, 2014
08:30 AM

"This is a country that has survived in the teeth of constant hostility, winning several wars against a united Arab force; and, as the legend goes, never gives in to hostage-takers, kidnappers and those who try and use ‘terror’ as a tool to marginalise it. "

Are these people whom Israel/Jews are fighting, muslims or Buddhists ?  

FactGarh, India
Jul 30, 2014
08:22 AM

OLI, run some stories on illegal appointments by Huda Gov on some Commission post. Where the controversy originated from.

dinesh chauksey, BHOPAL
Jul 30, 2014
08:20 AM


Do you know the muslim riot leader of Saharanpur, Muharram Ali  or the rape suspects in Bangalore ? Did you meet them at an iftaar party by chance ? 

FactGarh, India
Jul 30, 2014
05:03 AM

MR.Jinnah used islam to get pakistan. Mulayam and the congis used, and still does, Islam to get votes. Why it is only Modi who gets the blame?

london, United Kingdom
Jul 30, 2014
04:59 AM

Mr.Nasar, if Indians vote for Modi, what is your problem? 

london, United Kingdom
Jul 30, 2014
04:57 AM

'' This and much worse things will happen with impunity.Let us face the fact that in India Muslims have to pay a price to live and Hindus are dangerously and irrationally communal.There is a myth being spread by RSS that Hindus are peace loving and let the world be known they are one of the most violent religions in the world who have a leader worshipping firearms.'' NASAR AHMED, KARIKKUDI, INDIA

Nasar, Muslims are the only people in the world who terrorise the majority wherever they are, be it in Mumbai, Madrid, or London. Have you ever heard a Pakistani Hindu terrorise the Muslims? Never. Have you ever asked yourself why.

london, United Kingdom
Jul 30, 2014
04:51 AM

'' Indian Muslims should thank their parents for staying back in India " MJAkbar

Millions of Hindus and Sikhs have migrated from Pakistan because they could not live there. Many muslims also did that when they went to Pakistan. Anyone who thinks India is not a nice place to live, are most welcome to go anywhere they like. The door is open.

The country was divided in the name of religion. The integrity of Indian Muslims will always be questioned. It gets worse, when some India muslims, collaborate with Pakistanis to create terror network in india. This is the truth, like it or not.

london, United Kingdom
Jul 30, 2014
04:44 AM

Indians are far more polarised today than they had ever been. And Muslims, from India and Pakistan, must take a lion's share in this polarisation. Modi has used this to his advantage.

london, United Kingdom