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Jul 27, 2014
12:28 AM

To be honest, this piece is too much hazy. Vinod Mehta has inclinations towards Congress n this cry from him for providing 'toilet' facilities to a govt which has assumed office just two months back is rather hypocritical, as it is Congress who were in the power for the past one decade. Thats said, i agree we need toilets.

Another disagreement, just because lack of toilets n rape are high in BIMARU, it doesnt mean one is the cause for the other. Correlation between two things doesnt mean one is the cause for the other. He seemed to have pulled in the 'Rape' issue just to add sensation to the article. The real cause is the lack of education, awareness, n poverty. No wonder, the article has got first published in ToI.

Sumirti Singaravel
Salem, India
Jul 27, 2014
12:08 AM

>>Once again you see the hypocrisy of the Bibi Sarojas. Point out that there are numerous Islamic scholars, imams etc. - such as Maududi or these wahabbi reptiles - who have called Muslims to wage war on non-Muslims until all people have been killed, converted or subjugated under Islam as commanded by Koran 9:29, and the Bibi Sarojas and CAIR weasels will dismiss this as not being representative of "true Islam" and accuse you of citing Islamic extremists to defame Islam.-- dhimmi

There are numerous people who very strongly disapprove of Maududi and warn of the dangers of his teachings- pointing out that he was the inspiration to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. But for you such people like Javed Anand are Jihadis because they are muslims and worse because they are married to hindus. Here is Javed Anand on Maududi, CAIR, Indian Muslims, communalism, Indian Media and much else. http://www.india-seminar.com/2009/593/593_javed_anand.htm

And an idiot like you goes around maligning him while whitewashing criminals. The devil is in the details. Have you read through the judgement of Godhra train burning? You are an imbecile to consistently misrepresent my position on Godhra incident. Why have the govts of your heroes never took the trouble to arrest the members of the mob? Why cook up the case against Akshardham accused where SC passed severe remarks against your hero?

Those people who work for the good will continue to do so. Idiots like you, educated from the net from nuts like Shourie will continue to malign everything decent because anything decent is hard work which is beyond the likes of you. 

A few days back I asked if the caste supremacy of the nuts like you has got transmuted into Islamophobia directed against human right activists. 

For most people religion is observation of a few rituals and festivals. When it goes beyond that (eg with SIMI), I have supported ban on SIMI even if it turns out ( as it did turn out) that they were not behind any terror incidents. It is because their ideology is anti democracy.You have no understanding of the hold that religion can have on people & if religion goes, something more pathological usually takes its place as has happened in your case. You make no distinction between the victims of communal violence, blaming them for inviting the violence. You slander those who work against bigots of all shades if they also raise their voice against your hero who would be considered silly with his designer wardrobe & lipstick if he were also not accused of presiding over "riots". 

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
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